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PST Import Stuck on Analysis in Progress? Resolve the 0% Error

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On January 4th, 2024
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During any PST data migration scenario, no admin wants to see the alert of PST import stuck on analysis in progress. However, sometimes, due to no fault of their own, they have to deal with it nonetheless. As there are multiple steps within the manual methods of PST import, the risk of such errors increases exponentially.

This stuck-at-0% error is encountered most commonly when organizations choose to use the Network upload method of PST file transfer. Before we can resolve the problem, let’s look at why this issue came up in the first place. This preventive action reduces the chance of this error occurring in the near future.

What can Cause PST Import Stuck on Analysis in Progress Explained?

This issue arises due to a wide variety of reasons. The main factor common in all the below-mentioned situations is that in every single one of them, Office 365 cloud platform is unable to correctly process the files. For an in-depth situation-wise analysis, go through the below-mentioned points:

Source-side corruption within the PST files leads to them being stuck during the import job. This is further amplified if the PST files were from an old Outlook desktop client. Additionally, as the manual method does no prior checks on the PST files the broken ones can slip through easily and cause the process to stop midway.

Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge or training, the person responsible for the uploading of files may not be able to configure all manual settings correctly. Leading to the import process being stuck in a loading state indefinitely. Moreover, the network upload method already has enough complications of its own. This is evident from the fact that even experienced admins can make such a mistake.

Lack of permissions is another reason why your Office 365 PST import in progress is stuck. The built-in security parameter that prevents unauthorized users from uploading PST files onto the cloud may stop you too if you don’t have the

One misconception that many admins share is that if they start many import processes simultaneously, at least one of them will complete. However, in practice instead of solving the issue, it has the opposite effect. As the network is now under more load, the chance that import will start and complete on time becomes slim to none.

Users who have reported this issue often cite poor network availability as a major cause. The network in itself may not directly contribute to your PST files being stuck. However, if another bandwidth-demanding task is using the same network in parallel the PST files may not get uploaded in time or even get stuck.

Handson Fixes for Office 365 PST Import Stuck at 0%

First of all, make sure the person assigned the job has the necessary training and adequate permissions. For configuring the permissions admins can

login to the Admin Center >> go to Roles >> Admin Roles >> assign the Import Export role

Delete the previous request and restart the PST import again. If this doesn’t work then users might have to look for alternative ways to import PST files into Office 365.

If permission-level issues are not the reason, check the PST files themselves. There is a high probability that a subset of PST files are broken, and hence the manual method fails. One option is to only upload the undamaged PST files. Otherwise, admins can first report the affected PST files and then reschedule the import request. Users may wish to use the ScanPST.exe utility; however, its reliability in such scenarios is questionable. Given the fact that it is prone to being stuck on Phase 7.

Ensuring adequate network availability is the job of the admin. In order to achieve a hurdle-free import admins must make an organization-wide announcement requiring the network to be free from any other heavy demands on the day of upload.

Removing password protection temporarily from PST files and reducing the average PST file size are a few other best practices that admins should follow. None of these solutions are sufficient. The manual method itself is problematic. The only real way is to skip over the manual upload method, so admins can use the utility explained ahead.

Eliminate PST Import Stuck on Analysis in Progress Entirely

The SysTools Office 365 import tool that every IT needs if they don’t want such petty issues to disturb their workflow. It is a tool that has proven its worth in real-life PST import scenarios and that too without any errors. From ease of use to speedy delivery of Portable Storage Table, the tool leaves no gaps in itsperformance.

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Not only this but the tool outperforms the competition regardless of the workload requirements be it 10 users or 10,000. Get the trial version and find out how to bring PST files into the cloud without them being stuck in between.

Steps to Upload PST Files Without Getting “ Stuck on Analysis” Delays

Step 1. Launch the tool on your machine >> Select Outlook (PST) as the origin >> Pick Office 365 as the destination.

Step 2. Scroll to the workload section to pick emails, contacts, and calendars. You can choose any combination of the workloads at your convenience.

Step 3. After workload selection, the date filter option is open. Use it to assign a starting and end date to pull and place PST files in the cloud.

Step 4. The tool takes you to the source tab. Here, you need to select the PST file path. Once selected, hit the validate button so that the tool confirms the location. Press Next to move ahead.

Step 5. In the destination tab, you need to type the admin credentials (email ID) and enter the self-generated application ID. Once you validate the information, press Next.

Step 6. Then, go to the mapping selection screen. Here, choose the most appropriate option out of Fetch, Import, and Download, and complete the endpoint linking.

Step 7. Once the user list is available on the preview screen, Select >> Prioritize (optional) and validate.

Step 8. After the final validation, click on the Start Import button. A popup appears, and you need to hit the Start button.

These simple steps are not the only reason to use the tool; the robust feature set that comes with it makes the tool irreplaceable.

Why Use a Professional Tool for Importing PST Files?

Apart from completely denying the error of PST import stuck on analysis in progress ever popping up on your screen again, the tool also has the following features:

  • Simplified workload selection screen for easy endpoint selection
  • Date filter feature to define a timeline for the import job.
  • Provision for bulk import of multiple PST files simultaneously
  • Use of Admin Credentials to eliminate individual password requirements.
  • Priority setting option before migration to move the most important data first
  • 3 user mapping methods to link and upload the user data inside PST files.
  • User selection column to pick and choose the users who are to be moved and who are to be left.
  • Admins get an unlimited number of retries on the same set of users without any need for reconfiguration.


So now users have the tool with which they no longer have to deal with the issue of PST import stuck on analysis in progress any time soon. In the course of our discussion, we covered all the possible answers that caused this error. Moreover, we went over the necessary checks to be made so that this problem ends once and for all. However, the only way to guarantee that all the PST files will get to their assigned location securely is to use the professional utility explained earlier.


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