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Extensive Mobile App VAPT to Uncover Weak Spots in Security

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Published On June 5th, 2023
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Since mobile phones became smart, they have become an integral part of our lives. Many companies are moving to a mobile-first approach, but still, have concerns about the security protections it provides. Also, if your app collects any kind of user data, the Mobile Application VAPT becomes a critical step in the development phase. This activity ensures that your mobile app is compliant with all industry regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you are not clear about what a VAPT mobile app is, this is a process that helps you find vulnerabilities in your code, database, API, system, etc., which is crucial because discovering and fixing vulnerabilities is a wise decision before a hacker discovers and exploits them.

Mobile Application VAPT

Why is Mobile Application VAPT Crucial for you?

Testing is one of the most important parts when it comes to the application/software development process. It doesn’t matter if you are testing the functionality or security of the application, the application must be free from all kinds of bugs and vulnerabilities.

As more people use mobile apps to perform their regular daily tasks, mobile apps are more vulnerable to attacks, increasing the chances of data breaches. Therefore, the strict implementation of the mobile application VAPT is essential to ensure that the application is completely safe to use, thus increasing trust and user experience.

Mobile Application VAPT Methodology

Mobile Application VAPT Methodology

1. Information Gathering – Collecting all the crucial information and feature of the application is the key step of Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing. Understanding the application you will test is the most fundamental step of the process.

2. Planning and Analysis – The second step involves the selection of process flow. A proper plan is prepared and the application is observed during and after its installation.

3. Discover Vulnerabilities – The third step of Mobile Application VAPT involves discovering vulnerabilities available in the application. This can be done either manually or by using a professional tool. If there are any vulnerabilities in the mobile application, they will be identified here.

4. Exploitation – Here comes the phase when the discovered vulnerabilities are attacked. The pen tester here carries out attacks and checks the seriousness of those vulnerabilities.

5. Risk Analysis and Reporting – In the final step, a risk analysis is executed. Along with that, a final report is prepared where all the discovered vulnerabilities are listed. Moreover, the tested endpoints, risk evaluation, and exploitation and fixing techniques are mentioned.

Why Us for your Mobile Application VAPT?

Every time a company/organization releases an application, the organization’s reputation is at stake. If a breach occurs and the reason behind it is the vulnerabilities in the mobile app, it can make a huge reputational impact. Therefore, it is essential to choose an expert VAPT service provider in India with real-world experience.

Being in this industry for so many years, many companies trust us and have chosen us for their mobile app penetration testing. All you need is our domain expertise, the right set of tools, and diverse knowledge to protect your application from all kinds of vulnerabilities. Here are some of the reasons many organizations trust us to protect their mobile apps:

  • Having experts with many years of experience and after testing so many applications, we would be able to recognize most of the safety defects in the application.
  • We understand the risk that the identified vulnerabilities possess and recommend appropriate remediation for the same.
  • Our Mobile App VAPT experts work on all the minor and major details to double-check that all the vulnerabilities are fully covered.
  • There is no doubt that extra security comes at a cost. But there is no point in putting a large chunk of money in getting your mobile application pen tested that makes the entire project unviable. Thus, we provide our expert services at a highly competitive price.

For more details and queries, you can reach out to our tech specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we perform Mobile Application Pen Testing remotely?

A. Yes, we can perform the testing process remotely. The only requirement is that the application should not be hosted. You can share the .apk or .ipa file of the application and we will perform thorough testing of your application.

Q. How often should we perform the Mobile Application VAPT?

A. Rigorous testing of mobile apps should be done before deploying the app. Additionally, any time you add new functionality to your mobile app, you must complete a security testing process. This and other extensive mobile app penetration tests should be done quarterly or every six months to ensure your app is safe from new cyberattacks and techniques.

Q. What is the difference between Mobile Application testing and Mobile Application VAPT?

A. When talking about mobile app testing, the process includes testing the app’s functionality and use cases. Mobile app vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, on the other hand, focuses entirely on app security. Here, all vulnerabilities are checked and the app is guaranteed to handle most cyberattacks.