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Why Outlook is Better than Gmail? Compare MS Outlook Vs Gmail

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On April 2nd, 2022
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Understand interesting facts that make MS Outlook important among Email client users. Have you ever checked the features provided by Microsoft Outlook? Why mostly Indians prefer to use Gmail as their personal as well as business email client? Most of the people in India are not aware of Microsoft Outlook. Both email application is having various features and functions. So deciding which is best is difficult for a normal user. If you are confused to choose an email client for business purpose, I will refer MS Outlook without any discussion. To know more Microsoft Outlook, its features and function in comparison with Gmail application, go through the entire blog from top to bottom. Let us see why Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail.

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Comparison Between MS Outlook & Gmail

Since Microsoft Outlook and Gmail applications are so familiar and known to all, it is not necessary to discuss the history of both here. The important factors are, which email client is having more features and functions when compared to the other. Undoubtedly we can claim, MS Outlook over Gmail. Whatever factor considered like, interface, folder, labels, storage, searches, connectivity, file formats, attachment limits, email management, spam, filters, extensions, and add-ons etc. Microsoft Outlook stands first. So now let’s see benefits of Outlook over Gmail in a quick glance. This blog will help you understand the reason why we claim Outlook is better than Gmail.

Why Microsoft Outlook is Better Than Gmail?

1. Data Storage

An email application like MS Outlook and Gmail is having many data items in it. MS Outlook contains data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals etc. It’s important to know where these data are stored. Gmail stores data in the server whereas Outlook stores data in a file called Personal Folder File (PST) locally on the system hard drive. Since Microsoft Outlook is a desktop based system, a user can easily open and view emails and other data stored in an Outlook PST file without internet connectivity. This feature makes many users think Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail.

2. Offline Access of Mail

As we have discussed in the previous section, emails in MS Outlook can be accessed in offline mode. You can open and read any emails, tasks, notes, journals and even can send emails. Although the email will get sent only when an internet connection is available. The fact is you can work offline efficiently.

3. Organize or Manage Emails

One can sort their folders alphabetically as per their requirement. Organizing emails in Gmail are not that easy. Also, a user can categorize emails. Multiple categories help to classify it in the more efficient way. The category can be anything from messages, email appointments, tasks etc. The color coding option provides more visual clarity to a user when considering the classification and categorization.

4. Recovery Options for Lost and Damaged Data

While reading this upcoming section, you will understand why Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail. Since Gmail emails are stored on their server, if you permanently delete them from your account, it will be difficult to recover it after 30 days of deletion. Gmail provides an option to recover your emails from the trash of Gmail within 30 days of permanent deletion (i.e. Shift + Delete or Delete from Trash). After 30 days Gmail asks you to fill a form to recover the lost emails. But this method is only having chances, but not cent percentage surety.

When considering Microsoft Outlook in the same scenario for recovering permanently deleted emails, it is possible by third-party applications if you are having PST files. The commercial application like SysTools Outlook Recovery application can recover hard deleted emails from PST files. To the relief for all MS Outlook users, this software supports all Outlook versions. One can also repair and fix corrupted and damaged PST files, to recover and restore data in Outlook personal folder file.

So, while considering today’s scenario, spamming and virus infection is high at its maximum rate. So it is difficult to save your precious emails and other data from corruption. The better and preferable solution is to use email application which supports and provides an option to fix, repair, and recover emails and data items like contacts, calendars, notes without any data loss. It is clear, why Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail. Most important and demanding factor is the safety and security of data.

How to Gmail emails?

The possible solution is to take backup of Gmail emails in regular interval of time so that no emails will get lost in time. To archive, Gmail emails in bulk one can go for Gmail Backup software.


It is clear from above that, Microsoft Outlook is having many advanced features when compared to Gmail. Here we are not claiming that Gmail is not good, Gmail is having many features that are useful and helpful to its users. But while considering MS Outlook email client, it stands over Gmail in many ways. As we have discussed in above sections, from comparisons of Outlook Vs Gmail, it is clear why Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail.

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