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zoho backup tool

Size: 25.1 MB Version: 6.0

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Zoho Backup Tool

This tool facilitates users with archiving of every piece of important data, which is available in the account. It effortlessly downloads emails from Zoho to local machine. It provides option to ‘Delete after download’ option to free your Zoho mailbox space.

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  • Creates backup of Zoho Mail to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and MBOX
  • Backup Zoho Inbox, Drafts, Trash , and all other email folders
  • Delete after download option to remove files from Zoho Mail
  • Option to filter out the unwanted data items to save time
  • Advanced Pause and Resume option available for Zoho Mail backup
  • Advanced feature to Export Attachments to Disk for PDF writer
  • Backup single user account as well as Zoho small business account
  • Provides Incremental Backup option to transfer new Zoho emails
  • This tool is globally available as it supports multiple languages
  • Needs Internet connection for smooth archiving of Zoho Mail

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Detailed Features

Advanced Features of Zoho Backup Tool

Backup Zoho Mailbox Items

The Zoho Mail backup tool renders users with facility to archive each and every mailbox of the Zoho account. Users will be able to download all email folders like Inbox, draft, sent, trash, etc., simultaneously with help of this product. It creates an individual file for each folder in the selected file format.

Individual Zoho Mail Account Backup

This tool has equipping feature of exporting items from Zoho account. Users just need to enter the valid id and password of their account and in just few minutes, they will get backup file in their local system. Users can open this exported file in its supportive email clients to fulfill their needs.

Zoho Export Emails in Different Formats

The software provides multiple file saving options like PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF. You can easily take backup of all the emails into multiple file formats. Also, this software supports many file formats to take bulk backup of Zoho emails. Users can resultant Zoho emails to Outlook in case of PST, and respective applications in other email applications.

Provides Selective Data Filtering

It is not at all important to download all the mailboxes of the Zoho account. Zoho backup software is designed with a useful feature of discarding the unwanted data items and hence, only exporting required things. One needs to check the check boxes of only those mailboxes, which want to be downloaded from Zoho Mail

Pause and Resume Backup Process

In case of the poor internet connection, users faces interruption in downloading data from the server. Therefore, to prevent procedure from getting started from beginning, the tool renders Pause and Resume button to be prevented from such problem. This will allow users to regain the procedure from where it left.

Holds Mailboxes Folder Structure

Zoho email backup tool is originated with a set of high-tech algorithms, which does not harms the current structure of email folders. No matter how much folders or sub-folders are available in the Zoho account, utility will maintain hierarchy throughout the process.

Delete Items After Downloading

This option is the main reason behind making the Zoho backup software one of the best product. The feature enables an automatic cleaning of downloaded data from the server and hence, freeing up of waste storage space. The tool also offers an option to customize internet bandwidth for more ease.

Zoho Small Business Mail Backup

The Zoho backup software is also able to smoothly backup Zoho business account. This is the most effective and and helpful utility that can perform Zoho Mail Business Backup in seconds. The best thing about this software is that during the process of backing up Zoho emails, no Zoho mail credentials are stored in any of our databases.

Incremental Backup

To save your valuable time and effort, Zoho Email Backup software offers the option of incremental backup. This function allows the user to save new Zoho emails on the local hard drive. The second time, you can only back up the Zoho emails that were not previously downloaded. Now the user no longer has to download older Zoho mailbox data.

Supports Windows OS Versions

This software is perfect for all the Windows OS users. You can easily backup Zoho emails into Windows operating system. Also, it can easily work in all the previous and latest versions of the Windows OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all the above versions.


How to Backup Zoho Emails with Attachments in Simple Steps?


Zoho Mail Backup Tool Product Video


What Users Asks When Take Backup of Zoho Emails

  1. Run Zoho Mail Backup tool.
  2. Choose any file format.
  3. Select required data
  4. Get the final result.

No, the Zoho email backup tool provides a simple and easy interface to work with it. Each and every module of the product is explained in such a simple way that it will help you in attempting the backup procedure in an easy way.

You can safely move Zoho account data. Because our application nowhere archives user id and password of your Zoho account. The entire procedure is carried out under a safe and secure environment without revealing of any confidential items.


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