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How To Transfer Google Drive To New Account in an Efficient Manner

Deepa Pandey | Modified: January 5th, 2018 | Database | 5 Minutes Reading

On April 24, 2012, Google has launched a file storage and synchronisation service named as Google Drive. This service will make it easy for the users to store files or data in the cloud, to edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheet, and share files with others. Its  service are very convenient to use that’s why it has reached the height of popularity. Google offers total 15 GB of online storage space to its users. This storage space is shared across its mostly used three services i.e. Google Drive, Google+ Photos, and Gmail. But, if Google Drive reaches its maximum limit, it becomes important for the users to transfer Google Drive to new account. However, if a user requires more space, then he or she can demand a payment of a monthly subscription. Google Drive is mainly used to take backup of important data on the cloud. Moreover, it also provides users an easy access to the data anywhere without any issue. Now, the question arises, how to export data from Google drive. Thus, in this blog, we have covered both the manual and automated solution to do the same.

Instant Solution: One can move data from one Google drive instantly with G Drive exporter tool. This utility helps to transfer the G drive data in an easy manner.

Transfer Google Drive To New Account

Need to Transfer Files From Google Drive To New Account

  • As discussed above, Google Drive provides total 15 GB free space to its users. But, as the demand for more space increases, the number of accounts per user is also increased in order to get more free space. Thus, if a user is having so many accounts in use, it is very common to transfer files from G Drive.
  • If a user has an extra free space because of a monthly subscription, then also he or she needs to create another G Drive account due to many reasons like change in name after marriage. Then, a user needs to export Google drive to new account, which will be written into To-do list.
  • Other possible reasons to move files from one G Drive account to another account are: graduated from university and want to transfer all important files to your personal account. Thus, in the below section of the blog, different methods to migrate Google Drive files from one account to another is discussed.

Move Data From One Google Drive to Another Using Manual Method

If a user has only Google documents format on Google Drive

  1.  First of all, log in to Google Drive account from which you want to move data by entering valid   credentials
  2.  After that, choose the files that you want to migrate from one G Drive to another email account.
  3.  Then, right-click on the selected file and click on the Share option
  4.  Next, you have to enter another email address in which you want to move data
  5.  Now, pull down the drop-down menu next to new account address field and choose  Owner option
    Note: Is Owner option will make new account user, the new owner of the shared files.
  6.  After that, you just need to click on the Done button

After performing all steps carefully, you can move data from one Google drive to another email account successfully.

If a user has other file formats on Google Drive

In this case, a user needs to download the copy of his or her data or archive it using Google Takeout. Now, if a user wants to upload the data to new Google Drive account, all file formats are exported to another format. This may badly affect the folder structure. But, due to some reasons Google Takeout denies to work. So, to overcome this situation, a user is advised to look for some other alternative.

Automated Solution to Transfer Google Drive To New Account

As discussed above, moving Google Drive file to another using manual solution is not at all a reliable method. Thus, a user is recommended to use a professional solution such as G Drive exporter tool. It is a perfect solution to move data from one Google drive to another. It does not impose any limitation while migration. It moves all data items like PDFs, document, images, videos, etc., to another account in just a few clicks. A user can migrate unlimited data, deleted items, and shared files also from one account to another. Moreover, the software maintains the folder hierarchy also while migrating data. Apart from all this, a user can easily use this application on any version of Microsoft Windows.


Migration of data from one place to another is the most basic need of any user. One such type of migration is from one G Drive to another. Considering this requirement of users, we have discussed different methods to transfer Google Drive to new account. A user can easily choose between them based on their requirement and preference.

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