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Source Code Review Services to Discover Vulnerabilities of Codes

Published By Raj Kumar
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Published On June 5th, 2023
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Source Code Review is a part of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Here, the cyber experts analyze the source code of any application to find out about the vulnerabilities in the application. It aims to discover weaknesses and flaws in coding procedures of an application. These vulnerabilities, if not discovered and identified, are a beacon to cybercriminals who can exploit these and compromise the application.


Need For Source Code Review

All of the modern websites and also applications for that matter have a large and complex source code. This enables the developers to provide a wide range of features and functionalities. On the other hand, a large source code enhances the possibilities of errors possibly in security implementations. Hence, the test is done by the Source Code Review Service providers during the software development life cycle as a preventative measure. 

This procedure ensures that the website or application is secure for the users to use. However, to ensure that the process is done properly, only experts are recommended to carry out the procedure. For this there are several Source Code Review Service providers. We talk more about one of the best ones in the market further in the article.

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Areas That are Analyzed In This Procedure

During Source Code Review, there are various checks and some points that are kept in mind by the experts while performing this procedure. Some of them are:

  • Input Validation and Sanitization: Input channels are properly validated to prevent attacks like SQL injection etc. The input is properly sanitized to lower the risk of code injection and data manipulation.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Evaluating the authentication procedures, such as checking the username/password, multi factor authentication etc. is also very important.
  • Secure Data Storage: The secure storage of passwords and other credentials is also evaluated in this process. Generally, the developers implement encryption to combat this problem.
  • Errors And Exceptions: Proper logging procedures are implemented in the case of bugs and crash reports. These can be analyzed and remediated after launch of the app or website.
  • Secure Communications: The usage of secure protocols for transmitting sensitive data is necessary to protect the user data over networks. This is also taken care of during this process.

The Best Source Code Review Service Providers in Town

SysTools is the market leading Source Code Review and other essential VAPT Service Providers in India. They have a team of highly qualified security professionals with vast experience in cybersecurity.  They offer several different VAPT services and flexible pricing models curated to suit your specific VAPT needs.

Alongside, Source Code Review, they offer other equally important services like:

So choose your service provider wisely and begin the journey to secure your digital assets with us.


Here in this blog we elaborate about the Source Code Review in VAPT in detail. We highlight the importance of this for securing your access and why experts are recommended to perform this. We also mention a critically acclaimed and highly reliable Source Code Service provider in the India. 

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