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How to Recover Deleted Partitions from Flash Drive? Flawless Solution

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Published On January 2nd, 2024
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Are you seeking to recover deleted partitions from flash drive? If yes, then this is an appropriate place for you. Read the complete article to learn the solution. Before starting the article, we will learn about the importance of a USB drive. So let’s begin…

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Importance of a USB Drive

A USB drive provides the simplest way of preserving significant data and information in quite a handy manner. Every computer system has USB ports. So, users use USB drives to share information from one computer to another. Users can make a backup of their important data on the USB drive for future reference. A shocking tech fact is that its storage space is even equal to that of a hard disk drive. However, at some point, it can also happen that your USB drive might not have any files that you have stored on it.

Some Scenarios are Seen Often

  1. A user downloaded vital project-related files from a Cyber Cafe computer and then he transferred them to his USB drive. On returning home, he connected that pen drive to his machine and was shocked to see that there was no data on his USB flash drive.
  2. A user had a Transcend USB drive with 64 GB of space, and he deleted the partition while MS Windows XP was set up on his machine. He has not formatted that drive, as he thought that data was still lying on his USB drive and it is just missing some partition tables. Now he was in need of that data, as it was holding his personal data like family pictures, personal videos, and other such personal information.

Reasons for USB Flash Drive Partition Data Loss Issues

  • Due to virus Infection
  • Formatting or Re-Formatting of the USB drive partition
  • Delete USB drive partition
  • Logically damaging USB drive partition
  • Accidental deletion, formatting, or reformatting of the partition on USB flash drive
  • Partition header corruption makes the drive inaccessible or hidden
  • Wrong drive ejection
  • Frequent changes to the file system corrupt the USB drive partition(s)
  • Following improper procedures to create a new partition
  • Improper handling of the USB drive
  • Using pen drives on multiple systems
  • On accidental deletion, Recycle Bin does not show deleted items from USB drive, thus loss of data

Tips: If you want to fix USB drive 0 bytes error, then read this

USB Drive Partition Recovery Tips

  • Avoid writing any new data to your USB drive partition which wish to recover
  • Search immediately for an effective solution to restore data

Manual Method to Recover Deleted Partitions from Flash Drive

Make an Attempt Towards Recovery Using the Manual Method

  • Firstly, try locating your USB drive on your machine.
  • Then, go to Start and type CMD now. Open the command prompt.
  • Type the letter assigned to USB drive in the command prompt.
  • After that, type CMD.
  • Then, press the Tab key until you see the hidden folders.
  • Lastly, type attrib “folder nameto make those files and folders unhidden.
  • Now, find those hidden files on the USB drive.

Restore USB Drive to Original State for Windows via DiskPart

  • Firstly, open the Command prompt as admin (cmd.exe)

open the Command prompt

  • Then, you need to type Diskpart After that, you can press Enter.

type Diskpart

  • After that, type List Disk Again, you have to press Enter.

type List Disk

  • Now, type Select Disk X (where X is the USB drive disk number) and press Enter.

Select Disk X

  • Now, you have to type clean. And once again, press Enter.
  • Here, type Create Partition Primary, and again, press Enter.

type Create Partition Primary

  • Then, type Active Again and press Enter.
  • Now, type Format fs=Fat32 Quickly, press Enter.

  • Now, type Exit and press enter

Recover Deleted Partitions from Flash Drive Apt Resolution

You can use Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool to recover lost partitions on your pen drive. This tool is capable enough to restore normal deleted, shift deleted data from flash drives. This has the ability to recover deleted data from FAT and NTFS partitions. With the help of this utility, there is no file size limitation.

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This tool supports the recovery of data from all brands of pen drives. It is compatible with the Windows OS. The best thing about this utility is that it provides a free demo version. With this, you can check the working efficiency of the tool and, after that, decide to purchase the utility after clicking the below button. It also remove a write protected USB drive without any technical issues.

Working Steps to Recover Lost Partition Pen Drive

Here, we will discuss the working steps of an accidentally deleted partition on USB drive. Just follow four simple steps to recover data from deleted partition from USB.

  • Download and install the application on the Windows OS.

Pen drive data recovery tool

  • Now, the tool provides two options for file recovery.

provides two options for file recovery

  • After that, preview and restore the data in the software panel.

preview and restore data

  • Finally, click on the Save button to recover data at the desired location.

recover data at the desired location


To recover deleted partitions from flash drive, you can try using CMD to fix and restore USB drive to original state. If you did not get your data by using this, then try DIY third-party software to recover deleted data. Now it’s your turn to make wise decisions.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to recover a permanently deleted partition from a flash drive?

You can easily recover a permanently lost partition from a flash drive by using this USB drive recovery tool.

Q: How to recover lost partition in Windows 10?

You can simply follow the methods we have discussed in this blog to recover the lost partition in Windows 10, 8, 7 and 11 and recover your data.

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