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Resolved: Outlook Email Disappearing from Inbox Moments After Received

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Published On July 21st, 2022
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As we all know, emails are a very valuable thing for every people. That’s why we all want a perfect and safe solution to fix Outlook email disappearing from Inbox moments after received an issue.

Do you find a solution to fix Outlook emails not showing in Inbox Issue? Are you having the same problem of emails getting disappeared after reaching Outlook Inbox (after receiving or after reading)? In that case, this blog is perfect for you as it will discuss the issue.

Also, read on to know what can cause this problem to your emails in the Outlook inbox and how it can be resolved for good.

User Queries

Scenario 1: Maanushi is an Outlook email user. While she went for a trip, her younger sister used her laptop. The younger sister installed some third party add-ins on the laptop for her own convenience. After Maanushi came back from the tour, she noticed Outlook email disappearing from inbox moments after received. Also, the already existing Outlook emails were disappearing from inbox after reading. So, she is seeking a permanent solution to her problem ‘Microsoft Outlook emails disappearing from inbox’ issue.

Scenario 2: Peter works in a store who is having some serious trouble with his Microsoft Outlook account for the last few days. Microsoft Outlook email just disappeared from his Inbox, and then it vanishes. No matter how strange it seems, this has been happening continuously. He even saw it in his own eyes that an email is being received and then disappearing. Feeling completely clueless, he is looking for the proper remedy to resolve Outlook inbox email message disappearing problem.

Outlook Email Disappearing from Inbox Moments after Received

Reasons & Remedies of Weird Problem

Basically, three situations can be responsible that the emails are getting disappeared after receiving or reading. Now, we will have a look at all the situations one by one and also will go through their solutions.

Enabled Unread Messages Filter

If any filtered view is enabled for your Inbox, you may be having this ‘Outlook emails disappearing from inbox after reading / receiving’ issue. Besides, if you are in Unread Mail Search Folder and Outlook automatically marks emails as read within a few seconds as per the setting, emails are getting disappeared for this reason too.

So, move to the Inbox folder if you are in the (Unread Mail) Search Folder. If already in Inbox, check in the view is not set to display only the unread messages.

Outlook Email Disappearing

Here is what you can do to change and reset the view:

Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010-2016
Change View View >> Arrange By >> Current View >> Messages View >> Current View>> Messages View tab >> Change View button >> Compact (and optionally set the Arrangement to Date)
Reset View View >> Arrange By >> Custom… >> Reset Current View button View >> Current View >> Customize Current View… >> Reset Current View button View >> Reset View button

Having PST File as the Default Delivery Location for Exchange Mailbox

For the Exchange mailbox, if the default delivery location of emails is set to a PST file, everything received by that Exchange account will be taken out of the Inbox and transferred into the PST file. To avoid this situation, make sure that the delivery location is not set to any PST file. As well as, it can also result in an ‘Outlook email disappearing from inbox moments after received’ issue. So to overcome this problem:

In order to know and change the default delivery location, follow these steps:

Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010-2016
Tools >> Account Settings… >> Next >> set default delivery location by using the drop- down list at the bottom File >> Data File Management… >> select the Exchange mailbox >> Set As Default File>> Info section >> Accounts Settings >> Account Settings… >> Data Files tab>> select the Exchange mailbox>> Set As Default button

Users can also click on the Email tab and select the Exchange account to verify if the delivery location is set to the correct Outlook mailbox.

Add-In Installation from Third Parties

You may still have Outlook emails disappearing from your inbox after reading/receiving problems even after trying the two solutions mentioned here. In that case, these emails disappearing from the mailbox issues may be caused by some third-party add-ins installed on your system.

Also, these often remove emails from another folder or delete them. If any such add-in is there, check the settings to find out what they are doing with your emails. As well as, users can contact the add-in vendor to discuss this issue. For a virus scanner, it is better to uninstall that safely to avoid this Outlook inbox email messages disappearing after receiving a problem.

img 3

Note: In case of deletion of emails, you can use Most Trusted Outlook PST Repair Tool to recover those deleted emails. As well as, this advanced solution provides free demo version to better understand the complete procedure. Also, it has the ability to maintain a complete original data structure without losing a single bit of information. Moreover, you can Easily Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook with attachments.


Here, we discuss the problem “Outlook email disappearing from Inbox moments after received” that users often face. As well as, by following the solutions that have been provided here, users can get rid of this issue permanently. Fixing or finding a solution for Outlook email messages disappearing from inbox after reading or just after receiving is an important thing. Go through the blog for proper solutions and steps to resolve Outlook email disappears after receiving the issue efficiently.

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