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  • Providing data recovery services for all type of storage media.
  • Featuring transparent data recovery service procedure.

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Data recovery is a concern significant amongst users because of the growing importance of data. Data for a home based user holds importance on personal level meanwhile, the same data holds business related importance for a corporate user. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to bring back lost or corrupt data into a usable and healthy state for regaining its access and gain business continuity.

SysTools emerges as a trustworthy company in the industry of data recovery by introducing transparency in the procedure. By transparency, we mean to serve you with the best in class data recovery services without the walls of business.

What Cause Data to Damage?
Various reasons cause a user to lose access of their precious and important data. Some of the common that caused you data corruption or loss issues are listed below:
  • Power outage causing sudden computer shutdown
  • Shutting down the computer directly from power
  • Failure of the computer hardware or bad sectors
  • Improperly ejecting an external data storage media
  • Accidental deletion or formatting of the hard drive
  • System malfunction due to outdated applications
  • External virus or malware intrusion on the computer
The ultimate solution to this is Data Recovery. We further help you by doing it for you with the help of our proficient data recovery services. All you have to do is submit your data storage media at our center and wait for us to get back to you. All issues listed above and others result in data corruption. Data Recovery is the ultimate solution for the same.
How to Reach Us?
You can drop in right at our Data Recovery center, located on the 5th floor of City Center Mall straight across Dwarka Sector 12 Metro station. Being situated right across the Metro Station, we welcome the data recovery needs from all over Delhi and not just Dwarka. We also service data recovery for Karol Bagh users, Nehru Place, Connaught Place, and other regions of New Delhi. Come visit us with your corrupted hard disk, SSD, Server, RAID, Email data, and more to experience the best in class data recovery service by our experts.
Why Choose Us?
We do not just provide Data Recovery service but also the following:
  • Trustworthiness is guaranteed because we provide you result yielding service.
  • Time Management is taken care of by doing the data recovery on your behalf.
  • Cost Effective Service ensures that recovery doesn’t get heavy on your pocket.
  • Data Security is guaranteed during recovery against scenarios of loss.
  • Confidentiality of data is ensured throughout the recovery service and afterwards.
Come visit us to see the storage examination along with an overview of recovery, sitting exactly next to the recovery expert.
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Frequently Asked Questions

My brother has a hard disk of 512 GB storage. I wanted to confirm the charges applicable for recovering the entire data stored in it. As it is a huge storage, the possibility too might vary accordingly. Therefore, will the charges depend on the amount of data recovered?

The charges of our SysTools Data Recovery Service is based on the intensity of corruption. Greater the corruption, higher the charges will be. Therefore, submit your brother’s hard drive for examination to find out to what level is it damaged and accordingly how much will be charged for recovering data from it. We are datarecovery company so our primary target is provide low cost data recovery services.

My hard drive stores a huge amount of data. Considering the same, I assume that the charges will be high for the service. Since I am not having a lot of money in cash these days due to demonetization is it possible to pay through Paytm? I want to avoid using the cash that I do have in the newly released currency.

We are data recovery company not a shop, so We provide multiple payment modes, fortunately all of which support digitization. You can pay for the data recovery service through Online Banking (Mobile Banking) using NEFT, online transaction using your debit / credit card, or prefer Paytm as well as per your suitability.

I had recently cleaned up my Mac storage accidently. What are the chances of recovering the data lost in this process?

Before an assumption is made, examination of the drive and scope of recovery needs to be studied by the experts. Please bring your disk to our recovery center and submit it for examination. You can sit through the process and know the issues, scope, and recovery process.

My fiancé had protected some of the partitions on our computer hard drive using BitLocker. Now due to corruption, we are unable to unlock the protection applied to the partitions. Is it possible for you to recover data from such storage systems?

Yes, it is very much possible to recover lost or corrupt data from BitLocker protected partitions. We ensure that the recovered data will be provided in an unprotected form for ease of accessibility. Simply submit your damage hard drive to systools data recovery company and get back all locked data.


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