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Store Data in Pen Drive – Life Expectancy

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Published On October 9th, 2023
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The history of data storage began in 1890 with the punched card. In modern times, it has become much easier thanks to the advent of USB drives in 1999. Nowadays, most data is stored on these compact and efficient drives.

While they are the perfect data storage medium, the data stored inside them isn’t completely safe, but the question is how long? So, through this blog post, we will discuss how long can you store data on a USB flash drive and data prevention methods.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Table of Content

Pro Tips to Extend the USB Life Span

After knowing the actual reasons why data disappeared from the USB drive let’s move into the section where we will discuss how to extend the life of a USB Flash Drive.

  1. Protect From Extreme Weather – USB drives are very sensitive to extreme heat, water, and cold. So always keep in mind that protect your USB Pen Drive from very harsh weather conditions.
  2. Prevent Shock – USB Pen Drives are very fragile devices, so always protect them from any shock. Don’t bounce or drop your USB drive around, always keep it intact with any neckband or put it in a safe case. One more thing keep a cap on your pen drive to give it more extra protection.
  3. Protect from Spark – Always protect your USB flash drive from any kind of spark while plugged into your laptop and computer.
  4. Keep your USB drive safe or store it safely in a bag to avoid data loss issues.
  5. Whenever you are not using your USB flash drive, try putting the caps on it first to keep it protected.
  6. Avoid editing data directly on the USB flash drive.
  7. Do not remove your USB directly from your PC. Try to eject it safely.
  8. When you are not using your flash drive, try removing it from your PC or laptop. Because when it is connected to your PC it is constantly on.

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How Long Do USB Drives Last?

Since we are talking about the data in the USB drives, let’s discuss one crucial question related to this portable storage medium – longevity. We all must have this question – How long does data stay on a USB drive? The age of data retention in a USB drive is approximately ten years or 10,000 to 100,000 write/erase cycles (the cycle of already stored data getting erased and new data getting added).

But what precisely does that mean and under what circumstances is it true? Flash drive sticks or pen drives store data via NAND flash memory in the form of binary values (zeros and ones) in memory cells.

Stimulatingly, it is electrons trapped in a type of “floating gate” that signify these values. But these electrons can “leak” over time. This reasons the data to degrade because it becomes more problematic to read whether the charge state represents a one or a zero.

These are the many reasons that can affect the data lifetime of a flash drive. The quality of the NAND flash memory has an effect, as does the general manufacturing of the memory.

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Reasons for Missing USB Data

In this section, we will discuss several reasons for the missing data in USB drives:

  • Suddenly Unplugging the Drive – The first and foremost reason for data disappearance from the USB drive is the sudden unplugging from the computer.
  • Sudden System Shutdown – Another reason for the USB data loss is the sudden system shutdown when you access the current USB drive data or transfer new data from your computer. A sudden system shutdown can happen due to low battery, accidentally pressing the power button, battery issues, and overheating – some of the main factors that can damage your USB drive data.
  • Accidental File Deletion or Formatting – One of the common reasons for USB drive data loss is the accidental deletion or formatting of the drive. Again, human error is the primary factor for this reason. A computer user may accidentally delete the files inside the USB drive.

Pro Tip: – If you have accidentally deleted your data from your USB drive and want it back with any modification, then try USB Drive Recovery Software. It will instantly recover all your deleted data from USB Pen Drives.

  • Hardware Failure – Your USB drive may face data loss because of another reason – hardware failure. Hardware failure occurs when your USB drive’s functioning gets hampered due to the inbuilt hardware crashing or not working perfectly.

These factors highlight the critical jeopardy our data in USB drives faces. We will now discuss the solutions to recover deleted USB drive data, so keep reading the blog!

Automated Method to Recover Lost Data From USB Drive

SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool is the perfect choice for deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from USB drive. It is capable enough to restore data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted USB drives. This tool has many robust features, including swift data recovery on the USB drive without data loss. This software is also capable enough to Recover Deleted Partitions from Flash Drive.

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Beneficial Features of the Application

This tool has many features, and the following points list some of them:

  1. The application allows you to skip the retrieved deleted files while saving the data.
  2. Option to save selected files or complete data after data recovery.
  3. The tool supports corrupted, formatted, and permanently deleted data recovery for USB drives.
  4. Recover multiple deleted data from USB drives – images, documents, audio files, etc.
  5. The software has many filters to select deleted USB drive data for retrieval – Date Filter and Category Filter.
  6. The tool supports USB drives of all major brands and sizes.

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Step-by-Step Working Process to recover deleted data

The following points describe the working process of the software:

  • Install and run the USB Data Recovery software on your Windows computer. how does a usb stick store data
  • The tool has two options for drive scanning – Scan (for recovering deleted and corrupted data) and Formatted Scan (for formatted data recovery). Select the Scan option since we are recovering deleted data for the USB drive. how do flash drives store data
  • Now, the tool will display the recovered drive folders in red colour in the left-side folder view panel. You can preview the details of each recovered file simply by right-clicking them and selecting Preview. how data stored in flash memory
  • Select the Save All Data or Save Selected Data option according to your requirements. store data in pen drive


This blog described store data in Pen drive and how long you can store data on a USB flash drive. Furthermore, the reasons for data deletion on USB drives vary from accidental data deletion to malware infection. Store data in pen drive cannot be recovered without following the methods mentioned in this blog.

The automated software discussed here is the best answer to recover data from USB drives. This tool includes many features including corrupted, formatted, and permanently deleted data recovery for USB drives.