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Web Application Penetrating Testing by the Best in the Industry!

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: November 5th, 2022 | Cyber Security | 5 Minutes Reading

Web Application VAPT is a procedure for finding vulnerabilities available in web applications or corporate websites. These vulnerabilities are the reasons why most cyberattacks take place as it makes it easy for hackers to exploit them. Presently, many companies have either moved their business applications to the web or are in the process of moving. Thus, it is clear that web applications are one of the major attacking points for a hacker.

Web Application VAPT

Security gaps in web applications result in the theft of credit card information, and major financial and reputational damage to many businesses. Additionally, these security issues also result in the compromise of various browser machines that visited the websites that were attacked by hackers. Therefore, Web App Penetration Testing holds great importance for a business.

Now, let us have a look at the primary reasons why it is a must for organizations and businesses to perform Website Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Additionally, we will also discuss the vulnerabilities that we usually detect while performing the entire process. After discussing all these points, we will then talk about the top VAPT Service providers in India.

Major Reasons Why Web App VAPT is Crucial for Your Business

1. Helps Detect Gaps between Security Tools – You might think it is impossible but there are times when you try different security tools for the same web app for penetration testing and you get different results that are contradicting each other. So, if you have an idea of the security posture of your website, you should try it to compare various tools. Moreover, you should also try different tools instead of doubting your own web application.

2. To Prioritize Crucial Risks – It is usually found that many times businesses find out the vulnerabilities but do not prioritize them. This is the decision of the IT administrators or decision-makers to carry out the prioritization task. It is noted that businesses do not usually set a priority for the risks and end up fixing the least important risks and ending up getting attacked via the most critical ones.

3. To Identify Misconfigurations and Loopholes. No matter if it is a web application, a mobile application or an IT network, there are always chances of human errors and that’s what a hacker exploits. The most common reason behind most of the successful hacking attempts is a misconfiguration or incorrect coding practices instead of vulnerabilities in the platform. Here comes the need for a professional Web Application VAPT expert who makes sure that he provides an unbiased outcome.

4. To Improve Product Security during Development Process. The job of the QA team is to find operational bugs whereas the penetration testers’ job is to identify security bugs. Thus, it is always recommended to hire a Web App VAPT service provider who can help you find all the vulnerabilities in your tool during SDLC itself. This helps the testers in going through multiple cycles of security checks, hence reducing the vulnerabilities to a great extent.

5. Ensure Best Cyber Security ROI. Many organizations invest a huge amount of money while developing a great cloud-based application, and deploying infrastructure and human resources. But they don’t put in efforts of continuously improve the security parameters via Web Application Penetration Testing. This habit usually results in data breaches or cyberattacks that make the entire investment useless.

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Vulnerabilities that We Detect in Web Application VAPT

As Website Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a process of identifying all the vulnerabilities (if any) and then taking proper actions against them. The entire process is performed as an end-user / anonymous user or as an admin. Some of the common vulnerabilities that we usually find are:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Xpath Junction
  • Cookie Poisoning
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Directory Traversal
  • Improper Error Handling

Hire the Top Service Provider in the Industry!

To choose the best level of Web Application VAPT services, many businesses choose SysTools as their security partner. It is because our experts understand the importance that web applications hold for a business. Thus, they are always on their toes to implement the best of their knowledge and provide unparalleled security assessment and testing.

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Additionally, our professionals also help organizations in meeting their compliance needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also use a set of advanced penetration testing tools to ensure that your web applications / website is completely secure and doesn’t have any vulnerabilities left.

Our Website VAPT experts always try to cover every minor and major details that help us in providing the best services.

You can connect with our expert team today and plan your Website VAPT as soon as possible. We are also offering different plans depending on your business needs. You can choose any of the plans that best fit your budget and requirements.

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