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Do Not Open Microsoft Outlook Infected Items Folder: Know the Reason

Deepa Pandey | Modified: 2018-08-23T08:48:05+00:00 | Mailbox Recovery, Tips | 4 Minutes Reading

How do you feel one day an ‘Infected Item’ folder has magically appeared in your Outlook interface? This is not a normal situation! It means someone sending you a suspicious email and wants to crash your system.

If the users Outlook program has ESET Endpoint Security anti-malware software, then it filters out harmful emails in the ‘Infected Items’ folder. However, sometimes users accidentally open that emails in Microsoft Outlook Infected Items Folder. As a result, the complete Outlook data file gets corrupted and leads to a disastrous situation. Now, consider a real-life scenario where users accidentally open an email stored in the ‘Infected Items’ folder in Outlook 2016.

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“Hello, I am a sales engineer. A few days back, I used my MS Outlook 2013 for sending the emails to my client. Suddenly, I saw an Infected Items folder in the left pane in my Outlook profile. I forget that this folder stores the malicious email messages. And I accidentally opened that mails. In a matter of a minute, my Outlook blackout and close abruptly. After a system scan, I again open the Outlook program. Now, there is no data item displayed in the Outlook PST file. I am very much worried! How can I view my lost files? Please guide me how to get back my emails. Help!”

How ‘Infected Items’ Email Affects Microsoft Outlook?

Whenever users access an infected email, it leads to many problems in MS Outlook. Because a user does not know which type of malicious code, this email carries. But, the very first motive of the virus is to damage the Outlook data file i.e., PST. It is a local data storage file that saves the mailbox items, calendar data, contacts, notes, journals from Outlook account in a system hard-drive. It is the most important data file and whenever it is corrupted, users are unable to access the mailbox data items.

So, whenever users stuck in that kind of situation where Microsoft Outlook Infected Items folder emails crash the PST file. The first step is to stop using Outlook program and take a help of below-mentioned workarounds.

How to Fix Emails in Microsoft Outlook Infected Items Folder

To fix the Outlook data file, there is an inbuilt utility available known as Inbox Repair tool. It helps to repair damaged PST file in the healthy one. Users can follow the below instructions to use this workaround:

Steps to Use SCANPST.EXE

  • If the Outlook is open on the screen then close it and browse the following locations according to your Outlook version:
Outlook Version File Location
Outlook 2016 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
Outlook 2013 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
Outlook 2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
Outlook 2007 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office13
  • Now, launch the SCANPST.EXE tool on the system.
  • Next, click on Browse to select the corrupted .pst file that you want to scan.
  • Click on Start to begin the process.
  • In a case, when the scan finds an error, then click on Repair to fix damaged Outlook data file.
  • Once the file repaired successfully, then again start the Outlook with the repaired Outlook data file.

Note:- The Inbox-Repair tool is very much helpful to repair a minor-corrupted Outlook data file. But, in a case of highly-corrupted PST file, it becomes fail to recover it. So if Microsoft Outlook infected Items folder contain highly damaged emails, then it may not be fixed by the ScanPST.exe utility.

A Tool that Repairs Minor-Major Corrupted Outlook PST File

It is evident from the above that SCANPST.EXE can be used when the PST file is less damaged. So, what users do when an infected email corrupt the .pst file severely. In such a situation, they cannot use the Inbox Repair utility. Users can take help of the Outlook PST Repair Tool.

With this software, users can scan highly-corrupted PST file and convert them into a healthy one. No matter which type of PST file is damaged, whether ANSI or UNICODE, it can repair both. The best part about the tool is the wide compatibility. It can be easily installed on the latest version of the Windows operating system and supports Outlook 2019, 2016 and below releases. It can easily recover data from virus infected PST file without any data loss.

Few Closing Thoughts

Whenever a user opens an ‘Infected Folder’ email, lots of glitches arise in MS Outlook. Most of the time PST file gets corrupted. So, it is best to use the above-mentioned methods to repair damaged Outlook data file to fix Microsoft Outlook infected Items Folder data.

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