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How to Import Google Contacts to Outlook – Manual & Safe Solution

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Published On August 1st, 2022
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Contacts are a very precious thing for everyone. That’s why we all want a perfect and safe solution to import Google contacts to Outlook.

Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients by both free & business Gmail users. Whether it is a small-scale or medium-sized business, all prefer Gmail for their service. However, being an online email client, whose data cannot be accessed without an internet connection is a bit disadvantageous for Gmail.

To handle such a problem, most Gmail user synchronize their account with a desktop email client, such as MS Outlook. But, the issue with this method is, that the synchronize method doesn’t synchronize Google Contacts in Outlook.

The user needs to import Contacts into the Outlook account manually. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step method to import Google contacts to Outlook 2019 or the below version.

Manual Method to Import Google Contacts to Outlook

Following are the manual steps to export Google contacts and then import them into MS Outlook:

Step 1: Export Google Contacts

1. First, log in to your Gmail account and select Google Contacts.

login to your gmail account

2. Now, from Google Contacts’ left menu bar, select the export option.

open google contacts

3. You will get a pop-up window screen, select the Contacts type for export and select the export format as Outlook CSV.

select csv format

4. Click on the Export button and then you will receive Outlook CSV format containing Google contacts.

Now, that the export process is completed, you can import contacts into your MS Outlook account.

Step 2: Import Google Contacts to Outlook

For importing Google contacts to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013, make sure that the Outlook profile is already created.

1. First, launch MS Outlook Application and then go to the File tab.

2. From the left-side menu bar, select “Open/Export”, then Import/Export option.

select import/export

3. Now, from the Import/Export wizard, select “Import from another program or file”.

import from another program or file

4. From Import from a File window, select the “comma separate values” option.

comma separate values

5. Next, browse the Google Contacts exported CSV file & choose the “Don’t import duplicate items” option.

select the csv file

6. In the next step, select the location where you wish to import Contacts, then click Next & Finish.

import the file

After the import process is finished, you can open MS Outlook and check for the imported contacts from your Gmail account to the chosen location in Outlook. You can preview all the contact details in the Contacts menu option.

Limitations of Using Manual Solution

Although importing contacts from Google to MS Outlook is not at all a difficult task, there is a chance of some complication, which are as follow:

  1. It’s difficult for a business organization to let their employee export contacts from Google account one by one. It wastes too much time just exporting each user’s Google contacts.
  2. Importing more than 2000 contacts results in unexpected errors. In that case, you need to split the CSV file into small parts.
  3. The export & Import process can be pretty confusing when dealing with multiple Google accounts.

If in case, there are a large number of user accounts such as in Google Workspace (G Suite) whose contacts need to be imported into Outlook accounts, then the above process becomes quite cumbersome. In such a case, you need to help of advanced utility to ease your job.

Professional Solution to Import Google Contacts to Outlook

To import Google contacts of multiple users, take the help of SysTools Gmail Data Backup Software. It is an advanced utility that is capable of exporting complete Gmail account data in PST file format. A PST file is an Outlook-supported file format that can be imported via the Import/Export wizard of MS Outlook.

The tool provides you Category filter option that allows importing selective items such as contacts from your Google account. As well as, you can Easily save emails from Gmail to computer without losing a single bit of information.

Note: Business Gmail users (G Suite) can take the help of the Advanced Tool to Backup G Suite Account. Just, authenticate your admin account and export contacts of all the users at your convenience.

Step to Import Google Contacts to Outlook PST Format:

  • Download the mentioned tool, and enter the Gmail login details.open gmail backup software
  • Choose PST file format to start the process.
    choose pst format
  • Enter the destination path where you want to store your data.
    enter destination location
  • Select the required data by clicking on the filter option.
    select required data
  • Click on the start button to Import Google contacts to Outlook.
    import google contacts to outlook

After the export process is completed, the importing steps are almost similar to Method 1. Instead of choosing “Comma Separated Value” choose “Outlook data file .pst” from Import from a file window.

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We explained to you a complete step-by-step manual and professional solution to Import Google Contacts to Outlook. The manual method is free to use, but it has various limitations, and maybe you can lose your precious data. That’s why we suggest to you an automated solution to complete this type of critical task. The professional solution has many advantages to give you 100% accurate results.

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