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How to Import Yahoo Contacts to Android? Stepwise Guide

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Published On October 19th, 2023
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Are you looking for ways to import Yahoo contacts to Android? If you’ve tried everything and still can’t find a reliable and affordable solution. Then it’s time to consider the best solutions for you. In this blog, we will explain all the methods to transfer Yahoo Contacts files to Android phones. we are going to explain all methods to transfer Yahoo contacts files to Android phones. So, keep reading this post.

Contacts are a great way to organize or manage information about people. With Contacts, you can store important information about the people you know and find them easily. But organizations and businesses usually have hundreds of business contacts and want to move them from one place to another for official business.

Yahoo Mail is an email service unlike any other web service that allows users to send, receive, and manage email efficiently over an Internet connection. With Yahoo Mail, you can send all kinds of other media files, not just text messages. Huge email storage capacity, efficiency and almost free is what makes it different from other email services.

 On the Other Hand, Android Phone store important information about people and how to contact them. This process allows us to collect information such as your name, address, email address, phone number and social media links.

Why Need to Import Yahoo Contacts to Android?

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, business relationships are essential to survive. This contact list can be stored in several applications, email services such as Yahoo. If you have a list of contacts in your Android phone’s phonebook, you probably don’t need to search your database anywhere. Wherever you go, your contacts are always with you.

There are many different reasons for people who have a strong database of contacts in their Yahoo account and therefore want to transfer contacts from Yahoo Mail to an Android phone. For example the following scenario:

  1. Big company announcements, such as the introduction of new services.
  2. Maintain business relationships, such as sending thank you notes.
  3. Sales, assign a list of customers to your sales department.

How to Transfer Contacts from Yahoo to Android Phone?

There is no direct way to import Yahoo Contacts files to Android. Because Android doesn’t support CSV file. It supports only vCard format for importing and exporting contacts. The whole process of importing contacts from Yahoo to Android is divided into 3 main steps and it is recommended to follow each step carefully for a successful contact transfer:

Step 1:- Export Contacts File from Yahoo Mail 

  • First, log in to your Yahoo account and click on the “Contactsicon at the top of the screen.
  • Then click on the three horizontal dots icon and select the Export CSV option.


  • Select the destination to save the generated file and click the “Save” tab.

save CSV files

  • So after this step all Yahoo contacts will be saved in one .csv file.

Now let’s move to the second step to transfer contacts from Yahoo email to Android phone.

Step 2:- Convert Yahoo Contacts to vCard via Expert Solution

Excel to VCF Converter allows you to convert contacts from XLS and XLSX Excel spreadsheets. This application has a simple design and several advantages. You can easily import all exported contacts files in Excel version to your Android phone without any problems.

  • After this, Download the tool to the software on your computer and launch it.
  • Click Browse and add the Yahoo contacts CSV files.

add Excel files

  • The software will show a preview of all Yahoo contacts along with all the contact fields. Click Next

Preview all contacts files

  • Now, start to match all contact fields from CSV to contact fields from vCard, when done press Next button

Map all attributes

  • Select vCard v3.0 or v4.0, check the options Create a single vCard for all contacts and Allow import of empty email addresses.

choose vCard version settings

  • Now. click to Convert Button to convert the contacts file to vCard/ VCF format.
  • Yahoo contacts saved in CSV will be instantly converted to vCard file format.

Step 3: Import Yahoo Contacts to Android

  • Now, disconnect the USB cable from the system and open the Contacts section on your mobile device.
  • Go to Settings and select the Manage Contacts option.
  • In the next step, select the Import vCard file from Android phone and click the Import button.
  • Choose the location option to import from Excel to android phone.
  • Select the VCF contact and click Finish
  • Choose the destination path where the VCF contacts file should be imported. Select Phone Options.
  • Now, users can see the imported contacts in the contact list of their Samsung device.

Advantage of this Software

  • Choose Appropriate Mapping Options: This software has many advanced features. To export all the details of each column in VCF format, the mapping option can be easily used. These options are useful if you also need to organize your contact fields.
  • Select Result Location Path: The application provide this option so that users can easily save result data to a location path. However, the app also allows you to save the generated data to an external location.
  • Simple User Interface: Many users need a simple and convenient platform. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that provides a user-friendly platform that’s easy to use without technical instructions.
  • Windows and Mac Versions: The software is developed in both Windows and Mac versions. Therefore, you can easily download the appropriate version of this program to your computer. This solution is also compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac.


XLS to VCF Converter is a suitable solution to import Yahoo contacts to Android supported file formats. The above article explains the complete solution to convert Yahoo contacts files to vCard format with all attributes. You can use the demo version of the software to better understand the work.

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