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How to Fix USB Error Code 43 Windows 10? Resolved This Issue

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Published On May 21st, 2024
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The USB Error Code 43 Windows 10  and 11 is one of those various error codes of the Device Manager. Such an error would mostly show up in the message stating, “Windows… stopped this device… reported problems… 43″”. It is important for you to note that such error codes are exclusive to the Device Manager only. If it happens to encounter such a USB drive code 43 error anywhere else in MS Windows, then chances are that it would probably be a system error code that you are not troubling shot as the issue with the Device Manager.

Cause Behind Error Code 43 USB Windows 10

Error 43 mostly generates when your Device Manager somehow stops some of the hardware devices, as the hardware might have been reported to MS Windows that it has some unspecified problems. This is a very generic sort of error message and it could possibly mean that there is truly some issue with your hardware or it might as well mean that there is a driver problem that your Windows OS is not seeing; but due to that, some of your hardware component(s) are getting affected by it.

Reasons for USB Flash Drive Partition Data Loss Issues

Do You Want to fix USB drive code 43 in Windows 8 All by Yourself? You can troubleshoot this error 43 yourself, by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Restart the system first. There always remains a possibility that such an error that you are encountering on the device must be caused by some temporary issue with your hardware, which might get resolved by restarting the system.

(Note: Some users even report that when they power off their system completely (not only resetting) and turn it on again, that has rectified the windows 10 code 43 USB error, especially when it is already on the USB device. In the case of laptops, turn the laptop off and then remove its battery, and then wait for a couple of minutes, put  the battery in and again start your system.

  • If the problem is that you have installed a device or have made a change in the Device Manager right before the USB error code 43 USB windows 10 appeared, then it is quite likely that the change that you might have made must have caused this 43 error code. Here, in this possibility, you can try undoing the change if possible, and then restart the system; and then, check once again for Error 43.

How to Fix USB Error Code 43 Windows 10 and 11

As per the changes made, here are some of the solutions, as follows:

  1. Remove/reconfigure the freshly installed device
  2. Rollback your driver to some version previously to your update
  3. You can even make use of System Restore to undo the recent changes related to Device Manager
  4. Replace hardware
  5. Try reinstalling the drivers for your device. If you uninstall and then reinstall the drivers for your device, then there is quite a possibility that it would fix the usb drive code 43.
  6. Update device drivers. It is also quite likely that if you install the latest device drivers, it can possibly solve this issue. If this does not fix windows 10 code 43 USB problem, then it would probably mean that the stored MS Windows drivers, which you had reinstalled, might be damaged or they might be the wrong drivers.
  7. You can also try installing the latest service pack for Microsoft Windows. One of the service packs of Microsoft or other Windows patches may contain a solution for what might be causing this error, so if you still have not updated fully, then do it right away.
  8. You can even try to update the BIOS. In some circumstances, an outdated and obsolete BIOS can also cause the problem.
  9. Replace that particular data cable, which is connecting your device to your machine. This solution for error proves useful mostly when you see this error on an external device like USB, etc.
  10. You can even try purchasing a powered USB hub if this 43 error shows up for a USB device. Several USB devices require more power than needed by the USB ports. If you plug the devices into this powered USB hub, it may fix the windows 10 code 43 USB issue.

Method 1: Update the Device Driver to Fix Error Code 43 USB Windows 10

If your USB drive is having hardware problems or the driver or driver software is corrupted, you can try installing the latest driver for your USB drive. Installing the latest drivers for your device will most likely get rid of error code 43 for USB device.

Update USB/Device Drivers

1: Open Search, go to Device Manager and select Device Manager from the results.

USB Error Code 43

2: Locate and right-click the problematic device and select Properties.

Error Code 43 for USB Device

3: Choose the driver, and  then click Update Driver.

4: Click Automatically Check for Driver Updates.

how to fix error code 43 usb windows 10

Method 2: Roll Back the USB Driver

If you updated your device driver before error code 43 USB windows 10 occurred, rolling back the device driver may be an option to resolve the issue.

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Right-click the device driver and select Properties.
  3. Go to Driver > Roll Back Driver.

windows device code 43

Method 3: Reinstall your Device Driver to Solve Error Code 43

Some users have also reported that reinstalling the device driver can fix error code 43 for USB device. Try removing and reinstalling the USB drive.

1: Press the Windows key + S, find Device Manager and click to open it.

2: Expand the drive, right-click on the faulty device and select Uninstall.

 USB Error Code 43

When a warning message appears indicating that you have removed the device from the system, click OK.

3: Right-click your computer’s name in Device Manager and select “Scan for hardware changes.” Device Manager scans your system and automatically installs devices.

4: Right-click the device and select Properties.

5: In the Device Status section of the General tab of the Device Properties menu, you will see the message “This device is working correctly.”

how to fix error code 43 usb windows 11

Method 4: Reactivate your device to USB Error Code 43 Windows Error

If you’ve tried Method 2, you’re probably already familiar with device management. To reactivate USB, simply follow the link:

1: Open Device Manager and expand Drive.

2: Right-click on the disk device that is showing error code 43 for USB device and select Disable device.

how to fix error code 43 usb windows 11

3: Click Yes to confirm.

4: Click on the device again and select Enable Device.

windows error code 43 usb

5: Restart your computer to save all changes. You can then check if your device is working properly.

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Still Having Error 43 Issues?

If you have performed the above-mentioned steps to fix the USB error code 43 Windows 10 issue, then try contacting some commercial service. You should prefer one of the best USB drive data recovery service providers so that you can resolve your error code 43 USB Windows 10 and take you to the efficacious solution of the issue with the Device Manager.

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