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Know How to Activate 2 Step Verification in Gmail – Few Simple Clicks

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Published On July 28th, 2022
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Everyone who uses Gmail email clients would have heard about the Two-step verification process for a Gmail account. So are you searching for the steps for how to activate 2 step verification in Gmail account? Using a simple password might be a good idea when we use only a few handfuls of systems.

Well, the time is changing and today, we are using accounts to access all the social media accounts. Everywhere, whether it is online shopping, bank or workplace we need email accounts and here we are at the core issue with passwords.

They must be complicated enough to guess or hack and different on all accounts you frequently use. There are many programs to generate complex passwords however, users are not motivated enough to utilize them.

Also, sometimes hackers target a specific system and become successful to break or steal the password via phishing techniques. These are some most common reasons why two-step verification is necessary.

Strong passwords can help nevertheless, to be as secure as possible, users should enable two-step verification.

Is your Gmail Data Safe?

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What is Two-Step Verification in Gmail?

Two-step verification or two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the login process, which requires entering a temporary code to access your Gmail account. This temporary code generates on the user’s mobile or on a dedicated device.

The purpose of this extra step is to make your Gmail account extremely difficult to access without your permission. It is the best way to enable stronger security for your Gmail account and Google sends the verification code to your cell phone by text message or can call you. It even works when the user’s device is not connected to the internet.

We highly recommend enabling two-step verification for your Google account if you have not done it already.

How to Activate 2 Step Verification in Gmail?

Enabling a strong authentication in a Gmail account keeps it safe from hijacks and hackers as it adds an additional layer of security. Let us set up 2 step verification in our Gmail account via the following guidelines:

  • Click on your Gmail profile picture in the upper-right corner and click on My Account. In the account window, select Sign-in & security section.
  • activate 2 step verification in gmail

  • Here, choose the 2-Step Verification option under Password & sign-in method.
  • password and sign in

  • In Protect your account with the 2 Step Verification window, click on Get Started button.
  • protect your account with two step authentication

  • To verify the process, enter your password again and hit the Next button.
  • enter password

  • Enter the mobile number in which you want to receive the verification code and choose the Text message/Phone Call option.
  • provide phone number

  • Just after you click, you will receive a text or call with the verification code. Enter the numbers, without the “G-” prefix, and click on Next.
  • get verification code

  • Eventually, click on Turn on.
  • turn on

Just after this, you will return to Google’s 2-Step Verification Settings window and here you can set an alternative second factor if in case you cannot receive text messages or calls. Keep this thing in mind that the general default option to receive the codes by SMS is assailable to the interception via your Telecom and others.

Also, it is less secure instead than other available techniques. So this is how to activate 2-step verification in your Gmail account.

Using 2-Step Verification in Gmail

From now, you will be asked to enter a six-digit verification code each time you log into your Gmail account from a new device. It includes your mobile phone and other personal devices, you will require to verify them from the next time you need to log in.

Google will send a text message to you if anyone will try to log in to your account which makes it a great security utility. Also, the hackers will not get the code and you will understand that it is time to change the password if it was not you who tried to log in.

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We explained to you a manual and professional solution to activate 2 step verification in Gmail. The manual method has many limitations, and also maybe users can lose their valuable information by using the manual solution. But an automated solution is very helpful to solve this issue without losing a single bit of data. Also, this solution has various advantages to securely completing this type of critical task.

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