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Migrate Google Docs to Office 365 – Top 4 Solutions

Deepa Pandey | Modified: December 1st, 2021 | Google | 5 Minutes Reading

Are you also looking for an answer on how to migrate Google Docs to Office 365? Well. Do not lose hope as the solution is very straightforward. The post deals with reliable and easy solutions on how to convert Google Docs to Office 365.

Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other Google Apps are saved in the file format of Google itself. But, these files and documents can be easily downloaded into the hard drive as Microsoft Office files, whether a single file or complete Google Docs library.

G Suite to Office 365

In case, a user makes use of Google Drive to get documents or files to Mac or PC, the .gdoc files will appear as a link to the Google Docs website. If it is needed to download them as the original file, which can be easily modified by MS Office, the write-up explains the detailed procedure for that.

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1 Reasons for Google Docs Migration
2 Various Techniques for G Suite Docs Conversion
3 Download a Single or Multiple File
4 Download File from the Editor
5 Download Google Docs Files
5 Limitations of the Manual Approach
6 Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator Tool
7 Final Words

Reasons to Move From Google Docs to Office 365

The most important advantage of Google Docs is the data is stored in a cloud-based storage space. This enables the user to access the data anytime, anywhere. But, this advantage was not in the highlights for a long time as Microsoft added the same feature to Office 365, which is a cloud-based Microsoft suite. Some of the extra functionalities offered by Exchange Online are:

  • A better price-performance ratio of O365 as compared to Google Apps
  • A combination of OneDrive, SharePoint, and in-place file recovery option
  • The Exchange Online works perfectly well on iOS and Mac devices
Archive Google Apps Data
For more safety of data, save Google Apps data locally for more safety using the best G Suite Backup software available in the market

Techniques to migrate Google Docs to Office 365

Explore various techniques to convert Google Apps Docs into Microsft Office 365 account efficiently. Go through the various methods available.

1. Download a Single or Multiple Files From Google Drive

  1. Launch the Google Drive website and log in to your Google account
  2. Select the file that is to be downloaded. Also, multiple files can be selected at once by pressing Ctrl key (or Cmd key on a Mac machine)
  3. After that, right-click on the selected documents, or go to the menu from the top right-hand side of the Google Drive page
  4. Choose the option of “Download” from there
  5. The browser will automatically download the files in MS Office formats, such as .docx for documents, .pptx for presentations, and .xlsx for spreadsheets. In case, multiple files are selected, the browser will save a single .zip file which will contain all the selected documents in MS Office format.

2. Download File from the Editor to Migrate Google Apps to Office 365

A document can also be converted to Microsoft Office file format while editing it. To do so, follow the given steps:

  1. Open the required document in the convenient editor. This can be done by double-clicking the .gdoc file on the local system if it is synced with Google Drive
  2. Go to File menu, choose Download As and then, select Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel as per your need
  3. The browser will save the file on the computer
  4. These saved documents can be transferred to other formats like PDF, plain text, rich text, OpenDocument

3. Download Google Docs Files as Office 365 Documents

To export Google Apps to Office 365, move to Google Takeout site. Generally, Google Takeout migrates complete data from several Google services. To avoid this, click on Select None present at the top of the page.

  1. Scroll down the page and activate Drive option. You can hit on the arrow to view extra details. By default, Google Takeout will transfer every document or file in G Drive and converts all data into MS Office format.
  2. Click on Next located at the bottom of the page and then, select the option of Create Archive. By doing this, Google will generate an archive of all the files and gives a download link.

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Limitations of the Manual Approach

The manual method explained above is an easy approach to migrate Google Docs to Office 365, but there are some drawbacks of using this methodology, which is listed as follows:

  • Every step is to be done by a user, hence, making it a very time-consuming process
  • If a user did any mistake while transferring the files, the data can be lost
  • Technical expertise regarding Google Apps and Office 365 is required

4. Alternative Approach- Use an Automated Tool

To rectify all the problems encountered while using the workaround solution, a user can use a professional solution to migrate G Suite to Office 365. According to the technical experts, it is the master solution to move from Google Docs to Office 365 account. It is easy to use the product, which produces effective results in a short duration of time.

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Know how the software convert Google docs to Office 365 as follows:

  • Run the tool and select “G Suite” and “Office 365” respectively.
  • Select “Documents” from the workload selection and click the Next button
  • Validate both the G Suite and Office 365 accounts
  • Import the user list whose drive docs you want to move to O365
  • Finally, click on the “Start Migration” button to start migrating Google Workspace docs to Office 365.

Time to Wrap Up

Office 365 offers many advantages over Google documents. Due to this, the need to migrate Google Docs to Office 365 arises. The write-up explains a manual as well as an automated approach to convert files and documents from Google Apps to Exchange Online account. Any method can be chosen according to the requirements of users.

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