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Fix USB Drive 0 Bytes Error & Windows not Able to Complete Format

Deepa Pandey | Modified: December 2nd, 2021 | data recovery | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking how to fix USB drive 0 Bytes Error? then, you are in an appropriate place. In this article we will discuss the most common causes that create USB flash drive showing 0 bytes. So let’s start the article.

Yesterday, When I connected my pen drive to my system, I got a warning message that said formatting the disk is needed before you can again put it to use. So, mistakenly I selected ‘Format disk’ and it completely washed out from my mind that the pen drive was holding some of my crucial data. I think I was very fortunate as the disk format failed and I received yet another error stating that MS Windows was not able to complete that format.

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In this particular situation, I viewed USB drive properties and found it to be 0 bytes in the space that was being used, along with free space and capacity, was being shown as 0 bytes. I even attempted connecting via OTG to my Smartphone nothing happened in actual. In below section we will know what could possibly be done to USB Device Not Recognized or to fix pen drive 0 bytes error?

fix USB drive 0 bytes

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Methods to Repair Corrupted Pen Drive after 0 Bytes Error

The issue sometimes is very critical if you have important data in your flash drive. For avoiding any data loss trouble after the Pen Drive 0 bytes error. Then, it is suggested, infact highly recommended to find those hidden files and restore your important data first before fixing the USB 0 bytes error issue. You can use any of the below-mentioned methods for restoring data from pen drive after 0 bytes error:

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Fix USB Drive 0 Bytes Error by Using CMD

  • First, check whether the files you are looking for are not hidden
  • If it is not so, then click “Start” Then go to “Run” and Type CMD the press enter key


  • Now, pen drive might have been assigned “G” or may be “H” as the driver letter
  • Enter command attribute -h-r-s/s/d g:\*.* After that,press enter then copy the command and paste that in the command window directlycommand
  • You can replace drive letter ‘G‘ as shown in the command above with your appropriate letter that might be assigned in your system to pen drive
  • And then you have to check the pen drive again for those files

Format the Pen Drive to Resolve Issue

If first method is not workable for you then you can try this method that formatting the pen drive by using below attribute: –s-h/d *.*

Repair a Corrupted Pen Drive

You can also try this method to fix pen drive 0 bytes error is given below:

  • First of all, you need to press the Windows key + X
  • Then select disk management
  • If however, the disk is showing as unlocked, then right click on it and then restore pen drive
  • After that, open run and type CMD
  • Now, in command prompt type: attrib-h-r-s/s/dcommand prompt

After performing the above mentioned  all methods if you still can not view your important data. Then,  you can try connecting your pen drive with other PC systems and see if that new machine can read your files/data. If still, you do not see any files being there or the pen drive is still showing this 0 bytes error, then you may find another method to get your data out or fix USB drive 0 bytes error problem.


In the above post we have mentioned four solutions to fix USB drive 0 bytes error and how to repair corrupted pen drive data. Users can select any solution to overcome fom this issue. Keep on thing in mind manual method have some limitation. If users did any mistake there are highly chance of data loss.  Therefore, we have mentioned third party tool it recover your corrupted and formatted data instantly without any hassle.

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