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How to Put a Google Doc into OneDrive – Know Here

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Published On November 26th, 2021
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Are you struggling while exporting Docs from Google Drive to OneDrive? Apparently OneDrive is the most significant cloud platform that is used for storing data. It holds the best features and data security options for the business or enterprise customers. It provides competitive pricing, syncing technology, licensing options, etc. to all of its customers. Here, we will help you resolve the query of how to put a Google Doc into OneDrive. Stay tuned!!

Hi, I have used the manual downloading and uploading method to transfer Google Drive data to OneDrive account, but it is a cumbersome solution. There is no provision of bulk migration between the two cloud platforms. Please, help me find a solution which I can effortlessly use to export Google Docs to OneDrive account.

Put a Google Doc into OneDrive Manually

You can easily transfer data present in your Google Drive account to your MS OneDrive account using a manual solution. This solution can be used when you have a less number of Google Drive files only. Follow the steps sequentially to transfer Google Drive data to OneDrive account.

  1. Open your Google Drive account and select the desired file(s) or folder(s).
  2. Download the selected G Drive files to a local hard drive.
  3. Last step is to upload the files from hard drive to Microsoft OneDrive account.

Keep in Mind:

The manual solution mentioned here works efficiently with less number of Google Drive files. Also, it becomes a time-consuming and monotonous task as it doesn’t support bulk migration. It doesn’t ensure a guaranteed result to upload files from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

How to Put a Google Doc into OneDrive? Know Here!

The manual method could lead to permanent data loss. But, we have designed an optimum solution namely, SysTools Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool. It is a robust and versatile solution to put a Google Doc into OneDrive account. It has an easy and intuitive interface which can be operated by even a novice users carelessly. A help section is provided by the tool on all the windows of the software panel. Features other than this are mentioned in the forthcoming sections of the blog.

Features to Transfer Google Drive data to OneDrive Account

This migrator tool is equipped with a tons of useful features. These impeccable features can be used to make the migration process smooth and quick. A few of the peculiar functions offered by the tool are mentioned below.

Google Drive Docs Migration: Users can use this impeccable tool for exporting docs from Google Drive to OneDrive account. This will efficiently transfer all the data elements from G Drive like Docs, pdfs, images, etc. to Microsoft OneDrive account.

Transfer Selective Files: By using this impeccable tool, users can transfer selective data files in a trouble-free manner. Also, it is assured that this migration process is completely secured and no data loss will take place.

Delta and Concurrent Export: This tool will let you transfer appended or newly arrived data in a hassle-free manner. On the other hand, concurrent migration option will let you transfer multiple Google Drive accounts to Microsoft OneDrive account simultaneously.

Help Section: A help section holds all the details about the migration modes offered by the tool. It helps a novice users to operate on it. Besides the help section, a technical support team is there to assist you and resolve all your migration related queries.

Retained Folder Structure: This tool ensures that the entire folder structure is preserved using this tool. The application assures that it will not alter any of the file(s) or folder(s) in OneDrive platform.

Steps for Exporting Docs from Google Drive to OneDrive

Step 1. Download, install and activate Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool.

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Step 2. From the Setup screen, choose the source platform as G Suite and Destination as Office 365.

Step 3. Next, add the information for Admin G Suite as a Source account and validate them.

Step 4. Likewise, add the Office 365 destination information and validate them.

office 365
Step 5. Afterwards, fetch the users and add them into the software panel.

Step 6. At last, authorise the added users and begin migrating by clicking on Start Migration.


After the completion of the process to put Google Doc into OneDrive account, the software will generate a detailed summary report. This can be used for the future references as it holds all the success and failure counts of the entire process.

The Bottom Line

The above section of the blog holds a manual and an automated solution to put a Google Doc into OneDrive account. The manual solution is reliable only with the less Google Drive data. Otherwise, it becomes a tedious process for exporting docs from Google Drive to OneDrive.

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