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How to Efficiently Import PST to Office 365 In Less Then 10 Steps?

Deepa Pandey | Modified: June 22nd, 2020 | How to, Office 365 | 5 Minutes Reading

If you have finally decided to switch over to Office 365 platform, then probably trying to import PST to Office 365 account also. Although, the idea of an empty mailbox sounds interesting, however, what if in case you require your old emails and other items. It’s become quite troublesome for a new Office 365 user to get a grasp over Admin Center working and import a PST file into user accounts.

If you are an expert or have experience of Office 365 then, yeah, Network upload is a good option. However, being a newbie to Office 365, you shouldn’t take risks while importing PST data to Office 365. There are other ways to import PST files into Office 365 such as using Outlook and Automated tool.

Method #1: Import PST Files to Office 365 User Account Simultaneously

The only way other than Network upload for importing multiple PST files into Office 365 user accounts is by using an automated tool. The most feature-rich solution for bulk import PST to Office 365 is by using SysTools Office 365 Import Tool. The automated tool not only allows to import multiple PST files but also filters the data of the PST file while importing it into Office 365 user account.

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Steps to Import PST files to Office 365 in bulk:

1. First, Download the Office 365 import tool and launch it on your machine.


2. Click on ‘Is Admin’ if you want to import multiple PST file into multiple user accounts without user credentials. Also to import PST to shared mailbox of Office 365.

3. Choose from Add File(s) / Folder options to include the PST file into the software.

4. User can also choose Add CSV option to provide PST file path and destination Office 365 user account. Or, directly enter the User id into the tool window.

5. Select the Category of data that need to be imported from a PST file and set a date-range filter for selective data import.

6. Use the Additional filter option to include/exclude Sent and Delete Items folder and use Incremental option to skip already imported data from PST file.

7. Finally, click on Import button for importing PST file to Office 365 user accounts.

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8. After the import process is finished, user is allowed to save the report to the desired location.

Why Choose Automated Tool Instead of Network Upload?

As you may have heard of the method Network Upload to import PST to Office 365. It is a good solution for importing PST file, however, the method itself is quite cumbersome. It requires a great understanding of the PowerShell command and Administrator tool working for the execution of this solution. Additionally, the method is currently available in limited countries and its alternative Drive Shipping method is quite costly too.

Whereas, Automated tool method is the quite simple and user-friendly solution. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge nor it is region dependent. In only few limited steps any layman or newbie Office 365 user can perform the import task. Additionally, the tool provides multiple functionalities while importing PST file to Office 365 user account. Following are some unique features of the automated tool:

  • Import emails, contacts, calendars, and task data from a PST file.
  • Allows to import multiple PST files into multiple Office 365 accounts simultaneously
  • Incremental import feature to skip already import data in next attempt.
  • Include/Exclude folder option for importing sent and deleted files
  • Allows to import the PST file in shared mailbox of Office 365
  • Option to create a mailbox with same name as PST file for storing emails.
  • Multiple options for including PST file into the tool.

Method #2: Import PST to Office 365 With Outlook Application

Another free method for importing PST file to Office 365 is with the help of MS Outlook application. This method is quite simple and generally the most efficient to import a single PST file. Without MS Outlook installed on your system, it’s impossible to import PST to Office 365 user account using this method. Although this method take too much time in completing the task due to configuration timing, the method is totally free. Following are the steps to import data to Office 365 account using MS Outlook:

1. Open MS Outlook App, and Go to File tab at top-left corner of window.

2. Now, go to Account Setting, and click on Add Account option.

3. Enter the details of Office 365 user account where pst file needs to be imported and click on the Configure button.

Note: MS Outlook will take some time to configure the Office 365 account, depending upon the amount of data stored in Office 365 user account.

4. After the configuration is finished, again go to File tab and choose the Import/Export option.

5. You will get a Import/Export wizard window on your screen. Choose “Import from a file” option from the list of options available on the screen.

6. Next, choose “Outlook data file (.pst)” for importing PST file.

7. Browse the PST file location into the MS Outlook App.

8. Choose the Office 365 mailbox where you wish to import the PST file.

9. Click on Finish button to start importing PST data to Office 365 account.

Note: After finishing with the import process, open the Office 365 user account to check the PST file imported into the tool.


In this guide, you have learned the best alternative of the Network Upload method to import PST to Office 365. We have provided automated solutions and manual solutions using MS Outlook for importing. If Office 365 Import service is not available in your region Or you are a newbie to Office 365, then its highly recommend to go for automated tool to import multiple PST file to Office 365 mailbox.

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