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How to Recover a Dead Hard Disk – One Click Solution

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Published On December 8th, 2021
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If you find that your hard drive is not responding any longer and you are also hearing a noise of “biz biz” while attempting to boot, after which, it tends to stop and you cannot access it all together. In such conditions, it is quite likely that your hard disk has become “dead.”

How to Get Data from a ‘Dead’ Hard Disk Drive?

recover a dead hard disk

Part 1 Use the Basic Troubleshooting Tricks!

Immediately Stop Using Your System!

In case you feel that the HDD is still in the spinning mode, and you are also facing performance issues with it, then it is always better to stop the use of that hard drive as soon as it is feasible for you! Once turned off, do not attempt turning it on again unless and until you take that to some professional repair service company.

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Try to Plug It in Any Other Port or a Different Computer

In case you are lucky enough with your hard drive running on other computers, then be happy, the problem might not be necessary with your hard drive, it could be the cables or even the ports on your system! However in unfortunate cases where the hard drive is not even running on any other system as well, then you must knock the doors of a commercial company.

Know the Hard Drive Components

  • PCB – This is the circuit board, which is present mostly at the bottom of the drive and generally green in color. It is responsible for controlling most of the functions of the drive, and along with that, it translates the HDD information into readable info.



  • Platters – Platters are the thin disks, which save data. These mostly cause the noise that we hear on starting the drive. Fixing platters is a professional’s job!


  • Head Assembly – This is responsible for reading data off those platters. For repairing head assembly too, professional-grade know-how, experience as well as good equipment is needed.

hard drive assembly

Analyze the Type of Sounds Coming from Your Hard Drive

It all depends on what sort of issue you are encountering; that would decide its fix! Also, as per the problem, the hard drive makes certain sounds. To identify the problem, the type of sound can help you crack it! Cross-refer your drive’s model with the type of sound that it is making for ensuring an accurate diagnosis. For example: in the case of clicking sound, it is most likely that the head assembly has a problem. As a matter of fact, most of these problems which can be diagnosed by identifying the sounds coming out of the drive mostly need professional help!

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Do Not Jump onto Any of the Seemingly Quick Do-It-Yourself Fixes

Some quick fixes tried every now and then including the freezing of the hard drive or trying to apply force onto it! Quite strange, though, some users might get success with these methods, but performing these short-term fixes is sure to lessen the chances of successful data recovery (using professional service) than they were in the first place before trying any such fixes. Even if results bear, they are mostly short-term. Eventually, with these fixes, your hard drive will end up dying only sooner or later!

Part 2

Contact a Data Recovery Service Provider

Owing to a very intricate construction, the hard disk drive, when dead, makes professional hands the best hands for data recovery. So, don’t make any further delay in contacting a service provider that deals in data recovery from dead hard disk drives.

Make Your Pick and Stick with That Company!

Every time you try to open your hard disk drive for DIY fixes, the repair probability actually gets decreases and decreased further. Basically, it is a big problem for users “how to recover a dead hard disk” This is because when you open your hard drive, again and again, it gets exposed to harmful elements like dust, static electricity, and some other environmental hazards too. To minimize these risks, you must not seek multiple consultations from various recovery firms. Instead, choose one and stick to it! First, ensure the company that you are picking is competent enough; and also find out about the tools they use for recovery processes. SysTools Data Recovery services are good to go!

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