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How can I Import Excel Contacts to iPhone on Mac – Trusted Solution

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There are several ways to save a user’s business card information. It can be in CSV, Excel, VCF, or PST file format, depending on the platform. It can also be an email application or in a smart device. These may be needed at any time for quick access during travel or meetings away from workplace. Therefore, storing user information on a smartphone device can be considered as a better option to make it easily accessible when needed. In most cases, users need to save the information in an Excel spreadsheet and transfer or import contacts from Excel to iPhone on Mac OS.

In this way, users can access their important business email and phone numbers while they are on the go. It’s useful to stay in touch with all your employees and hold meetings through your mobile device. You can even share files with the click of a few buttons.

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Find all the information you need in the next segment to import contacts from Excel to iPhone.


This is a spreadsheet application rendered by Microsoft to store records in a tabular format. Excel sheets can be used to create budgets and perform calculations. It also provides the ability to work with graphing tools, pivot tables, and microprogramming languages VBA. This creates an .xlsx file for the contacts file and .xlsx for the macro book. You can access it from any platform such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

Now, the problem arises like how can I import Excel contacts to iPhone on Mac? To overcome this issue, we have explained the most reliable and quick solution to import contacts from Excel to iPhone on Mac OS.

How to Import Excel Contacts to iPhone?

SysTools Mac Excel Contacts Converter is an optimum software that helps you import Excel contacts to iPhone without any trouble or data loss. This is an advanced application that is developed for technical as well as a non-technical user. Also, it offers you a demo version which renders you a proper functioning of the tool. Some of the features offered by the utility to convert xls to vcf are mentioned in the section below.

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Highlighted Features Offered by the Tool

This tool equips with some amazing features that makes it different from other available tools in the market.

import excel contacts to iphone on Mac

  1. Import multiple Excel contacts to iPhone at once. (Tested with 40,000 contacts)
  2. Tools compatible with all the latest and older versions of Mac OS.
  3. MS Excel must be installed to export XLS files to iPhone.
  4. Provides field mapping options: Map Excel columns to VCF fields.
  5. Offers user- friendly interface and a demo version for a great experience.

Wrapping Up

Employee phone numbers and email addresses should remain handy always. It can be used for sharing information and scheduling meetings in real time. This article will give you all the necessary details on how to import contacts from Excel to iPhone on Mac OS. The method works on all series iPhones like 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7Plus, 8 and others. It can help anyone looking for a solution online to import contacts from Excel to vCard on Mac. It’s a more sophisticated and trustworthy method than converting it manually.

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