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How to USB Device Not Recognized Error? Effective Solution

Deepa Pandey | November 29, 2023 | data recovery | 5 Minutes Reading

If you are searching for a solution to why a USB device is not recognized, then this is the best place for you. Read the complete write-up and know the

How to Recover Deleted Files from Seagate External Hard Drive? Know Solution Here

Deepa Pandey | November 28, 2023 | data recovery | 5 Minutes Reading

In this digital era, Seagate external hard drives play an important role of storing data such as movies, games, documents, photos, videos, audios, etc. It becomes unpredictable to judge when

How to Edit a Read Only PDF File – Step by Step Guide

Deepa Pandey | November 22, 2023 | How to | 6 Minutes Reading

It may seem challenging to edit a read-only PDF since these files are typically locked. They are designed to preserve their original content and format. Yet, there are times when

How to Convert Secured PDF to Unsecured PDF

Deepa Pandey | November 20, 2023 | PDF | 8 Minutes Reading

PDF files are popular because they keep our information safe and are easy to share. It is sometimes impossible to make any changes to them because of passwords or locks.

Transfer Google Drive to Another or New Account in an Efficient Manner

Deepa Pandey | November 16, 2023 | Database | 5 Minutes Reading

On April 24, 2012, Google launched a file storage and synchronization service named Google Drive. This service makes it easy for users to store files or data in the cloud,

Fix Autodiscover Not Working Issue Linking Exchange & Outlook

Deepa Pandey | November 14, 2023 | Exchange Server | 7 Minutes Reading

Any migration scenario involving Microsoft 365 needs thorough preparation. During the setup, if an admin encounters an Autodiscover not working issue, this can severely hamper the migration project. Moreover, autodiscovery

How to Add Yahoo Mail to Outlook? Best Guide

Raj Kumar | November 8, 2023 | Outlook | 6 Minutes Reading

Yahoo is one of the most popular email services among its users both for professional as well as personal use especially because of its 1TB of free storage space. However,

Unlock VBA Project Password in MS Access Making Use of an Explicable Approach

Raj Kumar | November 8, 2023 | VBA | 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: Want to understand how to unlock VBA Project Password in MS Access? Do not want to go through any troubles with the same? Have no technical expertise in VBA

Active Directory Cross Forest Migration Made Easy & Error-Free

Deepa Pandey | November 6, 2023 | Active Directory | 7 Minutes Reading

Active Directory cross forest migration is one of the most important tasks in the AD lifecycle. Anytime there is a restructuring, be it mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, this is a

Migrate G Suite to New Domain and Shift your Workspace Data

Raj Kumar | November 5, 2023 | Google | 9 Minutes Reading

Whenever organizations choose to use Google Workspace for their business needs they have most certainly made the right choice. However, we all know business scenarios are seldom stagnant. As there

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