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Network Penetration Testing Experts – Choose the Best in the Industry

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Published On June 5th, 2023
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Taking an organization’s network security into account, it has become quite essential to go for Network VAPT. This process helps organizations identify all the vulnerabilities and loopholes that a hacker can exploit and gain access to the sensitive data for his / her advantage.

As cybercrimes are rising and attackers are coming up with new ways to enter into your network, you must choose SysTools as your Network VAPT Service Provider.

In the following section, we are going to discuss the benefits of Network Penetration Testing, its types, and the best service providers in the industry.

Benefits of Opting for Network VAPT in your Organization

1. Complete Data Protection – This is one of the most important reasons why many organizations opt for Network Penetration Testing in India. Even a tiny loophole in the network’s security can result in a huge loss to an organization. Any successful cyberattack on their network can harm customers’ trust and the company’s reputation.

2. Prevention from Network Breaches – Once you perform a successful Network Penetration Testing, the final report helps businesses plan and design proper risk management and mitigation strategies. These strategies further help enterprises to prevent their data from future breaches as the pen test helps them eliminate all the vulnerabilities in their network.

3. Compliance Requirements – There are a couple of regulations due to many organizations needing to go for Network Penetration Testing Services, regardless of the industry.

4. Continuous Maintenance – Network penetration tests require multiple runs over a continuous period of time to ensure long-term security. The professionals designated for this purpose will also review the security controls used for the commercial network such as firewalls, multi-layer security, encryption operations, etc.

Types of Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

If we dig deep into the Network VAPT, then we can divide it into two types:

  1. Internal VA – When we talk about internal Vulnerability Assessment, only the internal servers, firewalls, database, and file servers are taken into perspective. As we are performing a test within the network, we only perform a vulnerability assessment. This assessment test can only be performed either inside the network physically or by taking a remote session into the network.
  2. External VAPT – In external Network VAPT, the entire outer perimeter is scanned. Here, the vulnerability assessment is performed followed by extensive penetration testing. In Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment, security issues are detected. During the process of pen testing, these issues are checked that how bad they are.

Why SysTools for Network VAPT Services for your Business?

After discussing the benefits of Network Penetration Testing and its types, now comes the most crucial question – who should you choose as your trusted service provider? Though multiple experts offer similar services in this domain, choosing the best VAPT Service Provider in India is a must.

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Other VAPT Services that We Offer are:

It is because you cannot compromise the security of your organization’s network. Thus, many security consultants prefer us over others. Following are a few points that make us the best Network VAPT service provider.

  • We have a team of highly skilled cyber security professionals who target to discover all the vulnerabilities in systems, networks, network devices, or hosts even before the hacker detects and exploits them.
  • Our experts follow the Industry’s best practices and are experienced enough to carry out Network Penetration Tests with assured safety.
  • SysTools has a proven history of managing projects and providing effective protection measures.
  • We provide a comprehensive picture of user network vulnerabilities to properly address and mitigate all potential vulnerabilities before your network is adversely affected.

We are also one of the leading VAPT companies in Mumbai and Pune.

Which Businesses Should Conduct Network VAPT?

Although it is crucial for every business to carry out proactive Network Penetration testing, the following set of businesses will show you the real need of why such precautionary measures are important.

  • IT product companies to keep their source code and data secure
  • IT services companies to protect their services from external attacks
  • Pharma companies to keep their drug formulas and intellectual properties safe
  • Fintech companies need network VAPT to ensure secure money transfers and protect their crucial financial details, and many other important data.
  • Manufacturing firms need to keep their designs and other sensitive data safe.

How Frequently Should You Carry Out Network Penetration Testing?

Although there is no fundamental rule for conducting VAPT, many security experts recommend performing Network VAPT twice a year. However, it completely depends on the type of your business and how critical is your data.

There are a couple of companies that go through rigorous Network pen testing every month just to ensure that there are no cybersecurity loopholes.

Another principle that defines the frequency of network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is the size and complexity of the network. Additionally, if you have changed or installed any new device in the network, then also it becomes essential to conduct diligent testing.


Network VAPT has become an essential part of all businesses that are upgrading their security parameters. In this write-up, we have discussed the types of Network Penetrating Testing, its benefits, and why it is important for your business. Our expert team will help you identify all the vulnerabilities present in your network and provide you with a detailed report of how you can address them.

Are you also interested in choosing a reliable security partner? Call our expert now and discuss all your network security needs.

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