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This is How You Can Unsecure a Secured PDF File on Mac & Windows

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I recently received many PDF reports from my boss and it’s purely secured. Also, I am using MAC OS X. When I tried to print them, I had found that the “print” icon is disabled. Can anyone help me to deal with this problem and how to enable print option in PDF document? I really need to print these reports to submit by today. Please suggest a fast and quick way to unsecure a (secured) portable document format (PDF) file on MAC OS.

Adobe Reader is well-known document reader software which is platform independent and free for viewing the document in Window, MAC, Linux etc. PDF(Portable Document Format) has various advantages such as easy sharing for files, compatible, secured. But sometimes this security cause trouble just like in above-mentioned query. However, PDF allows the digital documents to be secured via passwords and permissions which increase its authenticity.

Quick Tip: Use PDF Security Password Unlocker, comes with easy steps to unsecure a (secured) portable document format (PDF) file. This professional software can remove secure option in PDF document in a just few clicks.


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Methods to Remove Security Lock on PDF File

To attain legality some restrictions are imposed on the PDF documents. There are some quick hacks or methods to change permission for the locked files.

#Method  1- Using Google Chrome Web Browser

For this, you need a web browser it can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge. It’s a simple hack to remove restrictions from PDF document. It’s not known to everyone, so here are the steps to unsecure a secured PDF file:

Tip: It works the same for every browser.

Step 1- Open the PDF file in Chrome Browser.
Step 2- Now a dialogue box will open, it will ask you to enter the password for the document. Type the correct password otherwise, it won’t move to the next step. Click to “OK”.

add pswd

Step 3- Press the “Ctrl + p” from the keyboard, it will open the printing settings. In this, no need to enable the print option, instead of printing use this easy trick.

Alert: If the print option is disabled then this method will not work.

Step 4- In this step, you can see the multiple options in your left panel below the print option. Go to destination option row where you see a “Change” option. Click to “Change”.


Step 5- Here, you see options for your destination for the file. Go to the left-bottom and select “Save as PDF” from a local destination.

save as pdf

Step 6- Now hit the “Save” button. The file has been saved in PDF format.

click on save

When you open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader it won’t ask you for the password as well as you can go to File>>Document Properties>>Security and view the permissions associated with the PDF document.


Limitation: It won’t work for a group of folders, it’s only feasible for a single file. If user wants to remove security lock on PDF file in bulk. Then, this manual approach can’t be used. Unlocking each file one by one is time-consuming as well. Also, it works when the “Print” option is enabled.

What if the “Print” option is Disabled?

Here are some methods which will work when this happens.

#Method 2- Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is a tool or utility provided by Adobe for both Windows, MAC OS. Most of the users are using this updated version. In this, users need the password for the 1 step authentication as above method. This can be used when “Print” option is disabled but it is needed that the user should know the permission password. Unlike, the above method which only works When PDF has enabled the “Print” option in the permission settings.

Limitation: It doesn’t remove security lock on PDF file in batches. Moreover, it is quite expensive as compared to other utilities.

#Method 3- Preview

This is inbuilt utility provided by MAC OS X to view PDF documents. This Preview application can also be used to unsecure a (secured) portable document format (PDF) file. By using this application users can remove secure option in PDF document. This can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1- Open the PDF document by Preview


Step 2- Now, it will ask for a password because it is encrypted by passkey. Type the correct password.

enter the password

Step 3- To remove owner-level permissions. Go to File menu located in the left of the top panel. Then select “Save” from the drop-down.


Step 4- Here, choose “Password-Free” in save as. Also, can change the location for this PDF file. Then hit “Save” button located in below.

password free pdf

Disadvantage: It doesn’t support the above function in batches.

#Method 4- Utility

Undoubtedly, this PDF Unlocker utility provides an incredible solution to this issue. It allows you to unlock multiple PDF files at once. With this, you remove secure option from PDF files in bulk. It disables all the restrictions like printing, copying, commenting etc. applied in the PDF. This has an easy procedure for both password unlocking and disabling restrictions.

Steps to Unsecure a Secured PDF file

Step 1- First launch the utility in the system. Here, select “Add Files” or “Add Folders” as per convenience from right panel to add the files. Click to “Next”. This is common for both password unlocking and disabling permissions.

add files

Step 2- After choosing the folders, enter the password carefully. And click to “Next”.

add password

Step 3- Here, on your right, you can select “Change” to change the destination of the PDF files. Also, here the status is pending.

click change

Step 4: Hit the “Unlock” button to proceed further. Now the status is changed to completed. Click to “OK”.

Unsecure a Secured PDF

Step 5- Select “View Report”.

Step 6- It shows the exported unlocked files.

Final Words

Hopefully, above explained tricks and methods are worthy to unsecure a (secured) portable document format (pdf) file. Also, above-mentioned approaches provide a solution to any issue related to the bank statement or salary slips, confidential information for unlocking. Consequently, #method 4 eliminates the limitations of other methods and remove security lock on PDF files in batch. But it’s wise to discover it by yourself.

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