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Configuration Review to Maximize the Security of Your Assets

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Published On June 5th, 2023
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Configuration Review is an important part of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It involves examining configuration settings of various components like network infrastructure, applications, operating systems etc. The objective of this test is to find vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. Weaknesses found in this procedure are remediated accordingly and result in better security protocols for your digital assets overall.


Need For a Configuration Audit

Today’s world is an interconnected one. Due to this, cyberattacks and breaches of data have become all too common. Therefore, organizations are now prioritizing the security of their data infrastructure.

One such practice is VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing) of which configuration audit is a crucial part of. By making sure that the infrastructure configurations align with the security protocols, organizations are now aiding their defenses against the cybercriminals.

This procedure makes sure that the defense mechanisms of your organization are fully capable to fight off any data breaches or attacks in an advent of one. This procedure is a large undertaking and involves various complex procedures. Only a professional and technically sound Cyber Expert can handle these needs. Therefore it is highly recommended to use a reputed Configuration Review Service provider.

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Areas Analyzed In Configuration Review

While performing Configuration Audit, various elements of the IT infrastructure are assessed and reported upon if any weaknesses are found. Some of these elements are:

  • Network Configuration: Network device configurations such as switches, routers and other components are assessed on the basis of their configurational integrity. We also examine wireless elements of the network like Access Control Lists (ACL’s) and remote management settings
  • Operating System Configuration: Configuration settings of operating systems (e.g. Windows and Linux) are also verified to ensure the integrity of their defenses. We keep in mind things like file systems ad password policies in this test as well
  • Application Configuration: We test web application configurations, database configurations, and configurations of other software components to identify vulnerabilities like default or weak credentials, unnecessary services or ports etc.
  • Encryption and Cryptography: Evaluating the use of encryption and cryptography mechanisms across various systems and applications is essential in this process, This includes secure protocols, SSL/TLS configurations, encryption of sensitive data etc.
  • Patch Management: This test includes examining applications for patches and updates of operating systems, applications, and firmware etc. to ensure systems. 

The Best Configuration Review Service Providers For You

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Alongside, Configuration Review, they offer other equally important services like:

Since, it is very essential to choose a VAPT service provider that is reliable and trustworthy, be wise and choose us as your partner in protecting your digital assets.


In this blog, we discuss Configuration Audit in VAPT in detail. We address the importance of this review to secure your business and the reason why experts recommend Configuration Service Providers to perform this. We also mention a top tier and experts acclaimed Configuration Review Service Provider

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