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google drive migration tool

Size:181 MB Version: 6.8.1

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Google Drive Migration Tool

The software is the best way to migrate large quantities of documents, pictures, audio files, videos, PDFs, etc, present in a Google Drive to a New Google Drive Account. Use this tool to quickly transfer G-Drive data from multiple accounts simultaneously on any Windows Machine.

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  • Migrate Google Drive Data Between Accounts and Across Domains
  • Start Inter Account G Drive Transfer Requests Via Admin Credentials
  • Use Admin Details To Eliminate All User-Level Password Dependency
  • Migrate Google Drive Data Items Including Docs, Images, Videos, etc
  • Delta Migration Feature to Move Newly Created Source Files in G-Drive
  • Define a Custom Timeline to Migrate Google Drive With a Date Filter
  • Replicate Entire Google Drive Folder Structure Between Endpoints
  • Option to Pause G-Drive Migration Midway and Resume When Ready
  • Get Auto Report Generation After Every Google Drive Drive Migration
  • Near Native Compatibility with a Wide Variety of Operating Systems

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3 Choices to Map Users Between Source and Destination G Drive

Google Drive Migration Tool works by linking the source G Drive account to the Destination account. For this purpose, the tool offers the following options:

Fetch Users: Here the tool searches for the G Drive accounts linked to the Google Workspace plan. Once it finds all available users it sends out an alert containing the number of users fetched and loads the users onto the preview screen.

Import Users: If you already have a CSV file complete with all source and their corresponding destination accounts then directly upload this file into the tool. The tool reads the file and maps the G drive accounts between both endpoints accordingly.

Download Template: Use it when you don't have a premade CSV and only want to map a subset of G-Drive accounts belonging to the Google Workspace plan. Here you get a skeletal structure of the tool’s acceptable CSV format, fill and upload it at the admin's discretion.

Select Data for G Drive to G Drive Migration with Filters

The workload section of the tool contains a dedicated Document selection option. Toggle it to move data items present inside the source Google Drive.

Admins also get an option to pick out both starting and ending dates for the most accurate timeline selection.

Even user-level selection is available after mapping is complete. Moreover, a priority application column is also there to move the most important data first.

Re-run Option for Google Drive to Google Drive Migration

Delta Migration: To bring in data items that popped into existence after migration began. It can find and start migration for newly arrived items only.

Retry Failed Items: Whenever any items fail to migrate during the initial run admins can use this option to move those items only.

Re-Run Full Migration: If on any occasion migration ends abruptly or encounters a major issue admins can use this option to redo the entire migration again.

Detailed Features

Advanced Speciality of Google Drive Migration Tool

Migrate Google Drive Data to Another Account

The software enables users to migrate Google Drive files to another account. It will migrate items like documents, audio files, PDFs, pictures, etc., stored on the Google Drive cloud. Apart from the externally uploaded files all of the Google Generated files such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Sites, and Google Jamboard can also be moved across G-Drives.

G Drive Migration Via Admin Credentials

Google Drive migration tool simpifies the complex task to migrate G Drive data by using Admin User Account: This will help an administrator to attempt domain to domain migration. Once credentials fed into the tool validattion can be performed. That allows all the associated user ids to be loaded on its own after which admin can easily begin the migration of G Drive data.

Get Post Google Drive Migration Options

This software renders the following 3 options to fix any issues that pop up in the aftermath of a migration:

  • Retry Failed: Finds the items that failed during the first transfer and moves only those them via a second pass.
  • Re-Rerun Migration: Choose this when a catastrophic failure requires the entire migration to be redone again.
  • Delta Migration: Brings all the newly arrived data that was uploaded at the source during the migration process.

Add or Remove Source & Destination IDs

User mapping is highly customizable within this Google Drive Migration Tool. For this, it provides the following 3 options:

  • Fetch Users: This option automatically fetches the users and displays them accordingly.
  • Import Users: Using it admins can directly browse to a CSV to add all the users.
  • Download Template: Download a sample CSV file that can edited and reuploaded with a list of users.

Maintains Folder Structure During Migration

The Google Drive Migration tool has the innate feature to keep the folder structure as it is after migration. The feature can be turned on or off depending on user requirements. If users don't require the folder to be replicated then they can leave a checkbox unmarked. The tool accumulates all the content in a single folder at the destination.

Feature to Move G Drive Data Concurrently

Google Drive migration solution gives its user the ability to change the number of agents migrated at a time. For this the software provides a slider in its setting menu which cah be moved to increase or decrease the user quantity migrated simultaneosly. At Max configuration upto 20 users are shifted between endpoints. Admins must have atleast 8 cores on their machine to take full advantage of this capability.

Renders Date based Filtering Feature

It provides a date-based filtering feature to export items of a particular time period. All the documents, PDFs, audio files, etc., which falls under the specified date range will be moved to the targeted platform. One just needs to mention ‘From’ to ‘To’ date range for using this filtering feature. Remember one thing that the migrator filters out data on the basis of file creation date and file uploading date.

Pause and Resume Button For Migration Ease

When G Drive migrator software starts transferring files from Google drive storage to another account, it displays live status of the procedure. The status will be displaying current item count (total files completely moved in targeted account) and the status of migration procedure. If facing any issues then, users can pause the procedure with the provided button for it and then, resume it from the point where it was interrupted.


Migrate Google Drive Data to Another Account - Simple Steps


Google Drive Migration Tool Product Video


What Users Ask While Migrating Google Drive data to Another Account?

  1. Run the Google Drive migration tool and Pick Endpoints
  2. Select the documents as workload and apply date filter.
  3. Valitdate the Google admin account details.
  4. Map users between endpoints.
  5. Click "Start" & Successfully migrate Google Drive data.

Yes, there will be no data loss while working with our software. It is 100% guaranteed that actual formatting and styling of document files will be kept intact throughout the migration procedure.

Yes, our tool is compatible with all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system. You can transfer all kind of data from our software without any limitation or compatibility issue. Besides this, the tool works efficiently on Linux OS as well.

No, it is mandatory to have complete credentials of administrator email addresses. The tool does not require users account password if the scope is added at the admin level. But, if you have forgotten the password of your admin account then nothing can be done.

Yes, the G Drive Migration tool is pre-configured to work regardless of your Google Workspace edition. It continues the robust support from all legacy G Suite Plans that are now changed to Google Workspace.

All the items located within the G Drive of the users can be transfered with this uitillity. Mass transfer of photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, files, etc is possible with the help of this tool.


Client Testimonials for Google Drive Migration Tool

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