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Speed Detecting Camera Ahead! – Get Warning Notification in Phone

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 26th, 2021
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Nowadays, every other road or red light has speed detecting cameras placed at a certain range. These speed cameras have speed detecting sensors embedded in their programs. Cameras at Red-lights can also detect if a vehicle is crossing a stop line or if they have entered the intersection after the lights turn red. A digital picture is taken of the vehicle if the vehicle has crossed the legal limit or has run over a Red-light.

Many people wonder what is recorded in this digital image taken by the camera. The color, type, and number plate of the car are captured in the digital image if a vehicle runs over a Red-light or exceeds the speed limit. These images also include the date, time, location, the direction of travel, speed, the speed limit of the road, and the lane the vehicle was traveling in.

Now, would you like your vehicle being one of these detected vehicles and pay a good amount of challans for these little mistakes that you might not even realize? I wouldn’t either. That is why we have brought you an application that will help you to stop making these mistakes.

Speed Camera Warning Application

The Speed Camera Warning App will give you a heads up whenever there is a Speed Camera coming in front of you in the road. You will receive a warning notifications to lower your speed as a speed camera heads your way.

What is the Need? Benefits of using the App

Not many people know this but the speed cameras can detect a vehicle speeding even in multiple lanes. The speeding camera cannot be avoided by straddling lanes. In such a case, if you have this application installed, you will be notified that a speed camera is within a certain range so that you never miss any camera and avoid getting into mess or your vehicle being detected.

Some people are not aware of the location of these cameras and have to drive under the legal limit all way in order to avoid getting a challan and end up getting late to places. Or if you do not pay attention to these cameras and drive over the speed limit, you will again have to pay a certain amount of challan. Sometimes people don’t even know that they have received challans for over speeding.

This app will allow a person to avoid these situations as the main function of this app is to warn the driver that he or she is heading towards a speed camera. Due to this feature, after being notified, the driver lowers the speed of the vehicle and gets past the camera without any complications.

This app not only allows a driver to drive safely, never miss a speed camera but also save a good amount of money by avoiding paying challans. There is also an in-built feature where a voice will warn you telling you to lower your speed as a speed camera is approaching. The voice feature is pretty cool as it gives the driver the benefit of being focused on driving and not looking at their mobiles for checking the notification.

Final Words in Brief

The Speed detecting Camera Warning Application has all the legal limits of every area and a sensor for locating the speed camera from a distance embedded in its server, thus, giving all the drivers a chance to steer clear of issues like getting a challan for over speeding. The driver will be warned either by receiving a notification or by the voice feature of this application as soon as the app detects a camera within a range. This is a sure shot solution for people who want to circumvent the issues with these speed cameras. And you can actually save a lot of money since the challans are pretty high these days.

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