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Hard Disk Formatted by Mistake – How to Retrieve Data

Lalita Yadav | Modified: December 16th, 2021 | data recovery | 5 Minutes Reading

With each passing day, the everyday data is getting augmented. So, the data storage requirements are accelerating too at a faster rate. And this is the reason why so many people today prefer using external hard disk drives that have much larger data storage capacities. Many times, while using a hard drive, it so happens to most people that their hard disk is formatted by mistake.

Whether you are performing quick formatting or complete formatting of the disk, you tend to lose every data stored on it right after confirming to format that drive. So, it is more or less of a nightmare kind of thing for most of the external drive users when their hard drive gets mistakenly formatted, specifically in the case of those ones that have very large capacities.

hard disk formatted by mistake

Scenarios of  Users

1st Case:- I had formatted my external hard drive of Seagate of 120GB totally out of some mistake. There are around one thousand video chips that and I do not have any backup of those videos.

2nd Case:- I have used an external HDD of 500GB for the last two years. This Sunday morning, while I was trying to transfer some of my hard drive data from it to my PC. Then don’t know how but I accidentally formatted the drive and each & every data on the card was totally lost. Some of those files that were saved on that drive are really very important to me. Therefore, I eagerly need to know if there is any way to retrieve data from HDD.

3rd Case: I am using a portable hard disk drive of 64GB. Yesterday, without any clue, I didn’t understand how but I accidentally formatted some of my crucial excel XLSX files from my HDD. Now I wish to retrieve lost hard drive data.Also read:- Remove virus from external hard disk without formatting

Reasons Why External Hard Drive Gets Formatted

  • Disk Error: This is one of the most common reasons why HDD gets formatted. The disk error shows up like “disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now”.  And you might not be well-versed with the whole thing, you sometimes, format it for fixing the error and convert its file system from RAW to NTFS/FAT32!

accidentally formatted hard drive

  • Viruses. Yet another very common reason for this is viruses/spyware. You might have formatted the external HDD for the purpose of deleting or killing any possible viruses. As an expert suggestion, if and when your external hard disk gets attacked by any viruses. Then, it is always better to run the anti-virus software and then format it for deleting the viruses. In the case of mistaken format, the hard disk on having a disk error. You must remember that you do not write any new data to avoid slimming down the chances of data recovery further.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 OS can recognize only the NTFS file systems and the FAT 32 file systems. But it so happens at some of the times that disk partition changes the hard drive file system to RAW. When RAW drive error occurs on Windows 7 disk partitions, then the user cannot access his data anymore that had been stored on the partition until and unless he formats it. But, as a matter of fact, formatting will, in turn, erase the complete partition.

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Hard Disk Formatted by Mistake and Recover Data – The Sigh of Relief!

When such a thing happens that your Hard Disk is formatted by mistake. Then, files will not be erased completely. Even though the partition might become empty. In such a situation, do not write anything to that formatted partition as that would occupy the space allotted for lost data. If this space gets taken over, then lost data will be overwritten. This will lessen the recovery chances.

Also, physical damage is another thing where recovery chances lower down considerably. So, for successful data recovery, you must not write any data nor let the HDD suffer any kind of physical damage. SysTools Hard Drive Formatted Data Recovery Tool can help you recover deleted partitions from hard drives. You can also recover Dell laptop data.

Step to Recover Data from Hard Disk Formatted by Mistake

  1. Download and install the utility on your Windows OS

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  2. Now select the Formatted Scan option to recover formatted data from HDD HDD formatted mistakenly
  3. Now preview the formatted data in the right panel of the application hard disk formatted by mistake
  4. Finally, select the location to save the recovered deleted files from Seagate external HDDhard drive formatted


Hard disk formatted by mistake to recover formatted data from HDD is a boring task. But if you want to recover data dead hard disk. Then there is only one solution left to overcome this issue i.e. HDD recovery tool. In the above article, we have mentioned how users can use this utility.

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