Move files from one Google Drive to another

Google Drive Migration Tool

The Google Drive Files Migration software enables users to move documents, pictures, audio files, videos, PDFs, etc., from one Google Drive account to another.

  • Software supports both domain and individual user account migration
  • Enables Admin to move items to multiple accounts without password
  • Transfer permissions and deleted files from one G drive to another drive
  • Capable of copying shared folder during Google drive migration process
  • Additional option to maintain folder structure in resultant G drive account
  • View live status of data transferring procedure with moved item counts

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Prominent Features of Google Drive Migration Tool

Move files from Google Drive to another Google Drive

Copy Files From One Google Drive to Another

The software enables users to migrate Google Drive files to another account. It will migrate items like documents, audio files, PDF, pictures, etc., stored on the Google Drive cloud. G Drive data migration utility brilliantly supports delta migration where already existing data are not migrated in targeted Google Drive account.

2 Filters

Add or Remove Source & Destination IDs

The Google Drive Exporter application provides following 3 options to add users into the software panel
Fetch Users: It automatically fetches the users and displays them.
Import Users: Directly browse to a CSV to add all the users
Download From Template: Download a sample CSV file that can be used to import a list of users.

trasfer options

Customize Data Transferring Procedure

Google Drive to Google Drive migration software renders following 4 options to customize files transferring procedure:
Migrate Permissions: This option permits users to transfer Google Drive storage to another account with all their respective permissions like read, write, and comment.
Migrate Deleted Items: Users will be able to backup Google Drive to another account with all deleted items too.
Migrate Shared Files: Clients will be able to get access to their shared items. The software is having the capability of customizing and saving items in a separate folder.
Maintain Folder Hierarchy: An additional option is rendered by the software to maintain folder structure in the targeted Google drive.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Admin & Individual User Accounts Supported

Admin & Individual User Accounts are Supported: G Drive migration tool renders following ways to transfer Google Drive data:
Admin User Account: This will help an administrator to attempt domain to domain migration. For a successful migration, an individual needs to ‘Add Scope’ at the domain level.
Individual User Account: The feature will help users to carry out Gmail to Gmail, Domain to Gmail, and Gmail to Domain migration. Users only need to mention account credentials for each account and then, validate them.

date based filter

Renders Date based Filtering Feature

Google Drive to Google Drive migration provides a date-based filtering feature to export items of a particular time period. All the documents, PDFs, audio files, etc., which falls under the specified date range will be moved to the targetted platform. One just needs to mention ‘From’ to ‘To’ date range for using this filtering feature. Remember one thing that the migrator filters out data on the basis of file creation date and file uploading date.

Pause and resume

Pause and Resume Button For Migration Ease

When G Drive migrator software starts transferring files from Google drive storage to another account, it displays live status of the procedure. The status will be displaying current item count (total files completely moved in targetted account) and the status of migration procedure. If facing any issues then, users can pause the procedure with the provided button for it and then, resume it from the point where it was interrupted.

Watch!! Working to Move Google Drive Files from one Account to Another

Google Drive to Google Drive Exporter – Related FAQs

Step by Step Working of G Drive Migrator Tool:
  • Step 1: Download & Run to move Google Drive files via migrator tool.
  • Step 2: Select the platforms as G Suite to move the files.
  • Step 3: Fill the appropriate details in the Source and Destination screens.
  • Step 4: Select users and begin moving files from Google Drive another Google Drive account.
Yes, there will be no data loss while working with our software. It is 100% guaranteed that actual formatting and styling of document files will be kept intact throughout the migration procedure.
Yes, our tool is compatible with all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system. You can transfer all kind of data from our software without any limitation or compatibility issue. Besides this, the tool works efficiently on Linux OS as well.
No, it is mandatory to have complete credentials of administrator email addresses. The tool does not require users account password if the scope is added at the admin level. But, if you have forgotten the password of your admin account then nothing can be done.
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