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Excel to vCard Converter

XLS to VCF converter is the process that a user can use to Transfer Contacts From Excel to vCard format with ease and security. Moreover, the software provides users three different vCard edition options that a user can use to save exported XLS or XLSX file. In addition, the exported .vcf file is compatible with all vCard supported formats.

  • Provide preview all Excel file with all spreadsheets rows & columns
  • Option of Field Mapping: Map Excel columns with vCard fields
  • Allow batch conversion of multiple contacts (tested on 30,000+ contacts)
  • Make separate VCF file for each contact & import empty email address
  • Compatible with all vCard supported applications & Mobile devices
  • Display current progress report of the excel to vcf conversion process

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Special Features of XLSX to vCard Converter

Features, Video and FAQ's of Convert Excel File to VCF format

Features of XLS to VCF Converter Software

convert excel to vcf format

Provide Instant Preview Excel File

A user can easily load or add XLSX or XLS file and the software will provide an instant preview of the complete Excel file. One can view each row and column along with its associated data. Apart from this, the XLS to VCF Converter tool load multiple Excel file sheets so that it becomes easy for a user to view the content of all the pages present in it separately.

import xls to vcard

Export Excel Data to vCard

The Excel contacts to vCard exporter tool allows users to convert multiple contacts from Excel spreadsheet to vCard format in batch also. However, the software is tested on 30,000+ contacts. One is allowed to save all the fields of an Excel file in the output .vcf format through mapping. Moreover, the software creates separate VCF file for each contact available in the Excel spreadsheet.

convert & export contacts from Excel to vCard 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0

vCard Editions to Save Output

With the help of tool to convert XLSX to VCF, a user can export Excel Data to vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 editions depending upon the user’s selection or needs. Apart from this, the software also allows users to create a single vCard file merge with all contacts of the selected Excel sheet. Moreover, the tool also provides users an option to save or export Excel contacts to vCard VCF file format at any desired location of the choice and by default, it saves .vcf file on the desktop.

map excel spreadsheet

Provides Mapping Excel Field Option

In order to export all details of each column into VCF format, one can easily use the mapping option. As soon as the tool loads the entire Excel file, it displays all columns in the drop down menu for Excel field. Choose each column name from drop down of Excel field and the respective name from the drop down menu of vCard attribute’s to map the columns. In addition, the software imports all contacts with empty emails address field also to vCard.

export access data to vCard

Compatible with vCard supported Device

After exporting XLS contacts to VCF format, a user can successfully import them into any supported application or devices such as WhatsApp, Android phones, MS Outlook profile, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, and iPhone, etc., to access contacts. Apart from this, MS Outlook is not necessary to install on the local machine to convert XLS contacts to VCF format.

Export XLSX to vCard format

Display the Current Progress Report

As the process of converting Excel data to vCard begins, the XLS to VCF converter displays a current conversion report. Among all the contacts, one can easily view the number of contacts with empty email addresses and the number of contacts being converted successfully on the pop-up screen.

XLS to VCF Converter Tool Video

Convert Excel(XLS or XLSX) to vCard VCF Format Related FAQ's

Yes, a user can easily export any number of Excel XLS contacts to VCF format at once using this Excel Contacts to vCard converter. The software is tested over 30000+ contacts also.
Yes, the resultant vCard file is compatible with all devices and applications supported by vCard, including MS Outlook. A user can easily export them MS Outlook without any hassle.

How to Convert Excel to VCF?

Step to Export XLS or XLSX to VCF :


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