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AOL backup

Size: 75.1 MB Version: 6.0

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AOL Mail Backup

AOL Backup software archives or downloads AOL emails from the AOL Mail to computer in multiple file formats namely PST/ MBOX/ EML/ MSG/ PDF. The backup files can be accessed with many desktop email clients like Thunderbird, MS Outlook, etc.

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  • Export AOL Emails to PST, MSG, EML, TXT, CSV, MBOX, HTML and PDF format
  • Provides facility to change the language for comfortable UI
  • Maintains data folders structure and hierarchy with original formats
    AOL Backup tool can “maintain folder structure” after downloading AOL emails in PST, MSG, EML, PDF, & MBOX file formats.
    after AOL emails export
  • Support to take backup of Single/Multiple User Accounts
  • Create Separate PDFs for every folder.
  • Offers Option to PRINT AOL Emails
  • Apply Date Filter for Date Range Based customized backup
  • Povided Delete After Download option to save space in server account
  • Options to Append, Pin & Save Attachments on Disk for PDF writer
  • Provides Options to assign Different File Names
  • Choice to Pause/Resume to manage Live Emails Backup process
  • Incremental Backup skips saving previously downloaded data
  • This tool is globally available as it supports multiple languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.
  • Support backup of multiple domains i.e.,,, Email Account
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS

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Detailed Features

Key Features of AOL Email Backup Tool


Archive AOL Emails

AOL Mail Backup Tool exports all folder or selective folder. The product has folder filter option that allows downloading all folders by default. It provides option to excluded or included any folder such as Inbox, Drafts, etc during downloading process.


Save Email to PC Using Filters

AOL Email Archive Software has the feature to export AOL emails using a Date range-based filter. One can provide the date range through which AOL emails to hard drive backup is to be done. Here users can also choose the required naming convention for the resulting file. The users can Pin, Append, & Save Attachments on Disk if required

Different Format

Store AOL Emails in Different Format

AOL Backup utility exports AOL emails into local storable file formats. This archiving software downloads AOL emails to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, TXT, CSV, HTML, and PDF file formats. This utility can also PRINT AOL emails to generate hard copy.

Pause Resume

Pause & Resume Options

AOL Mail Backup Tool have a feature to control the downloading process. It allows to halt the download process and then halt process can be restart after clicking “resume” button.


Delete after Download

The user can remove emails from the server account after downloading AOL emails to local drive. The “Delete After Download” option helps to remove the emails. It will clear space on cloud and maintain the drive clear for storing fresh data.

Multiple Account

Single/Multiple Account Backup

User can take th backup of emails from single or multiple AOL Mail accounts. The checkbox given below the login field, one can set AOL Email download application to remember all the entered credentials for auto-login.

Incremental Backup

Incremental Backup

AOL backup has incremental backup option through which the user can skip previously downloaded data in AOL account. This option provides enhancement to the backup process in AOL Mail.

UI Language

Support UI Language

The tool to archive AOL emails to Outlook has the option to change UI language. User can easily change the preferred language like German, Portuguese, French, etc.


How to Archive AOL Account by Using AOL Mail Backup?

Steps to Download AOL Mail into Outlook PST


AOL Mail Backup Product Video


Archive AOL Emails in Outlook

“I am using AOL Mail for few years, and my account is now containing 500+ emails. I want to know, how many emails can be downloaded in a single go?”
Ans: AOL Mail Backup Tool provides you to backup unlimited email from AOL single/multiple account. i.e., the tool has no file size limitation while it saves AOL emails to local drive.

“I have accounts in many email client applications like MS Outlook, AOL Mail etc. Now I need to export AOL emails to Outlook PST. Will this application support this facility?”
Ans: Yes, you can open AOL emails in Outlook because the AOL Email Backup Software provides you to Download in multiple file formats like MBOX, PST, MSG, PDF, MBOX, and EML files. So that you can easily access AOL emails with Outlook.

“My AOL Mail account is very old, and it contains a huge number of emails in it. I need to transfer some of my emails into Outlook account (all the emails during a conference period of one week). Will this utility can be used to save AOL emails to hard drive with Date Filtering option?”
Ans: Yes, AOL Mail Backup Tool provides you the facility of filter emails according to date. You can select required date range of emails for download.

“I started using SysTools AOL Backup software, but I have doubts regarding its options given. What is the exact function of ‘Delete after Download’ option?”
Ans: If the option 'Deleted After Download' is enabled while downloading, AOL Email Backup tool will permanently remove the backed up data from your AOL account after the completion of AOL emails downloading process.


Client Testimonials for AOL Mail Backup

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