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Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool

This software can migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for business effortlessly in MS Windows and Linux Operating System. Also, you can migrate multiple data from Google Drive to OneDrive without losing single bit of data.

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  • Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business in bulk with accuracy
  • Easily move password-protected document files to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Efficiency to maintain complete folder hierarchy, and data structure
  • Tool grants three types of permissions: Read, Write and Comment
  • Provides options for Date & File type filter to migrate selective data
  • Supports Delta and concurrent migration of the Google Drive
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Server 2012 / 2016 and Linux OS

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Detailed Features

Speciality of Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool

Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive in Bulk

An advance tool which allows to move G Drive files to OneDrive for business purposes. You can easily move all elements like PDF, archive files, documents, images from Google Drive to OneDrive account in an efficient manner.

2 Filters to Migrate Selected Data

Two unique filters are provided by Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive application: Date-Filter: Permits you to move data only of a specific date. File Type Filters: You can select file of any particular type in which you want to move the files.

Enables Pause and Resume Option

As the conversion starts, the tool will display migration process window on the screen. If you want to stop the ongoing migration and then restart from the time it stopped, Google Drive Migration tool enables you to do so in a trouble-free manner.

Folder Hierarchy is Maintained

This tool is smart enough to maintain the hierarchy of the folder(s) after moving documents from Google Drive to SkyDrive (OneDrive). This means you will receive the moved data in the same format as it was before initiating the migration process.

Run Whole Process Again

Once the process to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive is completed, it can be performed again by using this feature, like Failed Data Items, Re-Run Complete Process, and Delta Migration. The data items which has arrived in the same Drive recently, can be only selected and moved from G Drive to OneDrive.

Simultaneously Migrate Files

By enabling this option from Settings screen, users can move data of multiple user accounts. It can move files or folders from multiple users at once. It ensures that data of no user accounts will be lost in between the process. It sets the limit for maximum number of user accounts that be moved concurrently.


Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive - Simple Steps


Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool Product Video


What Users Ask While Migrating Google Drive to OneDrive?

  1. Run the Google Drive to OneDrive migration tool.
  2. Choose the documents.
  3. Enter the destination account details.
  4. Successfully migrate Google Drive data.

The date filtering options can be effortlessly applied to all the data.

Yes, this G Drive to OneDrive Migration tool for Business provides you the option to maintain the structure while you move Google Drive documents to OneDrive account.


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