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How to Recover Deleted Partition from Hard Drive – 4 Reasons of Lost Partition

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Published On December 20th, 2021
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Are you searching for how to recover deleted partition from hard drive? If so then, no need to worry simply read this blog and know the ultimate solution to recover lost disk partitions from external hard drives. So, let’s begin the article.

The loss of a partition is not common as that of data loss. This is a very critical issue. When users lose their important data from hard drive partition. All data that had been saved into it. Most of the time all data gets lost forever.

However, there is no crucial data inside that missing partition. So users can comfortably solve the issue by forming a fresh new partition or sometimes even by repartitioning the drive. Though in most cases, this is not the actual problem.

Mostly, the partition that is lost has a lot of significant information and data. So the loss of it would surely cause enormous harm. In short, there are four main types of the situation of partition losses, which lead to different types of phenomena.

  • The partition loss case where the boot partition is actually lost
  • The case when all the partitions of the drive (FAT 8, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS) have gone missing or have been deleted
  • The situation when the boot partition only is left and all other partitions have gone missing
  • One or more than one partition (apart from the boot partition) has been lost from the HDD

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In the situations 1st and 2nd above, you might not be able to enter the Operating System successfully. While the computer boots, you tend to see either a blue screen or a black screen, and during that happen. The boot process might get stuck at some stage.

However, in situations 3rd and 4th, you would see the left partition or the hard drive partitions after successfully booting the system. Recover deleted partition from hard disk is a difficult assignment.  Since sometimes imperative partition data lost from external hard disk drive due to human slip-up.

Before recovering lost partition from external hard disk drive, the client needs to get the best possible learning about how to recover deleted partition from hard disk. On the off chance that you don’t know how to recover a lost partition on external hard drive, so I think you have to go data recovery expert.

Why Partitions Get Deleted or Lost or Missing from Hard Drive?

Sometimes, you might be well aware that your partition has been deleted because of accidentally or mistakenly pressing any wrong button. Sometimes, the missing partition unknowingly in some of the cases. So encountered and thus you do not possess any clue as to what might be the cause for this. This makes such partition loss issues tough to prevent. Some common causes of the partition loss issues are as follows:

  • Loss or Damage of the Partition Table:- Partition table is a crucial part of the HDD. Which is responsible for displaying the partitions. If the HDD’s partition table is damaged somehow, then the data inside it won’t be able to be read or written sequentially, thus causing non-operational issues. Such damage occurs due to malicious operations, software conflicts, power outages, hot-swap failures and virus attacks. Whatever the reason might be, you won’t be able to boot it into any other system successfully. Black or blue screen appears, suggesting that you cannot enter the Operating System for some reason.
  • Careless Operations:- As per a famous saying that – “Even Homer nods sometimes”, e all tend to make mistakes sometimes even when we think we are being careful enough. For example, a user opens the Disk Management utility in MS Windows, tries to manage the HDD, and unintentionally a volume gets deleted. After this instance, disk space originally allotted to the volume that has been deleted turns into unallocated space.
  • Virus Attacks or System Crash:- A partition gets easily deleted when any computer system gets infected with any viruses. The normal explanation would suggest that a system crash basically refers to that situation when your computer is not functionally normally as per the normal standards and/or crashing often. A system crash can happen anytime while shutting down the system abnormally or while upgrading the BIOS and installing programs mistakenly, which can, in turn, make the partitions disappear.

Recover Deleted Partition from Hard Drive

  • Bad Sectors or Bad Tracks:- Going by the physical composition, an HDD platter comprises multiple concentric circles, known as tracks; and every track is further divided into different sectors for data storage. If any sector cannot be read or written normally, then it usually becomes invalid, and therefore, its corresponding track is then known as the bad track. If any sector or track is physically damaged by any scratches or stains, then the whole drive would become dead..

how to recover lost partition from external hard disk drive

Note:- hard disk formatted by mistake

How to Recover Deleted Partition from Hard Drive with Reliable Solution

SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software has ability to recover deleted, corrupted and formatted partitions from hard drive. This tool has capability to recover normal deleted and shift deleted data from HFS+ partition on MAC OS file system. It supports multiple language like: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bangla, Dutch, Polish, French, Japanese, Chinese,  and Russian etc. This tool is capable enough to recover GPT and MBR partitions. Free download demo version of the application to check the working efficiency of the tool. After that users can decide to purchase the application.

Step to Recover Lost Partition from External Hard Disk Drive

  1. Download and install the utility on Windows OS

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  2. After that, utility provides two mode of file recovery Scan and Formatted Scan how to recover lost partition from external hard disk drive
  3. Now, application preview restored data from external hard disk drive how to recover deleted partition on external hard drive
  4. Finally, tool provides two option either save selected data or save all restored data files. Choose the folder and hit on Save button. how to recover deleted partition from hard disk

Final Verdict

In this write up we have discussed how to recover deleted partition from hard disk. Here we have mentioned the reasons behind partition data loss. We have also mentioned automated solution to recover lost partition from external hard disk drive. Now its your turn take decision wisely.

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