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External Hard Drive Won’t Boot – Best Way to Fix them

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Published On December 29th, 2021
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A users had a one terabyte WD external hard disk drive that was not mounting. Then, he connected that via firewire to some Old G4 Sawtooth running Operating System 10.5.8. Then, his Mac saw the drive, and it simply won’t mount. He even attempted to mount that via USB, to no avail as such, as again, his system saw the drive, but would not mount that.

external hard drive won't boot up

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Tried These Workarounds but No Use

  • Disconnected Firewire Cable and Reattached:– Then he inadvertently without much of knowledge or any such intention tried to disconnect the firewire cable that he did not even realize for a couple of hours. He then somehow managed to re-attach the cable, and then made an attempt to mount it, but again in vain.
  • Ran Disk Repair:– He then made yet another attempt by running the disc repair, and the Disc Utility, in fact, stated that the drive has been repaired successfully. He then once again tried to remount it, but once again nothing worked in his favor.
  • Repaired Permissions:– Also he somehow repaired the permissions as well, but that too did not quite work. After trying varied cables, still, no luck came on his side! Now the major problem he was facing was that he was not having any other Mac for which he could have connected it to, so he had no clue at all about making it work.
  • Connected to PC Laptop:– Things also started getting a little weirder, when he tried connecting it to his PC laptop, and again mounted it. This was the drive that formatted Mac OS Extended on his G4, so he had to use Mac Drive so that his PC would recognize it and mount that drive. And yes, the mastermind worked his PC saw the Drive as Mac Operating System extended, and finally mounts it. All files were pretty much intact and the drive was running normally. This was basically a music drive and played well on his PC.

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The Problem Persisted

Meanwhile, if he was trying to connect this back on his Mac, the drive name was randomly being changed from 931.5 GB WD to 931.5 GB WD My Media Book. Unbelievable, He then thought that “My Media Book” might be the factory name of this drive before the Operating System got formatted.

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However, the Volume name was remaining as same on his G4 every time he attempted to mount it. He also has one more similar type of drive, which mounts from all of the bus ports on his G4. He wanted to know if he can get his drive to begin mounting on his G4 again.

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Issues Faced

  • A users was working with his MacBook. He was facing the problem with his external HDD. Whenever he used to connect that, it would not show up on his desktop. Also, it was not appearing either on the side bar too of the disk utility but states that – it is unmounted still, but he was unable to mount it. Now he could not verify it or even repair the disk. Nor could he create any new disk image over to some other drive.
  • The external hard drive was a WD My Passport Essential, USB, 250 GB, which he had been using for quite some time now, probably a year or so, mostly on this MacBook only (Mac Operating System version X 10.5.8), to which it was not connecting now. Still, this had around 220 GB of space available. Now, this was not mounting, or whenever it was mounting, it showed up on the desktop and under Devices. Now, the users was not sure about determining the permissions for this external hard disk. At the same time, he was able to fetch information about the external hard drive in Disk Utility. It was appearing in the sidebar under the Mac hard disk.
  • The external HDD icon was appearing with “298.1 GB WD 3200BMV External Media” right next to it. Below that and very slightly indented was showing up the external HDD icon, this was also showing up next to the drive title, “Untitled” (as he had never formatted it with any title), but this was in faded type. Also, as he was having a personal computer, so his account was basically an Administrator account.

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