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Migrate Entourage to Outlook Mac: Entourage Emails to PST Converter

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On November 29th, 2021
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import entourage to outlook mac

The Entourage email client is developed by Microsoft for Mac operating system. This desktop-based email application includes emails, contacts, calendars, etc. And it uses the .mbox format for storing its mailbox data locally.

But when Outlook 2011 has released in place of Entourage 2008, 2004 on Mac machines, due to its advanced features many users wanted to convert or import Entourage to Outlook Mac. Because the former email files in the Entourage account become inaccessible in the Outlook account. Therefore this blog will guide you, how to export Entourage email to PST format quickly.

Since Entourage email application is a discontinued mailing service provided by Microsoft, many of its users are now searching for a solution to migrate or upgrade entourage 2008 to outlook 2011 mac. And most of the users are unaware of the fact that there is a reliable way to move data from Entourage to MS Outlook PST on a mac account.

This article explains the manual archiving of this account using a built-in application in Macintosh. And then it also describes an automated procedure that helps you to transfer Mac MBOX to Outlook PST format with ease. This will give you a quick result just in a few steps.

User Queries Related With How to Export Entourage Emails to Outlook 2011 on Mac

“I am using Entourage 2008 email client on Mac OS for many years. But now I am searching for an option to convert Entourage to PST format on Macintosh system. Can anyone suggest a better solution to move email data from Entourage Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST on Mac operating system?”

Import Entourage to Outlook Mac using Built-in Time Machine Backup

The Time Machine is a default backup software provided by Mac operating system for its users. It takes back up of all its user data like emails, calendars, address book, etc., and saves it to an archive file. It operates almost every hour to backup the data saved on the user’s computer. The user account and its data will be present in the Main Identities folder on a Mac machine. Once the above-mentioned folder is located, then the user can simply backup the Entourage email folders as Outlook PST format using this inbuilt Time machine backup application.

Steps to Transfer Entourage Emails into Outlook 2016 on Mac computer:

  1. First, quit the Entourage email application.
  2. This process requires deleting and recreating the Main Identities folder on your Mac system. Because if your Entourage application is not closed appropriately, there are chances for causing corruption in the data.
  3. Now click on Macintosh user profile >> Home Folder >> locate Documents folder.
  4. Open the Microsoft User Data >> Office 2008 Identities folder (or Office 2004 depending up on the type of the Office Suite is being used by the user).
  5. Now open Office 2008 Identities folder >> Main Identities folder. (the number of main identities folder will depend on the number of accounts that are configured on Entourage email client).
  6. Browse those folders to be exported and find the database with current date.
  7. Now, copy the folder by holding the option key to another different folder under the Users folder. Then rename the folder as ‘Entourage or you can also use the current date as the name of the folder. This helps to minimise the confusion between identities within the Users folder.
  8. The Time machine software will now automatically take backup Email Folders of Entourage to Outlook Mac in PST format. And these data will get saved to Time machine drive. It will create the backups for the different dates with different names.
  9. After archiving the Entourage mailbox, one can easily import mailbox files to Outlook account on the computer.

Flaws of Upgrading Entourage Mailbox to Outlook PST Manually

  1. The entire process is time-consuming and lengthy.
  2. The naive user may not understand the procedure and may require experts in case of errors.
  3. There is a chance of data loss in case of transferring large amount of data.
  4. The failure rate is quite high when compared to other automatic software.

Alternative Solution Migrate/Import Entourage to Outlook Mac Version

Since the manual steps to convert Entourage emails to Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019 in PST format is having many demerits, it will be tough for the users to perform the entire steps explained above without creating errors. Therefore to make the users comfortable with the migration, here introduces a professional tool called MBOX Migrator software, which moves the .mbox files to PST, EML, HTML, etc. This software can be used for importing or upgrading Microsoft Entourage to Outlook PST in a few simple steps.

Download Now (Mac) Purchase Now

The other features of this application are:

  • Capable of moving multiple of Entourage mailboxes to Outlook PST at once.
  • The utility can maintain the integrity of the data that is exported.
  • It won’t alter the structure of the email even after the conversion.
  • The application can maintain the inline images and HTML formatting of the emails.
  • Also, provides option for naming the file after conversion.
  • Supports email filtering while you export mailbox to PST from multple email client.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Entourage email client was used by many Mac users around the world. But when Entourage was replaced by Outlook for Macintosh, many users started searching a way to transfer or import Entourage to Outlook Mac. Therefore this article provides a better clarification to perform migration of Entourage emails to PST file format in Outlook manually. Since manual steps are very lengthy and complicated and it pulls backs the user from performing the conversion. Therefore here we suggest a third party tool that can easily export or upgrade emails from Entourage to Microsoft Outlook on Mac operating system in quick steps.

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