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Know About the Difference Between Google Drive and OneDrive

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Published On July 18th, 2018
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The two of the biggest names in the field of cloud-storage devices are Google Drive and OneDrive. Each one of them equips the user to free up the hard drive storage by saving the files and documents in the cloud storage space. Also, both of these applications offer some amazing features. In spite of so many resemblances, a lot of differences also exist. The post gives a detailed description of both the services and the key difference between Google Drive and OneDrive.

Know More about Google Drive!!


Google Drive is a service developed by Google for file storage and synchronization. It permits users to save their files on the servers, sync files and folders across multiple devices, and share files with other users. Google Drive encloses Google Docs, Sheets, PowerPoint. It consists of a complete package that facilitates a user to edit the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawing, and more. One can easily migrate Google drive data efficiently to another Google Drive account by using efficient applications available in the digital market like Google Drive Migration tool.


  • Capacity: With Google, people get 15 GB of storage for free. Google also permits its users to increase this limit. The extra storage space, which a user will buy can be permanent or a temporary service. This storage space will be shared by Google Drive, Photos, Gmail. So, it clearly means that this memory is not enough. Especially, if there is Gmail, it will occupy much of the space.
  • Setup: Downloading and installing Windows client in Google Drive is unimportant. A user needs to build the location of the folder that is fixed to sync with the specific client. It is a basic methodology for their storage service providers. A user can open, modify, save, and upload the files to G Drive.
  • Compatibility: A user can access Google Drive via Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.
  • File Sharing: A user can share both files and folders using Google Drive. All a user needs to do is right-click the desired file and folder, and select the option of either Share or get shareable link.
  • If an option of “Get shareable link” is selected, it will copy the link location to the clipboard. While the option of Share will enable a user to email that links to the particular individuals and some other permissions like read-only and disabling downloads.
  • The G Drive file links can be shared automatically to Gmail, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.
  • This is all about Google Drive. To know the difference between Google Drive and OneDrive, now we need to explore the features and specifications of OneDrive in detail. Go through the below-given section to know more about OneDrive.

Now Understand What is OneDrive!!


OneDrive is the name given to the cloud services of Microsoft. It enables users to save and exchange data online. Microsoft users can avail this service anytime to save the files from the OneDrive website. For the past few years, cloud services have grown to a considerable extent. That is the reason OneDrive has opted for many services.

There are two types of OneDrive:

  1. Personal OneDrive
  2. OneDrive for Business


  • Capacity: Microsoft offers only 5 GB of storage space. Even this free space is only for personal use. With the personal OneDrive account, the extra storage is added in the form of referral bonus.
  • Setup: Downloading and installing Windows client in Microsoft OneDrive is irrelevant. A user needs to build the location of the folder that is fixed to sync with the specific client. It is a basic methodology for their storage service providers. A user can open, modify, save, and upload the files to OneDrive.
  • Compatibility: Other than Microsoft Windows, OneDrive is supported on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, and available through a Web browser.
  • File Sharing: To share any folder or a file, right-click on it and select the option of Share from the list of the menu. A link will be created, which will be pointing to the folder. A user can copy this link and share this manually or email to the people who are allowed to access that file. OneDrive also facilitates the users to share links to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo (a Chinese social media application).
  • A user can also command editing on or off a link and apply an expiry date for a link. After this date, the link will stop functioning.
  • To review the content that is shared, a user can click on the “shared” link present on the left-hand side pane of the OneDrive screen.

Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive

Now we understood the major difference and similarities in Google Drive and OneDrive. Both are important cloud data storage device options available today. So from the comparison given in the above section, you might have properly understood the difference between them. If you find OneDrive is more efficient according to your needs and necessities, then it is easily possible to migrate Google drive to OneDrive without any data loss.

The Bottom Line

Google Drive and OneDrive are the cloud-based storage devices offered by Google and Microsoft respectively. It is really difficult to choose between these two platforms. The write-up explains their basic features and the differences between Google Drive and OneDrive. So that it becomes a bit easy for a user to go to a specific platform.

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