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Most Trusted VAPT Service Provider in India by Professionals

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Published On June 9th, 2023
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Overview: Evaluating the steep rise in cyberattacks in recent years, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing has become essential activity for all business. Therefore, in this write-up, we are discussing the reasons why VAPT is crucial for businesses and the best VAPT Service Provider in India. Furthermore, we have also described the step-by-step process in a phased manner.

As we all know VAPT is called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing which includes the process of recognizing and finding vulnerabilities in the system. Although VAPT services are different from each other, they are implemented together as they have complementary objectives. In VA/PT, vulnerability assessment gives us an overview of how big a vulnerability is whereas, penetration testing tells us how bad that vulnerability is.

Professional VAPT Services in India

As a reliable VAPT Service Provider in India, our motive is to carry out a planned attack as if an attacker would execute it. Thus, an in-depth Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing helps organizations recognize all the vulnerabilities and fix them to protect their systems from cyber-attacks.

Why VAPT Services in India is Crucial for All Businesses?

No matter if you are a small or large-sized organization, you can be a victim of a cybercriminal if you have vulnerabilities in your system. Many small-scale organizations think that an attacker would never consider their organization for a cyberattack.

Therefore, they usually don’t keep up with the security parameters in their organization. Attackers take advantage of their leniency and end up losing all their crucial data and hard-earned money.

On the other hand, large-scale organizations have better security systems in place but have a lot of sensitive data. So, an expert criminal will anyhow find a way to get into the system and collect all the crucial data of an organization.

What do We Offer in VAPT as a Service in India?

Why Must You Choose Us as Your VAPT Service Provider in India?

Despite the fact that there are various VAPT service providers in India, choosing the best one might be a task for IT staff. Here comes SysTools as your trusted partner as we have dealt with numerous requirements and scenarios and are helping organizations keep their IT infrastructure secure from all kinds of external threats.

Along with this, there are many other benefits as well that give you a strong reason to choose SysTools as your Vulnerability Assessment and Penetrating Testing partner over others:

1. Affordable Services – We understand that there are certain budget constraints that an organization needs to consider while opting for expert VAPT Testing services in India. Thus, we have created special plans depending on budget constraints and requirements. This helps you choose from any of those plans that best fit your budget.

2. Assured Data Security – We stick to strict data policies so that when you share your confidential and important data with us, we ensure complete data security of your data. We also sign a confidentiality clause with our clients, giving them confidence that their data is secure with us.

3. Single Point of Contact – When you choose us as your VAPT service provider in India, we allocate you a project manager who will take care of all your requirements. The project manager will be your point of contact with whom you can discuss all your queries. Furthermore, you can ask for VAPT reports and the progress of the project whenever required.

4. Quick Turnaround Times – We know the importance of time and how useful a resource is for any organization. Hence, we provide a quick turnaround time to ensure that the VAPT testing completes in the described time frame.

5. Round-the-Clock Support – We have a designated team of VAPT experts in India who are working relentlessly to address all user queries. Thus, you can reach out to our experts whenever you need and get your questions answered in no time.

Contact VAPT Experts

Additional Info: We are also offering our VAPT Services in Pune and Mumbai.

Step-by-Step Working of VAPT Process

1. Information Gathering

When you opt for VAPT as a service in India, our experts first start with information gathering. Here, our motive is to know about the organization and its employees through open source, social media networks, blogs, and forums.

2. Planning and Analysis

After collecting all the required and relevant information, the next step involves proper planning and analysis of that data. Not just this, we also identify the existing resources that include hardware and software.

3. Vulnerability Assessment

Now comes the third step where our VAPT service providers in India look for the vulnerabilities available in the resources. Here we use our expertise and various set of tools and leave no stone unturned to look for vulnerabilities.

4. Penetration Testing

Following that, an imitation of a real attack is performed that helps us evaluate the current security of systems. For this, we use multiple open-source scripts and our own set of tools for in-depth penetration testing.

5. Reporting

This is the last step of the entire VAPT process where we design, report, and present all the findings that we obtain during penetration testing. We discuss all the findings with the IT team to help you make improvements in the present security system.

Best VAPT Service Providers in India

Key Benefits of Choosing VAPT Services in India

Considering the rate at which cyberattacks are increasing, it has become essential for organizations to identify all the possible vulnerabilities. The Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing provide you with a real image of how secure your systems are from cyberattacks. Furthermore, there are various other benefits as well while going for VAPT testing:

Compliance Requirements

If you have implemented a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, then you will be eligible to meet compliance requirements as per industry standards.

Data Breach Protection

After VAPT testing in India, we will provide an assessment report from which you will fix all the discovered vulnerabilities. Once all these fixes are done, your organization will be safe from data breaches.

Better Risk Management

Additionally, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing will help improve your organization’s risk management. We as your VAPT service provider in India will help you address all risks in your IT infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. Are there any prerequisites to running a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test on my Server / Application?

A. There is a form that you need to fill out that contains the scan requirements like connectivity, IP whitelisting, etc. After filling in all the necessary details in the form, share it with the VAPT Service Provider before starting the process.

Q. How often is it required to run a VAPT on my application or servers?

A. The frequency of VAPT depends on the security standards of that particular industry. However, as a trusted VAPT Service Provider in India, we recommended businesses go for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing at least once a year. Additionally, you should also get your application / server pen tested upon IT environment changes.

Q. Do you also fix the vulnerabilities discovered during the VAPT?

A. No, our role is to perform a deep analysis, identify all the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and share a detailed report about it. The remediation work will only be done by your development team.

Q. Are there chances of downtime while performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?

A. Although we try to ensure that our assessment and testing process does not result in any downtime, there are still some chances for network downtime. However, it is up to you whether you want to take a VAPT during or after work hours.

Q. Do you offer customized testing based on my specific needs?

A. Yes we offer VAPT services customized to your specific needs. Our VAPT team will curate the testing to your specific needs.

Q. Can the VAPT provider test mobile applications and devices?

A. Yes we offer complete solutions for any digital assets that you may have. This ensures a complete and thorough investigation of your data.

Customer Testimonials

I have been working with the SysTools VAPT Service Provider for over a year and I must say their expert services are highly impressive. Their team is well-versed in cybersecurity and has consistently provided exceptional service. In addition, they are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have and take steps to quickly resolve any issues that arise. I highly recommend VAPT Service Provider for their quality services!

I have been using VAPT Service Provider for my company’s cybersecurity needs and I can confidently say that I am extremely satisfied with their services. Their team is knowledgeable, and experienced, and provided us with a comprehensive report of their findings. I would suggest them as the best VAPT Service Provider in India.

SysTools has been an invaluable partner for me and my business. They have the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge when it comes to cybersecurity. I highly recommend them for their exceptional services. Their expert team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are ahead of the threats with their VAPT services. I cannot thank them enough for the outstanding service they provide!