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Learn How to Migrate Zoho to Office 365 Using Different Ways

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Published On August 21st, 2023
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With the advancement in technology, the significance of emails cannot be exaggerated. They have emerged as a key tool for communication in both personal and professional spheres across the globe. Among the various email platforms available in the market today, Zoho Mail stands out as an email client that exclusively facilitates communication through emails. 

There are several situations where users have to explore different ways to migrate from Zoho to Office 365. This is primarily because Zoho Mail effectively serves as a means to send and receive emails, but it is unable to handle the demands of larger and rapidly growing businesses. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Office 365 emerges as a comprehensive solution offering not only cloud storage but also a host of advanced features that enable multitasking, and collaboration and the inclusion of tools like Word and Docs further enhances its appeal. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the reliable ways to perform Zoho Mail to Office 365 migration. The process of performing this migration is not as easy as it looks. In short, it can be a complicated task for most users, if not performed accordingly.

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We have received a query from the forum site which will help you understand more about the migration process.

User Query: In my small organization, we are using the Professional edition of Zoho email client from last 2 years. After a certain time period, we had to purchase the plan again to continue working. Now, it is unbearable for us and It is not compatible with desktop version. Also, admin has decided to migrate Zoho email to Office 365 / Microsoft 365. So, is there any effective solution to do this migration? Any help appreciated Will go. Thanks in advance.”

How to Migrate Zoho to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Manually?

After considering the above-mentioned query here, we are going to describe the step-by-step procedure via the manual method. However, this process is divided into two parts first is to export Zoho mail to Outlook PST and then import the resultant file to Office 365. You just need to follow all the steps in sequence to get a positive outcome.

Step 1. Firstly, Sign in to your Zoho Mail account on any operating machine.

Step 2. Now, choose the “Settings” option to select Import/Export option from the drop-down list.

Zoho Mail Migration to microsoft 365

Step 3. In the “Export” section, select the required folder from which you want to transfer emails.

folders selection

Step 4. Afterward, hit on the “Export” button to move further with the task.

Export Emails

Step 6. The migration procedure will begin and you will get an email on the same account including the zip file link of the Zoho emails.

Zoho zip file

Step 7. Finally, you get the zip file in the .eml format, just convert it into a .pst file. Once done, you can import the file into your Microsoft Office 365 account on any Windows & Mac OS via Network uploading method.

Drawbacks of Performing Zoho to Microsoft 365 Migration Manually

This manual procedure contains some drawbacks that are listed in the next section, like-

  1. If the user tries to migrate Zoho to Office 365 manually then, there are high chances of data and attachments loss.
  2. Moreover, the manual process is very tiresome and slow too while transferring emails from Zoho mailbox.
  3. Applying various filters as provided in this manual method may lead to the corruption of crucial data.

The user can opt for this solution to migrate Zoho mail to Microsoft 365 account, but it is not a feasible solution. Therefore, there comes a need for a systematic solution to migrate data without any changes to existing data.

How to Migrate Zoho to Office 365 Account Automatically?

As per the above-mentioned limitations, we suggest you go for its alternate method to perform a Zoho to Office 365 migration. So, in this case, you can simply use IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool to transfer Zoho emails on both Windows & Mac OS.

With the help of this software, the user can migrate the required emails to the destination account without any expert help. Furthermore, this tool does not require any high-core technical knowledge to perform the procedure. It will help you to perform migration jobs with complete data security on all supported Mac and Windows OS versions.

The application is equipped with advanced functionalities. Some more features are listed below:

  • The tool facilitates the selection of Folders for Mac users to transfer only specific folders from Zoho Mailbox.
  • Furthermore, this automated tool provides a date filter option to migrate only selected emails as required.
  • Compatible with all advanced versions of Mac OS and it also supports Windows 2012/2016 Server, and Windows 10/11 (64-bit) editions.
  • When performing the migration, Zoho emails that have already been migrated can be skipped using the Delta migration option to eliminate duplicate chances.
  • It even keeps the entire Zoho Mail folder hierarchy with all email attributes and attachments in the destination Microsoft 365 account.

Software Working Steps to Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365 Safely

Step 1. Download and install the Zoho Mail to Office 365 migration tool on Windows OS and select the source and destination platform.

download zoho to microsoft migration tool

Step 2. Select the Zoho Mail option and click Next after validating the required user account.

migrate Zoho to Office 365

Step 3. Now, for the Office 365 destination, provide details and authenticate it as well, tap Next.

validate microsoft 365

Step 4. Select users according to their needs and validate all the imported users.


Step 5. Finally, choose the Start Migration button to migrate Zoho to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account on Windows computer.

migrate Zoho to Office 365

How to Use Zoho to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool for Mac? Steps

Download the software on supported Mac OS versions and perform the migration by following below steps-

Step 1. In the source account, select the Zoho Mail option and enter the details in the user name and password section for account validation.

migrate Zoho to Office 365

Step 2. Afterward, select Office 365 for the destination account, enter the credentials, and validate it.


Step 3. Now, if necessary, just apply additional filters or tap Add button for multiple accounts migration.


Step 4. In the last step, click Start Migration and this Mac-based tool will begin to migrate Zoho to Office 365 account in bulk.

migrate Zoho to Office 365


This article has comprehensively covered both manual and automatic solutions, catering to the requirements of all users to perform Zoho mail to Office 365 migration. Therefore, individuals are free to select the approach that aligns most effectively with the demands of their Windows or Mac operating systems to migrate Zoho to Office 365. Indeed, the manual approach for migrating from Zoho to Office 365 exhibits certain limitations. As an alternative, users can opt for the automated software mentioned earlier.

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