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10 Amazing Key Features of Google Apps: New & Basic Features of G suite

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On July 11th, 2018
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Summary: This Blog explains 10 awesome key features of Google Apps or G Suite in the most simple and understandable way. So go through the below section to know more about Office Application Suite called G Suite in detail.

Google Apps is used by most of the people in their everyday lives whether at home or office. Google Apps or G Suite is a web-based and SaaS solution that customizes the proprietary Google platform and brand. It is used by large as well as small businesses for various chores. It is integrated with the plethora of features which makes Google Apps user lives easier. Still, there are many features in G Suite that are not known by the users. Therefore, in this write up we are going to discuss some of the important features of Google Apps.

Note: This blog helps you to know more about Google Apps. It helps you to explore various features of G suite. If you are a Google Apps user, and searching options to backup G Suite data locally; then follow the link provided above.

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Important Key Features of Google Apps

1. Google Docs:

Google Docs has made easier for the users to share the documents in an efficient way. It facilitates the real-time document sharing collaboration. One can share and simultaneously edit documents using Google Doc irrespective of the geographical location. In Google Docs, the user can work on multiple file formats such as .doc, .rtf, .xls, .csv, .ppt file formats.

2. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar lets the user make appointments, schedule meetings and notifications in a hassle free way. It provides a rich end-user experience. Additionally, it also provides SMS (Short Message Service) scheduling and notifications that can send text messages to mobile devices.

3. Google Talk:

Google Talk allows the user to initiate the chat sessions from the email messages. It is integrated with Gmail. There are multiple features associated with it such as file transfer, conversation logging, voice communications using VoIP etc. This one of the most advanced characteristics while considering key features of Google Apps.

4. Gmail:

One of the most commonly used stalwart applications in the G Suite is Gmail. Google Apps Premier edition permits the user to store 25 GB of data for each Gmail account. Moreover, Gmail supports POP3 and MAPI connectivity.

5. Page Creator:

The user can easily build and customize the website with Page Creator provided by Google Apps. It is a web-based graphical web page designer. Web pages created via Page Creator are compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox.

6. Control Panel:

One can easily manage Google Apps with a web-based control panel. It allows the user to set up and manage user accounts, configures user sharing permissions. The user can transfer the existing email to Gmail with it.

7. Google Gadgets:

Google Gadgets consist of a search function, a live TV feed, MP3 player, customer RSS reader and Bejeweled and PacMan games. It permits the user to create own Google Gadget by using Google API.

8. Start Page:

The user’s entry point into Google Apps is the called as Google Apps Start Page. One can customize the Start Page to provide the organization’s logo and content. Moreover, different custom features can also be added using add-ons.

9. Single Sign-On and Directory Integration:

Google Apps uses SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to allows single sign-on(SSO) capabilities with a variety of multiple LDAP- supportive authentication services. This is other important features from key features of Google Apps.

10. Internet Domain Integration:

If the user already owns an Internet Domain name then Google Apps Standard edition is free. The user just needs to verify that he/she is the owner and after verification, he/she can integrate Google Apps with the domain. If the user is not having the domain name then Google offers domain registration for $10 per year.


In this technology oriented world, Google Apps have made easy for the users to manage their professional and personal chores. G Suite offers a free, limited-feature Standard Edition as well as the Premier Edition (full-featured edition). For all the users who have not used G Suite features, try to integrate them into your workflows, this will really help you out. To provide more understanding about the Google Apps we have explained key features of Google Apps or G Suite in the above section.

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