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Recover Deleted Emails from Exchange Server: A Hassle Free Method

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On May 16th, 2022
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Exchange server stores complete mailbox data including emails, contacts, calendar items. It also stores any recently deleted emails for a period of up to 14 days. This is called the Retention period and can be changed by a system administrator. A lot of users accidentally delete email message and need to recover deleted emails from Exchange Server.

This post describes all the steps necessary to restore accidentally deleted messages within the retention period. It also discusses unique ways to extract emails directly from a user’s workstation. Read this post to find out more on this topic. Get the best quick solution to restore emails from Exchange DB.

Ways to Restore Mailbox Deleted in Exchange 2007 & Other Versions

Following are some of the ways to bring back a recently deleted email and restore it on user’s PC. There are different manual as well as automated techniques available for this.

Instant Solution: The SysTools Exchange Mailbox Recovery Software is one of the best third party tool available to recover deleted items in Exchange and other mailbox items in a trouble free manner. The application can recover permanently deleted emails from Exchange Server database file.

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Simple 4 Steps to Recover Deleted Emails in Exchange

Step 1: Download the run the tool.

download automated software

Step 2: Click on the Add EDB file to load EDB file > Select Advanced Scan mode > Click on the add button

click ok button

Step 3: Preview all recovered deleted Exchange mailbox items

preview edb mailboxes and items

Step 4: Export Exchange database items into desired file format

click export button

Solution 1: How to Recover Deleted Emails from Exchange Server

  1. First, launch the MS Outlook desktop email client or the Outlook Web Application(OWA).
  2. Next, go to the Deleted Items Folder(or Trash) and select the email from the folder.

recover permanently deleted emails exchange

  1. Then, drag the email to its original folder location.

Solution 2. How to Restore Deleted Items Folder in Exchange 2013

Follow the below given steps to recover permanently removed emails and other items from Exchange server. Also find a way to export them into PST format in an Outlook account.

Step 1: Search for Permanently Deleted Emails and Recover Them

  1. First, launch the Exchange Management Shell console.
  2. Second, type in the following command:
Search-Mailbox "Username" -SearchQuery "from:'SenderName'AND'Keywords'" -TargetMailbox "Discovery Search Mailbox" -TargetFolder "RecoveryFolderName" -LogLevelFull
  1. Here, “Discovery Search Mailbox” refers to the destination mailbox where the recovered items in mailbox of Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 will be saved.
  2. This is a Search-Mailbox cmdlet that can be used to search mailboxes using the SearchQuery parameter.
  3. The above command will search for ‘keywords’ in Username mailbox.
  4. Also, one can use the SearchDumpsterOnly command to search items within in the Recoverable Items folder.
  5. Finally, when the cmdlet completes executing, go to the discovery mailbox and review results.

Step 2: Export Recover Deleted Items to PST

  1. Again, go to the Exchange Management Shell and type in the following command:
Search-Mailbox "Discovery Search Mailbox" -SearchQuery "from:'Sender'AND'Keywords'" -TargetMailbox "UserName" -TargetFolder "Recovered Messages"-LogLevelFull-DeleteContent
  1. After the cmdlet finishes executing, ask the user to check the destination mailbox to verify that items have been recovered.
  2. Next, run the following command to export deleted items to PST:
Search-Mailbox "Discovery Search Mailbox" -SearchQuery "from:'Sender'AND'Keywords'" -TargetMailbox "UserName" -TargetFolder "Recovered Messages"-LogLevelFull-DeleteContent
  1. Here, “Recovery Folder Name” refers to the destination folder where the recovery of deleted items in Exchange will be saved. The FilePath displays the location of the PST file. Email Subject represents the subject of the email that needs to be exported.

Advantages of Manual Process

  • Restore Deleted Items: This process to recover deleted emails from Exchange server makes sure that emails are restored to the desired mailbox on the server.
  • Free of Cost: There is no additional cost to company or user whilst using the manual approach.
  • Recovers Permanently Deleted emails: This process can restore permanently deleted emails in Exchange mailbox.
  • Export Recovered Items to PST: The manual process can recover emails and export them to Outlook PST file.

Disadvantages of Manual Solution

  • Confusing Steps: The process of restoring deleted mail items in Exchange account is jargon for a non-technical or home user.
  • Technical Expertise Required: A basic understanding of shell query and implementation is required to work through the manual process.
  • Administrative Assistance Needed: One cannot recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook 2010 without Exchange admin credentials using the manual method.
  • Risky Undertaking: It is important that the commands are executed correctly to avoid data loss. One must completely understand the risk involved in recovering deleted emails.

An Expert Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails

There is a direct and easy way to restore accidentally deleted emails from a user’s mailbox. This is to use an automated solution to extract emails from the Exchange server data files (EDB). One such professional, third-party tool is the Exchange Recovery software.

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It is an easy-to-use tool that provides and expert way to recover deleted emails from Exchange server and resolve Exchange Server database corruption. The software provides Quick and Advance scanning option that recover & repair Corrupt EDB files and mailboxes with no data loss.

Depending on the level of corruption users can select the dual scan option to recover and repair corrupt Exchange database. The Advance scan mode also recover permanently deleted Exchange mailboxes and item from offline/dismounted EDB file.

The utility works with all the versions of Exchange server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. It can recover deleted emails from Exchange mailboxes and restore them to Live Exchange Server, Office 365. User can easily export Exchange mailbox EDB to PST, EML, HTML, MSG, PDF, MBOX format.

recover edb file emails


The manual solution can be lengthy and time-consuming for an employee looking for a lost email. This message may contain important client data that needs to be recovered on an urgent basis. This post is the best answer to recover deleted emails from Exchange server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc.. It contains all the manual ways to restore deleted emails and recover important data. It also suggests an automated solution to make the task easier and more professional.

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