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External Hard Drive not Ejected Properly – Troubleshoot the Issues

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On December 16th, 2021
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Sometimes, when someone accidentally unplugs his portable hard drive. Due to any issues, the external hard drive was not ejected properly. Then there is a high chance of losing all the files permanently. Checking the hard drive for any such data loss issue should be the first step whenever such a thing happens. To make it clear we will take on the user query below.

External Hard Drive not Ejected Properly – A User’s Query!

Last week, I had mistakenly unplugged my external hard drive without properly ejecting it. When some of my PowerPoint PPT presentation files that were inside that external hard disk drive were still being used on my MS Windows 7 OS computer system. Now, all of my data files, including those PPT presentations, text files, movie files, audio files, and all others are now completely lost. After that, I need to know that whether my hard drive has got corrupted, or damaged due to my rude drive ejection. What is happening now is that whenever I make an attempt towards accessing that drive on my system. I got a prompt message on my PC saying that your external drive will not format. Please let me know how can I recover data from a damaged external hard disk drive?

External Hard Drive not Ejected Properly

External Hard Drive Not Ejected Properly Windows 10 – Recovery Chances

In the above section, we have mentioned the user’s query, it is quite an evidence that the user’s external drive has possibly become logically corrupt. However, it is apparent that it might not be completely killed so far. Also, the probability of losing all the important data existing within the drive. When that external hard drive is ejected improperly might not be that high as you might be thinking.

Honestly speaking, as the user has not really done anything to his external hard disk yet, so damaged data, which users want to recover. There is still the possibility to recover deleted files from Seagate external hard drive with hard drive data recovery tool. But, before doing that, Users must firstly go and check the drive’s actual current state. For use of this utility, users can download and install the utility on any version of Windows OS.

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Reconnect the Drive to Computer for Checking Its State

Whenever a hard disk is ejected/removed/dropped out from any computer system without following the safely removing protocol. That is done by clicking “Safely Remove Hardware” and after that waiting patiently for the OK sign to appear on your screen. Then, its chances of driving corruption increase. But, this does not always mean that your hard drive is very seriously destroyed or damaged by this act of improper ejection.

In fact, as your hard drive is still getting recognized on your computer and asking you for formatting it. Then, it clearly shows that your hard drive is apparently logically damaged and can still be restored. So, nothing to panic as such! on “External Hard Drive not Ejected Properly” error. Also, the data files stored in it is also possible to be recover deleted partitions from hard disk data. So, first, reconnect your external hard disk to your system and check for its current state to evaluate the chances of recovery. To do this,

  • Open the drive
  • Open Properties interface
  • Or open computer Disk Management
  • See if the drive is listed there

Scan the Drive to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

Before formatting the drive, you have to rescue the data files lying in it like documents, video files, audio ones, and other information using a recovery tool. Which often performs a thorough scan of the drive for finding all original drive contents.


Run CHKDSK for Repairing the Drive After Formatting?

If you have a view that simply doing the external hard disk drive formatting is not enough in your case for eliminating all your fears and worries, then you can also run the CHKDSK command on this hard drive for checking its real state.


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Safely Remove the Drive-in Future

Once, you have experienced such an external hard disk data loss trouble caused due to an external hard drive not ejected properly. Then in the future, always remember to be very cautious and careful while you remove your hard drives from your computer. This precaution is not only for external hard disk drives but also for any SD cards, flash drives, Micro SD cards, CF cards, mobile phones, cameras, and other such storage devices as well. The only thing that you are required to do to be data-safe in future is to click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon before ejecting any device or external hard drive out from your machine.

Still, Having HDD Detection Issues?

If you have performed the above-mentioned steps to solve the hard disk detection issue. Then, You can try contacting some commercial service provider. You should prefer one of the leading companies for the matter of Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Provider. So that you can resolve External Hard Drive not Ejected Properly and its detection issues.

Final Words

After reading this blog hopefully, you have gotten the solution to solve the external hard drive not ejected properly issue. In this blog, we have provided you with simple tips and tricks to cure your data loss problems.

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