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Split Outlook Archive By Year with Reliable and Effective Way

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On June 5th, 2024
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Many times the users keep on searching for a proper platform through which they can find a solution to the problem i.e., split Outlook archive by year. Its main reason for happening is Outlook users keep storing all incoming data items in the same PST file for many years. This leads to an increase in PST file size.

Hence, it is really essential to know that storing files up to a specific limit can make them corrupt and thus becomes inaccessible. Thus, the users are not able to access the data items of the mailing clients. The article describes the manual as well as the automated solution to solve the problem according to the needs.


The question has a very basic answer one needs to split Outlook archive by year when the account file size goes beyond a fixed size limit. There are many terminologies that can be incorporated to truncate Outlook archive emails by year.

When the Outlook PST file is of large size, it implies that it is clearly relative to Outlook versions. It is because of fact that each version has vivid size limitations. In Outlook’s earlier versions like Outlook 2002, the size limit was 2 GB, but with the rapid growth of technology, the size limit has been exceeded and for now users it has become easier to store large data in files. For instance, if we talk about MS Outlook 2003 / 2007, the size limit is 20 GB. In MS Outlook 2010 / 13 / 16  /19 it is 50 GB.

Ways to Split Outlook Archive By Year Manually

Before initiating the complete process, one should configure the Outlook account for archiving it on the basis of date instead of modified date. Using this methodology, the users can prevent the emails modified or exported after archiving date from the remaining file into the main PST file. In case of MS Outlook account is configured as per recommendation, the users can follow the steps written below to break Outlook file by year.

  • First of all, the Open Archive dialogue box
    1. In Outlook 2007 and for the below versions of MS Outlook, Select File >> Archive.
    2. To break up PST files in Outlook 2010 / 2013 Select File, Choose File >> Info >> Clean-up Tools >> Archive.
    3. To separate archive emails Outlook 2016 / 2019 Select File>> Info >> Tools >> Mailbox Cleanup.

  • In Archive Interface, choose Archive this folder and all sub-folders and then select the folder to be saved from the list.
  • Enter the date in Archive items older from the drop-down menu
  • Check option, Include items with “Do not Auto Archive” checked to perform backup items from automatic archiving.
  • Provide the name and location of the Archive file by clicking on the Browse tab.
  • Click on the OK button to finish the backup process.

Once you have performed all the steps in the section mentioned above, users can repeat the entire process to divide Outlook PST files by repeating the steps above. One thing to be done is to alter the date & location of the saving file which is to be created.

Demerits of Manual Method to Split Outlook Archive by Year

The above-mentioned manual process of archiving consists of many drawbacks. It requires advanced technical knowledge for performing steps without errors and omissions. An average Outlook user seems to face very difficulty in understanding the entire working structure of it. In case any small error is encountered, in the proper execution of the process, it can lead to failure.

Divide Outlook Archives Via Automated Solution

The best way to eradicate the problem is the Split PST Tool. The tool provides the users with multiple options that can easily break the file by year. The software guarantees no data loss while you perform separate files operation. It overcomes all the drawbacks that the manual method has provided. In addition to it, the utility serves multiple attributes that can resolve all the problems in a single go. Now we have listed below some of the features of this utility.

1. No file size restriction is imposed in fragmenting UNICODE and ANSI PST files.
2. Microsoft Outlook Installation is not required.
3. Divides Outlook data files by following set of attributes i.e., Year, Date, Size, Folder, Email ID, and Category.
4. Splits all the data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

The steps to Split Outlook Archive by Year are as follows;

Step 1. Download and Run the software.

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Step 2. Add PST file/folder(s) and provide Destination Path to save resultant files.

Step 3. Choose Split Option as Split by Year & provide the required information.

Step 4. Check the summary of Split Information & click Next to proceed.

Step 5. The process is completed successfully.


The entire article serves the users with the best possible solutions in performing the task of split Outlook archive by year without hassles. The manual method seems to be easy but in actuality, it serves many drawbacks. Hence, the users need to make use of a professional wizard like the one mentioned above to separate PST files easily.

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