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How to Move Stuff from one Google Drive to Another: Simplest Trick

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On September 9th, 2020
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A long time ago, Google launched a file storage and sync service called Google Drive. This service will make it easier for users to store files or data in the cloud, edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and share the stored files with others. Google offers its users only 15 GB of storage space. This storage space is shared between the three most commonly used services, namely Google Drive, Google+ Photos, and Gmail. But, once Google Drive reaches its maximum limit, it becomes so much necessary for the users to move stuff from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account in a trouble free manner.

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However, if the user needs more storage space, they can get it on a monthly subscription basis. The major job of G Drive is to store the back up of important data on the cloud. Moreover, it also provides users with easy access to data anywhere and anytime without any problem. Now the question is how to transfer Google Drive to a new account.
In the coming segments of the blog, we have tried covering all the possible techniques to move entire G Drive data to another account.

Techniques to Move Stuff From one Google Drive to Another

There are both manual and automated approach to move Google Drive data to another Google Drive account. In the upcoming sections of the blog, we have mentioned both of them.

1. Move G Drive Files By Sharing to Another Account
2. Move Google Drive files using a trusted solution

Just follow the steps given below in a sequential manner for guaranteed results:

Method 1: Manually Move Files by Sharing

Step 1: After logging in to you primary account, select the files to move stuff from one Google Drive to another.

Step 2: Next, click on Share icon once your selection is made.

Step 3: Make your sharing settings preferences in this step. Click on Send button after making the changes.

Step 4: Open your secondary Google Drive account and all your selected files are moved along with all the details.

Manual Method to Move Files Using ‘Google TakeOut’

This is another solution offered by Google for moving stuff from one Google Drive to another account. Users can move entire G Drive data to another account. Though it is a bit of a complex procedure of moving data using this technique. The user should be technically sound because one wrong step could lead to data loss. The lost files can never be recovered so make a wise decision and choose a reliable solution.

Trusted Solution to Move Stuff from one Account to another

It is very much evident from the above mentioned manual techniques that they are not feasible to move Google Drive data to another Google Drive account. It is always a sensible call to choose a reliable third-party solution namely G Drive Migrator Tool.

With a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, it is the first choice among cloud users. This tool also has some advanced features. You can use this utility to transfer user and administrator accounts via delta and concurrent migration methods. Apart from this, the software has enough features to move permissions, deleted items and shared files. Also, it maintains folder structure intact even after the migration.

Following are the easy working steps of the tool:

1. Install and run Google Drive Migrator Tool.

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2. From the setup window, choose the source and destination platforms as G Suite for both source and Destination respectively.


3. Now from the same screen make your category selection to move stuff from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account.


4. Fill the details of G Suite in the Source screen. Also, upload the source p12 file and grant permission by clicking on Validate.

G Suite

5. On the Destination window, fill the necessary details of admin destination G Suite and upload certificate file. Click Next after all the permissions are granted.


6. You can add users in several ways. For example, Fetch users, Import users, Download Templates, etc. Please choose the one that meets your expectations.


7. After adding the user, you can set the priority for the users. Then click “Start Migration“.

start process


This article will provide you a complete and fool proof solution to move stuff from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account, using both the manual and automated solution. G Drive migrator is one of the best ways to move data from one Google Drive account to another. This utility can be used by any user, without any trouble.

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