MDB or ACCBD password recovery

MS Access Password Recovery

Mdb password recovery Tool is an outstanding and innovative to quickly retrieve the lost or forgotten MS Access Database(.mdb/.accdb) passwords. It supports all the editions of Windows Operating System with support for both 32 and 64-bit.

  • Exact ACCDB and MDB password recovery to open the Access document.
  • Retrieve complex Access database passwords.
  • Open the MS Access document file after the password has been recovered.
  • MS Access is required to be installed on the system to recover or remove the password from MDB file.
  • Supports all the versions of MS Access 2013 and below editions.

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Access Password Unlocker Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of Access Password Reset Tool

Features of MS Access Password Restore Software

MS access password cracker to complex password

Recovery of Complex Passwords

Using this MS Access Password Recovery then the user can unlock any type of password created by them. The MDB Password Recovery utility can retrieve all the multilingual passwords, passwords which contain numbers and special characters passwords. The user can also restore the password in its original format.

Reset access  password

Recovery of Protected Access Database Passwords

The MDB Password Recovery makes any kind of protected passwords accessible. Users can open the password protected MDB file using Access Password Unlocker. It helps in recovering or unlocking the lost or forgotten MDB or ACCDB database passwords.

single user interface to unlock access password

User Interface based on Single Panel

The user interface in this mdb or accdb password recovery utility is based on a single panel where all options and commands are featured in the single panel. The software makes it easy to use for the users with the less technical for the novice.

open & copy to reset access password

Open and Copy MS Access Database

Once the MDB file is added the software does the quick scanning of the file. The details include the information of the Access database created in Access 95 and 97 and then it restores the Access Database password of MDB or ACCDB database files. After the database recovery users can copy the database password using Copy button and then open that database file.

MDB & Accdb Password Recovery Tool Video

Access Database Password Recovery Product Related FAQ's

No, the software cannot reset the password of any database file. It is the access database password unlocker which recovers the lost passwords of the database file like .mdb and .accdb. After the password has been recovered at that time you can reset the password.
Yes, the Access Password Restore software requires the installation of MS Access database. If the Access Password utility is installed then the utility can easily remove the password from .mdb and .accdb files.

How to Recover Access Database Password

Steps to MS Access Password Unlocker


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