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Outlook PST Consolidation tool is built to combine data files together to generate a common storage for manageability. The application supports both the variants of PST, ANSI and Unicode while generating an output in Unicode PST for larger storage capacity.

  • Combine multiple MS Outlook data files into one PST file
  • Merge contacts separately from address book of multiple PST
  • Divide Large size merged PST File into smaller size files
  • PST Merger Utility has no imposes any file size limitation
  • Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook PST Consolidation Utility supports Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 versions for joining various small PST files together.
    Data File Variants Supported: ANSI and Unicode PST
  • PST Merger Utility has no imposes any file size limitation
  • PST merge Tool operates on MS Windows
    Merge PST Aplication supports MS Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit) versions to combine Outlook PST files into one single file.
    10 & all below versions
  • Discard Duplicates while Merging PST files together Process

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PST Merge Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of Outlook PST Merging Tool

Detailed Features to PST Consolidation Tool

Merge Multiple PST Files

Merge Multiple PST Files

Multiple Outlook Data Files can be merged together using this Outlook PST file combiner software. The application is built to render the easiest way of combining the data of a multitude of PST files into a common output for an easily manageable storage.

Join and merge PST Files into One PST

Options to Combine PST Files

The PST Merge Tool features multiple modes for combining PST files, which includes; Join and Merge PST. Users can either combine common folders of PST using Merge PST or combine all files under individual folders within a common data file using Join PST.

Combine Outlook PST contacts

Merge Outlook Contacts

This very option is provided for merging the contacts only from various .pst files processed using the product. The PST Merge Software features ‘Contacts Only’ combine option besides the other two options for specific requirements. The product allows the user to join only contacts.

Unlimited Outlook Data merging

Unlimited Data Merging

There is no size limitation imposed on the quantity of data to be merged using PST file combiner utility. Users can merge a total of five or fifty PST files and the PST files Combine software performance won’t be affected by the quantity. There is no limit on the size or quantity of PST files.

PST file Consolidation Tool

PST Variants Supported

Outlook generates its data file in two different variants and the PST merge Tool supports both equally. Consolidating of Outlook PST files, ANSI formatted or Unicode formatted remains the same for the software. No compatibility issue will be surfaced with this reason.

Customize PST Consolidation

Customized PST Consolidation

When it combine PST files, you can further customize the process according to enhance the procedure of merging PST data. Users can exclude either Deleted Items folder or Duplicate Items from being merged, or both while merging PST files. It also joins or combines all folders of multiple PST files.

How to Merge Multiple Outlook PST files into One?

Steps to Join Various Outlook PST Files using the PST Merge Tool
Watch Live Steps of Outlook PST Merge Tool
Outlook PST Merge Software Related FAQ's
" I am in need of moving more than just a couple of emails from two of the Outlook 2010 profiles I maintain into an old archive. However, the archive seems to be filling up and won’t be able to add up any more data. What to do?"
Ans: In order to combine the data from multiple Outlook 2016, 2010, 2013 profiles into a common data file, you need to use PST Merge Tool. Moving data manually would be a tiresome job if considered
“On trying to combine the contents of my Outlook 2007 profiles via drag and drop, I stumble upon a warning from Windows. The warning states that the target folder stands a high chance of being replaced when dragging and dropping a folder upon it instead of Combining the contents of both the files. This was my only hope, how to Join Outlook PST file into one other than this?”
Ans: Instead of going the long way, you can always choose to download and install the PST Consolidation Software. This application is the finest of its category in the industry that enables to combine multiple PST files together without having to do more than just commanding the application to perform the procedure.
“I tried dragging and dropping email folder from one PST to another for combining the files in my Outlook 2013 account. However, this method is nowhere near to being convenient. I have a large number of files and folders to be merged from more than 3 PST files. Doing this is making it complicated. Is there a way to consolidate PST file into one PST file without having to go through all this complication?”
Ans: The best way to combine the data of multiple PST files is to use the PST Merge Tool. The application is one of the best multiple PST file combiners that simplifies the procedure by allowing you to combine PST files in batch or via individual selection.
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