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How to Delete All Emails in AOL Mailbox – Remove Multiple Emails At Once

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On December 28th, 2018
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AOL Mail is a free web-based email application, which is used by many users across the globe. AOL Mail lets a user customize and manage data comfortably. This can be anything like creating and using the folders, managing AOL calendars, organizing the emails, etc. However, when a user wants to delete unwanted emails, then deleting single emails at a time will be a nightmare. Do you want to delete all emails in AOL mailbox? If yes, then come let us discuss the procedure to delete multiple emails in AOL Mail.

Why There Arise a Need to Delete All Emails in AOL Mailbox?

Emails are the soul of the users, as it carries the most crucial data. When it comes to AOL Mail, which is mostly used for personal usage. Many users save all their essential data such as bank statements, any legal documents, salary slips and many more in the AOL mailbox. As we are aware of the various cyber attacks via unknown virus which may attack and misuse your valued data. Or any spam emails with the virus can block your data. Hence, it is important to delete emails and do not let your crucial data getting misused in any criminal activities.

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How to Delete Multiple Emails in AOL Mailbox?

For users who are on the verge to delete all emails in AOL mailbox to improve their storage space and for security reasons. They can carry out the below-listed procedure that will help to delete multiple emails in AOL mailbox. Here, we have discussed all possible strategies to delete the emails. This is because, some users need to delete only a few emails, while others may have to delete successive emails.

Approach #1: Delete A Single Email in AOL Mail

In this, a user must simply select the required email to be deleted from the mailbox window and hit the delete option.

Approach #2: Delete Multiple Emails in AOL Mailbox

Sometimes instead of deleting all emails, users may have to delete selective emails which are huge in number. Under such instance, simply press the Ctrl key and select the desired email which needs to be deleted. Once the emails are selected, click the Delete button. One can follow this process for any email folder like Saved on My PC, Recently Deleted, etc.

Approach #3: Delete All Emails in AOL Mailbox

In this, press and hold the Shift key from the start of the first email till the last email. This will select all the emails in a single go. After the emails are selected, hit the Delete button

“I had to free up some space from my AOL account by deleting multiple emails in AOL mailbox, as there were so many unwanted emails, which were loaded in my mailbox. Unfortunately, while deleting the emails, I also deleted one of the important emails. Also, there is no backup copy of that email. Please help!!!”

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Is Anything Went Wrong While Deleting Emails in AOL Mail?

It is pretty sure that after reading the above query, you might be nervous as the email with important data cannot be accessed any more! Hence, a user must delete multiple emails in AOL mailbox with utmost care, else you end up with the same user-scenario that is discussed above. So Readers, do not worry! As soon we’ll be introducing a reliable and trustworthy solution to delete all emails in AOL mailbox.

Here, comes the final solution!

Use SysTools AOL Backup to Delete Emails in AOL Mailbox

Now it becomes easy for the users to delete all emails in AOL mailbox by using AOL Backup tool. This tool is integrated with numerous advanced features that help every single individual. It does not require too much technical knowledge to perform. It provides multiple file formats options to save email from AOL Mail in PST. It provides Delete After Download option, wherein the tool automatically delete the emails from the Mail server, once the backup copy is made available to the user in the local system. This ensures to improve the storage space in the Mail server, also the user can easily access the deleted email if required in future from the backup copy that is saved in your local drive.

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Concluding Words

It is a common requirement among users to delete all emails in AOL mailbox. One can follow the aforesaid different approaches to delete multiple emails. If you feel the manual method is quite tiring while deleting bulk emails. In order to prevent such situation, use AOL Mail Archive tool which backup the data to the hard drive also deletes the emails from the Mail server.

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