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Top 10 Source Code Review Tools to Detect Vulnerabilities in Your Code

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Published On June 13th, 2023
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Source Code Review Tools help in the Source Code Review process which is an integral part of the VAPT. This helps to find a lot of vulnerabilities in the backend of the apps and other assets in question. These vulnerabilities, if not taken care of, will result in cybercriminals exploiting them and potentially compromising your business data.


Need For Source Code Audit Tools

All the businesses in today’s times, regardless their size, have numerous digital assets. Some of the companies make these digital assets for the others to use and implement in their respective ventures. Hence it is very important that proper Source Code Audit Tools are employed to check the vulnerabilities present in the backend of these products. Generally, it is a part of the software development life cycle.

Therefore, it is very crucial that reliable and powerful Source Code VAPT Tools is employed in order to keep everything secure from cyberattacks.

Things to Consider While Choosing Source Code Audit Tools

While we highlighted the importance of an advanced tool, it is important that you know the things to consider while choosing your software. Some of the main points are:

  • Features and Functions: You should keep in mind the functions that these tools provide. First assess your own uses and then only choose the one that fits your specific needs.
  • Integration and Automation: You should assess whether the tool integrates well with your existing development environment and toolchain. It should support all the popular IDEs, version control systems, and issue tracking systems.
  • Performance Aspects: The tools must be able to handle large codes with efficient analysis. This is a crucial point as sub-par tools will affect the time of analysis and may cause errors in operation.
  • Support and Updates: New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, therefore, regular updates and patches are crucial. In case there is any confusion or help is needed, a proper support option in the tool goes a long way.
  • Ease of Use: It is important the interface of the software and all the features be easy to use . Complex tools are hard to learn and may produce unwanted results.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind while choosing your Source Code Review Tools.

Moving on, let’s talk about the best tools that help in this process.

List of the best Source Code Review Tools

Our Top 10 Recommendations For Source Code Review Tools


  • Features: This software provides an API security platform that includes a source code review tool. It provides comprehensive security analysis for APIs, identifying vulnerabilities, and suggesting remediation actions.
  • Specifications: The tool offers static analysis capabilities to analyze source code and detect security issues in APIs. It leverages its knowledge base of common vulnerabilities and provides detailed reports on identified issues.
  • Advantages: The software has extensive knowledge base and support for multiple programming languages that makes it versatile for API security assessments.


  • Features: This is one of the many Source Code Audit Tools  that focuses on  mobile application security scanning. It helps identify security flaws in Android and iOS applications by analyzing the source code.
  • Specifications: The software performs static code analysis, looking for vulnerabilities such as insecure data storage, improper permission usage etc. 
  • Advantages: It is specifically designed for mobile application security and covers both Android and iOS platforms. Its detailed reports and mitigation recommendations help the developers in securing their applications effectively.


  • Features: This software is a security tool designed for Python applications. It performs static code analysis to identify common security vulnerabilities in Python code.
  • Specifications: This tool has a wide range of specific plugins to scan the python codes for any vulnerabilities.
  • Advantages: This tool is easy to use and has proper integration with most Python development environments.


  • Features: This software is made for applications made on Ruby platforms. It analyzes the source code to identify security vulnerabilities in the framework.
  • Specifications: The tool scans Ruby applications for common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS etc.
  • Advantages: This application is tailored for applications, making it highly specialized in detecting vulnerabilities specific to this framework. 


  • Features: This utility is one of the Source Code Audit Tools that focuses on the programs built on C and C++ frameworks. Handling of the vulnerabilities for reporting is excellent in this application.
  • Specifications: The tool is responsible for scanning of the code for any weaknesses in the code framework of the application.
  • Advantages: This tool is specifically designed for C and C++ code. This helps the developers in finding and remediating the problems
  • Features: This tool is specifically built to detect weaknesses in PHP apps.
  • Specifications: It analyzes PHP source code for vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS etc.
  • Advantages: It is specifically designed for PHP applications, providing focused vulnerability detection and remediation guidance for PHP developers.
7.Fluid Attack’s Scanner
  • Features: This scanner utility is very versatile and supports many programming languages for testing. This is very helpful for cross platform coding and testing.
  • Specifications: It has a  static analysis feature to identify common security vulnerabilities in the source code. It covers a broad range of issues like buffer overflows etc.
  • Advantages: The utility offers language support for multiple popular programming languages, making it suitable for diverse codebases. Its comprehensive analysis helps developers identify and mitigate security risks effectively.
  • Features: This is one of the best Source Code Review Tools that focuses on the detection of sensitive information and secrets leaked in code repositories, such as API keys, credentials, and tokens.
  • Specifications: It scans Git repositories, including commits, branches, and pull requests, to identify exposed secrets. It supports various languages and file formats.
  • Advantages: This tool specializes in identifying exposed secrets and sensitive information in code repositories, helping organizations prevent potential security breaches.
9.Google CodeSearchDiggity
  • Features: This tool by Google is a security tool that uses Google Code Search to identify potential security vulnerabilities and exposed sensitive information in source code repositories.
  • Specifications: It leverages Google Code Search queries to discover code snippets containing security flaws, hardcoded credentials, and other potential issues.
  • Advantages: The tool provides an additional layer of security by searching for potential vulnerabilities and exposed sensitive information across code repositories. Its use of Google Code Search expands the scope of detection.
  • Features: This is one of the Source Code Review Tools that is specifically designed for Laravel, a PHP framework. It analyzes Laravel applications for security vulnerabilities and provides best practice recommendations.
  • Specifications: It performs static analysis of Laravel applications to identify common vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL injection etc. 
  • Advantages: It focuses on Laravel security, offering specialized detection and remediation guidance for projects.

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Reliable and robust Source Code Review Tools are very essential to prevent the vulnerabilities that may be present in the digital assets. This will prevent the cybercriminals from taking advantage and exploiting the weaknesses. Read this article to know about the top 10 Source Code Audit Tools.

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