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Zoho Mail Not Forwarding To Gmail – Resolving the Problem

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On December 2nd, 2017
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The world is going very technical, so the mediums of communications are also changing. In today’s scenario, everyone needs to communicate with each other for exchanging their information. There are a bulk of mailing platforms for the same purpose available till today’s date and one such is Zoho mail. This program offers the mixture of minimal interface with powerful features for business as well as professional purpose. No application is perfect and same thing applies to this program. While sending an email, users encounter a problem i.e., ‘Zoho mail not forwarding to Gmail account’. This issue is common between the enterprise users who are utilizing Zoho email client on the regular basis.

Before going detailed on topic, let us familiarize a third party tool to backup Zoho Mail to PST, MBOX format before finding a manual solution to resolve this error. Because archived emails in .mbox format can be easily imported into Gmail account.

Comparison Between Zoho Mail and Gmail: Just An Overview

Gmail and Zoho Mail both email services are equally used cloud applications by users. Most of the offers are similar to them but, Gmail has a wide professional environment if we compare it with Zoho Mail. Zoho mailing service does not allow to access emails over Androids and Windows cell phones, while Gmail does. Mobile is an easy carrying device and everyone wants to access everything from it. Because of this disability of Zoho Mail, users prefer to use Gmail service more. Today, there are so many users who face problem while forwarding emails from Zoho Mail to Gmail. Therefore here, we are helping those users in troubleshooting this problem in the shortest time period.

Measures to Fix ‘Zoho Mail Not Forwarding To Gmail’ Error

In this article, we are providing perfect and lossless solutions to import Zoho Mail to Gmail account without any error. These are manual and free measures to be applied in the way they are illustrated here. You have to follow each step sequentially to get rid of such error in this situation.

Step 1: Zoho Mail Account Setting

  1. Log in to your Zoho email account
  2. Then go to Zoho settings icon, which is located at the top right-hand side of the screen.
    zoho to gmail 

  4. Several account settings option will appear in which you have to click on Email forwarding and POP/IMAP.
    zoho mail emails into gmail imap 

  6. If the IMAP status is ‘disable’ then, activate ‘enable’ radio button. Else keep the settings of account same as they are.
    imap setting 

  8. Learn all the IMAP Configuration details, while you are enabling IMAP access.

At this moment, you are all done with Zoho account settings. Now you can link Zoho to Gmail to migrate emails. This will help you to resolve the error ‘Zoho mail not forwarding to Gmail account’ while moving your emails from the mailbox.

Step 2: Adding Zoho Mail to Gmail Application

  1. Log in to your Gmail account in which you want to transfer your Zoho email.
  2. Go to Settings icon and hit Settings option in that menu list.
    zoho emails 

  4. In the new opened Settings window, click on Account and Import tab.
  5. Inside of its various choices hit the Add another email address option.
    zoho mail not forwarding

  7. A new account adding window is opened. Enter Zoho account’s username and its email address their respective fields.
    account credentials

  9. After entering credentials, uncheck the checkbox of Treat as an alias and click on Next Step box. These steps will proceed in resolving ‘Zoho mail not forwarding to Gmail’ problem easily.

Step 3: Collect the Confirmation Link For Forwarding

  1. Open a new browser tab and again log in to your Zoho account.
  2. Go to Inbox folder of the account and there you’ll find a confirmation email, which you have to open.
    pop imap setting

  4. There is a Confirmation link inside it, click on that because of giving admin permission to Zoho for performing this operation.
  5. After clicking, you are permitted to send emails from Gmail, which have Zoho account. Still, the user isn’t authorized for receiving those emails, which you used to send to your Zoho account in Gmail.

Step 4: Email Forward Option Enabling In Zoho Mail

  1. Go to Zoho email account and click on Settings button.
  2. In this options screen, click on Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> Add Email Address.
    email address

  4. In this window enter your Gmail account in which you want to transfer Zoho mails and then, click on Add.
    transfer zoho mails

  6. Come back to Gmail email account where you again have to give confirmation. This is required for authentication verification purpose. Go to inbox and open the recently received Confirmation mail and in which it is written that you are comfortable with forwarding email from Zoho to Gmail.
  7. Now, click on the link to allow Zoho Mail to forward emails to Gmail account and click on Confirm.
    add emails to zoho account

These steps will help users to receive Zoho emails in Gmail automatically. When a user replies any Zoho mail, then the replied mail will get auto-send by Zoho account. Here ‘Zoho Mail not forwarding to Gmail’ issue is resolved effectively.

Step 5: Setting Zoho Account as Default in Gmail

Following 2 approaches are for sending new messages from Gmail account, which is posted on the behalf of Zoho business email account:

  • Option Method: In the new compose email message, choose Zoho business account address from the menu of ‘From’.
  • Default Method: The below-given steps are the confirmation approaches to ‘default send new messages from business account’.
  1. Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Go to the Settings icon, situated at the upper-right sided of screen
  3. Hit on the Account and Import tab to continue
  4. Choose your Zoho email account and click on Make Default
    make default

Now by default, one will be able to send messages from their Zoho account even without adding Zoho Mail to Gmail account.

Cons of Manual Method for Zoho Gmail Sync

  • Entering wrong commands may cause high data loss
  • Longtime taking procedure to fix the problem
  • Not suitable for non-technical persons

Summing Up

Now, users will definitely able to fix ‘Zoho Mail not forwarding to Gmail account’ problem. If they face any issue then, they can utilize Zoho Mailbox Backup software to troubleshoot the issue. This will download messages in MBOX format locally, which later on can be uploaded to Gmail via Google takeout utility.

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