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How to Eliminate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook – Resolved

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On July 13th, 2022
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Tired of the manual method to eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook, then it is time to wave from all the frustrating and mind-scratching tasks to deleting duplicate contacts list from the Outlook address book.

This article will show you how to deal with duplicate contacts in Outlook. Because we’re going to show you how to identify and delete duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most effective methods.

Basically, if you’re moving or importing contacts from other sources or someone else’s contacts list, during this process you’ll run into Outlook duplicate contacts. Because the option to generate a new contact record or combine duplicate contacts is available during the import process of Outlook contacts, and if this option is selected, you will undoubtedly meet this problem.

When you run into this problem, you’ll notice that you’re having storage troubles, speed concerns, and even program crashes

Furthermore, duplicate contacts cause problems while looking for crucial connections. As a result, it’s critical to deduplicate the Outlook contacts folder.

On top of that, many users seek to clear up their Outlook duplicate contact entries. But, before we start cleaning, let’s figure out what’s causing this problem in the first place.

Duplicate Contacts in Outlook: Causes

If the “Allow duplicates to be created” option is chosen during the import process, you will discover duplicate contacts in Outlook. However, this is not the sole cause of duplicate contacts in Outlook; some of the more common causes are listed below.

  • If someone is using a separate email account with the same name, please contact us immediately.
  • When syncing Outlook contacts with other devices such as a phone, tablet, or laptop incorrectly.
  • If the rules in your Outlook account aren’t correctly defined.

Let’s go into the troubleshooting ways for duplicate contacts in Outlook now that we’ve covered all of the key causes.

Smart Way to Eliminate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

If you have several duplicate contacts in Outlook, you should know that there are no direct or simple techniques for removing them. As a result, to make this work easier for everyone, we’ve developed an automated approach that deduplicates Outlook in a matter of seconds.

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SysTools Outlook Duplicate Items Remover is a utility that not only removes duplicate contacts from Outlook, but also deletes other duplicate things including emails, calendar entries, tasks, notes, and journals. Outlook OST, PST, and BAK files are also supported. The utility performs flawlessly and completes its mission without any data loss.

To deduplicate Outlook Contacts, follow the instructions below.

1. Download and install the program from the link provided above.

2. After the installation is complete, start the tool.

3. To add the files, click the Add File(s) or Add Folder button.

4. To erase duplicate material from the contact folder, select the Within Folder option.

5. To store duplicate free contacts, select the destination location.

6. Next, select Contacts from the Select Items menu.

7. To deduplicate Outlook contacts, select the appropriate action from the Select Action menu. Then press the Next button.

8. When you’ve finished the process, click the OK button.

Eliminate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook for Free

You may quickly delete duplicate contacts from Outlook using a manual way. However, there is a catch: you must remove each contact individually from your Outlook contacts folder. When you just have a few contacts saved in your email account, this is a good strategy to use. Because it is very difficult to detect all duplicate contacts when you have a big number of contacts saved in your Outlook contact folder, this approach is not practicable. To deduplicate Outlook contacts, follow the instructions below.

1: Launch Microsoft Outlook.

2: Select the Contacts folder from the Contacts option.

3: Select View >> Change View >> Phone from the View menu.

4: To sort the contact information by name, pick the complete name column.

5: Remove duplicate contacts from your list.

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Users will be able to remove duplicate contacts from Outlook after reading the aforementioned article. In this post, we’ve covered both a manual and an automatic method on eliminate duplicate contacts in Outlook. Also, you may use the tool’s demo version for free, which deletes 25 files per folder and requires no payment.

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