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How to Import Outlook Contacts to iPhone Contacts Securely?

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Published On June 7th, 2023
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Contacts are the most important part of any person’s personal life or professional correspondence. Most users who manage contacts with their customers in the Outlook application export them to connect with them on calls from time to time. And iPhone are now very trendy so users prefer to import all contacts to iPhone instead of managing in different platforms. Before you import Outlook contacts to iPhone, you should know that Outlook doesn’t make it quick or easy.

If you have more than one contact you that you need to transfer them to your iPhone. Then, you will need some patience to get through the large number of contacts. So, with the help of this write-up, we are going to solve the query to help you export Outlook contacts to iPhone contacts easily. Thus, you just need to go through the entire article thoroughly to know more about it.

Users Queries on How to Import Contacts from Outlook to iPhone

User Query 1- I have a corrupted Outlook PST file with many valuable contacts stored in it. Can I transfer them to my iPhone? Also, I need to use them to save my data and process them without data loss. Is it possible? If yes, how? Please suggest me any suitable solution. How do I import Outlook contacts to iPhone without the Outlook app? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

User Query 2– I am a non-technical user and I have an orphaned Outlook data file that is password protected. I need to export all my contacts to my iPhone 13. Can I do this? Is there any reliable solution? Because I don’t know how to do the manual process in a positive way. Thanks for the help.

Like these users, there are other users who want to know the process to access all Outlook contacts on their iPhone. So, we have different solutions here. You can follow anyone as per your convenience. All possible methods are discussed in an efficient manner. You just need to do all the remedies in a systematic manner to get better results.

Method#1: Import Outlook Contacts to iPhone Directly

If you are an iPhone user then you need to follow the below instructions to procedure.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings of your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Then, click on Contacts > Account > Add Account.
  • Step 3: Now, mouse-click the Outlook and sign in to your Outlook account.
  • Step 4: At last, select the Contacts, tap keep on my iPhone and finally click the Save for saving all the changes.

Method#2: Export Contacts from Outlook to iPhone via iCloud

This another method is divided into two measures one is export Outlook contacts as required on desktop. Secondly, import the resultant file into any iPhone. To do the same, follow the mentioned steps in the below sections.

Now, for taking out the contacts from Outlook application, you can either export one contact at a time. Or use the expert recommended software to export multiple contacts in bulk.

Let’s understand how this works.

Export Single Outlook Account Contact Manually

Note: To execute this method, Outlook application installation with proper configuration is must.

  1. Navigate to Outlook application and click on three dots from bottom left pane >> People to access your contacts.
  2. Here, choose any of the Outlook contact that you would need to import into iPhone.
  3. Then, go to the File tab and click the Save As option.
  4. Choose any folder or location you would like to save the file and then add the name.
  5. Lastly, click on Save icon and your Outlook contact will be exported to a vCard successfully.
  6. Repeat the same for all the contacts that you want to import Outlook contacts to iPhone contacts.

Instantly Import Outlook Contacts to iPhone without Outlook

The above-stated manual ways are very lengthy and time-consuming if you have multiple contacts to import into iPhone. Apart from this, it also consists of some more limitations that affect the procedure badly. So, here we come up with an Instant & Safe vCard Export Tool for exporting contacts from Outlook to iPhone without Outlook application.

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This is an effective solution to export multiple contacts at once without any hindrance. Mainly, this software is professionally designed in such a way that every user can work with it efficiently. Moreover, it provides multiple amazing options to perform the export process in a result-oriented manner.

Let’s understand how this tool works on desktop.

Tool Steps to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts on Desktop

Important Note: There is no Outlook application installation is needed, you can work with this tool if you have already any PST file.

Download the software and launch it on any Windows operating system, follow the step by step guide below-

  • From the software interface, just either tap Add File or Add Folder option and add the Outlook data file from the located path.

add file

  • Once the file added into the software, you can preview all the contacts stored in a file and select which one is necessary to export.
  • Now, select the vCard radio button as an export option to later import into iPhone contacts.

import outlook contacts to iphone

  • Thereafter, press the Browse button to save the exported file on PC containing contacts of Outlook account.


  • Finally, hit the Export button to start the process on desktop, tap OK button from the completion message.

import outlook contacts to iphone

Import the Exported VCF File to iPhone

Now, once you got the output file now you need to import it in any iPhone version, follow the steps as given below-

  1. First you need to browse to iCloud.com on PC and add your Apple credentials to sign in your account.
  2. Then, select Contacts option amongst all.
  3. Thereafter, mouse-click on the Settings icon at the lower-left corner of the display, select Import vCard option. Here, you need to select the file you just exported containing Outlook contacts. Just upload it to iCloud.
  4. After completion of the procedure, you can see all exported contacts from Outlook to iPhone.


So, these were the solutions to solve the most asked “how to import contacts from Outlook to iPhone” query. Thus, you can use any of the above methods, but to prevent any uncertainty, we advise you to choose an alternate software as suggested above. Because the manual solution to export or import Outlook contacts to iPhone has some constraints which affect the process badly. But the automated solution provides accurate results without disturbing existing data.

More Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Q- Why are my Outlook contacts not syncing to my iPhone 11?

There can be many reasons behind the sync issue, to fix it you should restart your iPhone. Or simply enable Contact Sync in your Outlook account. Also, you can set your Outlook as your default account to access contacts in iPhone. Or simply reset your Outlook account in iPhone by going to Settings, then select the account that is not syncing and reset it.

Q- How do I import Outlook contacts to iPhone contacts securely?

If you do not have Outlook application then follow the steps-

  1. First download the tool to the local computer.
  2. Add the file from the default location of the Outlook Data File.
  3. Now, preview them and choose the vCard format.
  4. Tap on the Export button to get the output file on PC.
  5. Now, import the exported file into iPhone Contacts.

Q- What if the tool interferes with my other data in Outlook account.

No, you will never face any such problem, as the tool is designed with advanced algorithms. So, that no data in the file is disrupted while exporting contacts.

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